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RFID Based Attendance System project using pic microcontroller

    RFID based attendance system using pic microcontroller

    RFID Based Attendance System: RFID is very popular in electronics and microcontroller based projects. The RFID stands for radio frequency identification. It is the technology that used the smaller computer chip to track the person from some distance almost 300 feet. This chip can carry the 2000 bytes or greater data.  Currently this technology has been […]

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    RFID based electronic lock using pic microcontroller

    RFID based Electronic Lock using pic microcontroller

    This project is about RFID based electronic lock using pic microcontroller. RFID tags are used to open and close electronic lock.  Only those users who have authentic RFID tag will be able to open lock by using their assigned RFID tags or cards. In this RFID based electronic lock, RFID module is interfaced with pic […]

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