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How to use TL494 pulse width modulation control IC

PWM generation using TL494

How to use TL494 pulse width modulation control IC? Hi everyone I hope you are fine and doing well. Today tutorial is a introduction TL494 pulse width modulation control circuit. How we can use  TL494 pulse width modulation control IC to generate fixed and variable PWM.  I have already posted a tutorial on sg3525 pulse width […]

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L298N motor driver circuit | code | how to use

Circuit diagram of L298N motor driver

L298N motor driver: Most of the microcontrollers operate on very low voltage (5v) and current while the motors require higher voltages and current So, the microcontrollers cannot provide them such higher current. For this purpose we use motor driver ICs. Motor driver is a little current amplifier. It takes a low current signal and gives out a high […]

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How to use isolated MOSFET driver TLP250

isolated MOSFET driver TLP250 as a high side mosfet driver

I have already posted article on MOSFET driver IR2110. MOSFET driver IR2110  is used to drive n-channel or p-channel MOSFETs in high side and low side. To know more about how to use MOSFET driver IR2110 check following article. How to use MOSFET driver IR2110 What is MOSFET driver? Mosfet driver is main component of power […]

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Relay driver circuit using uln2003

relay driver circuit using uln2003

What is relay? A relay is electro mechanical switch which is used in industrial application to provide isolation between high voltage and low voltage circuits. These two circuits have different voltage rating. One might be a low voltage side and other high voltage side. A relay is electrical mechanical switch which is used for switching […]

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SG3525 Pulse width modulation controller IC

output of sg3525

Control Integrated circuit for SMPS SG3525 : Pulse frequency modulation and pulse width modulation are two types of techniques used in control integrated circuits for switch mode power supplies.In Pulse frequency modulation technique on time of pulse remains constant but frequency increases with the increase in load.But Pulse frequency modulation technique cause some issues in switch mode […]

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