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Hall effect sensor working, types and applications

hall effect sensor working

Introduction to Hall Effect Sensors What is Hall Effect Sensor? In order to check the practical behavior of any electrical or electronic equipment, it is very necessary to install the device which communicate between this electrical or electronic equipment and your real time system. For this purpose, so many sensors and transducers are available in […]

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Introduction to Resistors and types of resistors

    metal film resistors

    What are Resistors and their History? Resistor is a passive electronic and electrical component that presents the electrical resistance in a circuit as a circuit element. It consists of two terminals and is used to reduce the current flow, to divide the voltages and to adjust the signal level. It is also used in high […]

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    introduction to capacitors – types

      Electrolytic capacitors

      What are Capacitors and their History? Conventional capacitors are a passive device which stores electric energy in the form of static electric field. It consists of two plates that is called electrodes and these electrodes are separated by an insulating layer. When it is connected with a battery or any energy source then positive charges […]

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      Introduction to Inductor types

        toroidal core inductor

        What is inductor and its history?  An inductor is a device which stores the energy in the form of a magnetic field and this property to store energy is called electro magnetism. It is passive electrical component, usually consists of wire which is wrapped around a ferromagnetic material in the form of coil, when current […]

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        Introduction to Single Layer PCB – Application and advantages

          High frequency single layer PCB

          What is Single layer PCB? The word PCB stands for printed circuit board and single layer PCB is such type of a PCB which is printed only from one side, means PCB sheet is printed form one side with a conductive material, on other side electronics components are connected electrically and fixed mechanically. Before introducing […]

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          PID controller working and tuning types

            PID controller

            PID controller: A proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller or three term controller) is a control circle input instrument generally utilized as a part of modern control frameworks and an assortment of different applications requiring consistently regulated control. A PID controller ceaselessly ascertains a blunder an incentive as the distinction between a coveted setpoint (SP) and a deliberate […]

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            LIN Communication Protocol introduction,working and applications

              LIN Communication Protocol introduction

              What is LIN Communication Protocol? The word LIN stands for local interconnect network. It is advanced form of a network that has been currently used in automotive sectors. If we talk about previous network in automotive sector, then it was full of mechanically components but now it has been replaced with intelligent mechatronics system. Because […]

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              CAN Communication Protocol, working ,types and applications

              CAN Communication protocol

              What is CAN Communication Protocol? The word CAN stand for controller area network. It is advanced form of networking method that provides the communication path between various electronic devices such as the communication path between engine management system, gear control, light control, air bags, air conditioning, central locking and an automobile embedded system. The idea about […]

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