3 Things You Should Know About Legal Recreational Cannabis

Cannabis comes from the hemp plant, which can be dried for smoking or boiled like tea. It has been illegal for the past several years but recently it was legalized in some states. Its legalization was not just for medical purposes but also as a recreational herb that can be used by anyone above the age of 21. This herb contains the chemical component THC, which makes one high. It should be used in small doses to prevent paranoia and anxiety. Here are the three things you should know about legal recreational cannabis.3 Things You Should Know About Legal Recreational Cannabis

1) Smoking Out Of A Bong Can Be Very Elegant

Whether you are an experienced user of cannabis or a beginner, you should go for this option. Bongs are an easy to use filtration device for smoking cannabis or tobacco. They are also known as water pipes because they have a filtration chamber that bubbles and converts the smoke into water vapor. Through hydro cleansing and diffusion, the smoke is converted to vapor before inhalation. Unlike traditional cannabis smoking methods like dry pipes, you do not get to inhale smoke. This makes it an elegant way to smoke. The bong reduces the harshness of your hit. Meaning, you get a clean, smoke-free and smoother experience. Cannabis water pipes come in all different materials, i.e., glass or silicon, shapes, and sizes. You can get one according to your preference at DopeBoo. Visit us to find the water pipe that suits you from our variety of quality and customized bongs. Our prices range from a few dollars to below a thousand dollars.

2) You Can’t Have A Cannabis Overdose

No matter how much cannabis you inhale in one seating, it is impossible to have an overdose. There has never been a person found to have overdosed from smoking cannabis. This is backed by a scientific study proving the fact that our own body produces a chemical known as the endogenous cannabinoid, which is similar to what comes with a cannabis plant. Also, the hormone pregnenolone, which is found in the brain, prevents the toxic effects of cannabis. Therefore, the THC impact is weakened. This proves that there is no potential lethal dose for cannabis, but there is a risk factor if you have a heart condition. Also, the addiction levels are lower and can only be compared to caffeine addiction but not to illicit drugs.

3) It Can Help You Maintain Or Lose Weight

Frequent cannabis users have slimmer bodies on average and are less likely to be obese compared to people who do not smoke. This is only for certain strains that can keep one slim. Even with the hunger-triggered munchies, when you smoke, that causes a spike in appetite. Although, overeating when high will not help this since high caloric intake is responsible for weight gain. The weight loss happens because the THC in cannabis helps regulate insulin production, and helps in a faster metabolism. Also, getting high will give you the needed motivation to hit the gym and to work out for longer periods.