4 Computer programming careers to consider in 2019

As companies struggle to adapt to the tight IT job market, they are doing everything they can to attract top tech talent. These companies want to get a head start in filling next year’s most in-demand roles such as data-focused and security-related computer positions. The level of experience will determine the average salary for each task. The year 2019 will see many defined job roles. A mix of tech and business skills will be required for almost every position. Here are four computer-programming careers to consider in 2019.programming career

  • Machine Learning Engineer. Machine learning engineers are advanced programmers who develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that can learn and apply knowledge. The profession involves performing complex programming, working with sophisticated datasets and algorithms to train these systems. Very soon, every company will become an AI agency. As a result, AI will become a top investment area for computer programmers. The demand for machine learning engineers will rise as from the year 2019.
  • Network Analyst. As the Internet of Things (IoT) enters the workplace, businesses are investing heavily in their networks. Every company will need to connect its operations in an efficient manner, and this will drive the demand for Network Analysts. The professionals will combine their skill set with an understanding of how to apply it to provide real-time trending information on network traffic. This type of work will require an individual who understands more than just networking. The individual must thoroughly know the business and understand things like Artificial Intelligence. This job is different from today’s job role, which involves knowing how networking or security works.
  • App Developers. In 2019, app developers will be in significant demand across both end users and vendors. App developers will provide the intersection of where technical capability comes to face the business need. The job will involve a higher role than just coding. The developer will have to identify a need and design what the code will look like, and then send it to someone else to do the actual coding.
  • User Support Specialist. As technology becomes deeply integrated into business operations, employees will require assistance from support specialists especially during the transition period. As companies digitize their services, they will find the activities connected to these systems. Therefore, companies will need professionals who can support the transformation.

With all these careers and new skills, employers will need to train their workers. The world is changing at a fast pace and companies must acknowledge the importance of having training mechanisms in place to continually upgrade their workers. The transformation to complex digital roles will open gaps in the employment industries. As a result, companies will look for new programming professionals to fill these spaces. If you want to start on a new computer-programming course, visit simple programmer to learn a few tips. Learn how technology is leveraged to improve business processes and the strategy will be an essential thing for computer programmers to contemplate their careers.