pin layout of dspic30f2010

    I have already posted a article on introduction to dspic microcontrollers. Today’s our subject will be about dsPIC30f2010 Microcontroller, where we discuss its basic introduction, feature and pin out as well.In it, the core always has 24 bit instructional word. PC (Program Counter) is 23 bits extensive with LSb (least significant bit) and the MSb […]

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    Introduction to Resistors and types of resistors

      metal film resistors

      What are Resistors and their History? Resistor is a passive electronic and electrical component that presents the electrical resistance in a circuit as a circuit element. It consists of two terminals and is used to reduce the current flow, to divide the voltages and to adjust the signal level. It is also used in high […]

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      introduction to capacitors – types

        Electrolytic capacitors

        What are Capacitors and their History? Conventional capacitors are a passive device which stores electric energy in the form of static electric field. It consists of two plates that is called electrodes and these electrodes are separated by an insulating layer. When it is connected with a battery or any energy source then positive charges […]

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        Introduction to Inductor types

          toroidal core inductor

          What is inductor and its history?  An inductor is a device which stores the energy in the form of a magnetic field and this property to store energy is called electro magnetism. It is passive electrical component, usually consists of wire which is wrapped around a ferromagnetic material in the form of coil, when current […]

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          Introduction to Double layer PCB – Construction and working

            double layer PCB introduction

            What is Double layer PCBs ? Double layer PCBs (otherwise called Double-Sided Plated Thru or DSPT) circuits are the entryway to higher innovation applications. They take into account nearer (and maybe additionally) directing follows by substituting between a best and base layer utilizing vias. Today, double sided printed circuit board innovation is maybe the most mainstream […]

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            Recommended Video course on ESP32 with 90% discount

              Do you want to learn how to program ESP32 development board? Do you want to monitor data on web server ? Do you want to control relay or electrical devices from Webserver? Do you want to design a password protected web server? Do you want to control servo motor from Web and from anywhere in […]

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              Introduction to Single Layer PCB – Application and advantages

                High frequency single layer PCB

                What is Single layer PCB? The word PCB stands for printed circuit board and single layer PCB is such type of a PCB which is printed only from one side, means PCB sheet is printed form one side with a conductive material, on other side electronics components are connected electrically and fixed mechanically. Before introducing […]

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                PID controller working and tuning types

                  PID controller

                  PID controller: A proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller or three term controller) is a control circle input instrument generally utilized as a part of modern control frameworks and an assortment of different applications requiring consistently regulated control. A PID controller ceaselessly ascertains a blunder an incentive as the distinction between a coveted setpoint (SP) and a deliberate […]

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