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How to use TL494 pulse width modulation control IC

PWM generation using TL494

How to use TL494 pulse width modulation control IC? Hi everyone I hope you are fine and doing well. Today tutorial is a introduction TL494 pulse width modulation control circuit. How we can use  TL494 pulse width modulation control IC to generate fixed and variable PWM.  I have already posted a tutorial on sg3525 pulse width […]

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forward converter design and simulation with simulink

    Forward Converter Design with Simulink

    Forward Converter Design in Simulink:  In last tutorial about simulink we posted a design on dc to dc buck converter using simulink. In this article, we are going to learn how to design dc to dc forward converter with simulink. The forward converter is a dc to dc converter that uses the transformer for step up […]

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    Know all about Switch Mode Power Supply

      Switch Mode Power Supply

      A switch mode power supply (SMPS) is basically an electronic power supply which efficiently converts electrical power. It transforms power coming from the main source and gives it to the load like transformer. It converts current and voltage characteristics. The transistor in this supply switches between low dissipation, full off and full on states and […]

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      12 volt 1.3AH battery charger circuit diagram

      12 volt 1.3AH Battery charger

      12 volt 1.3AH battery charger circuit diagram, Battery charge for 12 volt 1.3 Ampere hour battery has been designed using L200 and with over voltage protection circuit. In this article, I am going to tell you about very useful battery charge circuit diagram. L200 voltage regulator  is used for control voltage purpose. Optocoupler is used for […]

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      Transformer less power supply for microcontrollers

      Schematic of transformerless power supply

      Transformer less power supply for microcontrollers, in this article you will learn how to design transformer less power. Applications of Transformer less power supply. Cost analysis of commonly used power supplies and transformer less power supplies. Applications of Transformer less power supply: Transformer less power supply is suitable only for low power applications. For example […]

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      Power supply for electronics projects

      Circuit diagram of 9 volt and 1 Ampere power supply

      Power supply for electronics projects, In this article I have discussed very famous regulator which use as a power supply in many electronics projects, microcontrollers based projects and embedded system projects. This topic is especially for engineering students who can not purchase expensive power supplies for learning electronics and to use power supplies in their […]

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