5 Benefits of going to a conference instead of taking a webinar

Webinars have become so prevalent nowadays that people don’t see the need to attend conferences anymore. The comfort that you can sit in a seminar online without being there physically has gotten many people hooked, and they forgot how important being at a physical meeting is. The thought that webinars are better than conferences is wrong, and as a result, we are going to look at some benefits of attending a conference in person vs online.


  1.    Meet influencers and experts face to face

Webinars do not offer you the chance to meet up your idols in person and interact with them by asking questions and getting to know them better. There is a lot you can pick up from the experts in your field by just talking to them in face to face meet up.

Meeting influencers also gives you a chance to share your ideas and let them guide you on what you are doing wrong and how to make your plan better. At times it is also all about just taking a selfie with your idol and making a connection that can lead you to find a mentor.

  1.    Networking opportunity    

Conferences give attendees the chance to mix and mingle which is a great way to form new alliances and strengthen your already existing ones. It gives you an opportunity to talk to like-minded people and share your ideas; giving you a chance even to meet your next client. Conferences are also a fantastic way to meet suppliers who can prove useful to your business. On webinars, you, however, don’t get a chance to meet and interact with other people attending the same webinars.

  1.    Leave your comfort zone

When you attend a live conference, you are forced to break out of your comfort zone. It is pretty easy to participate in a webinar at the privacy of your room without feeling the need to do small talk with others attending it. Many people find it challenging being at a live event or conference, but this is the right kind of challenge.

The choice to break out of your comfort zone is the best action that can help push your business out of the rut of running it the old-fashioned way. If you still feel terrified about attending a conference bring a wingman, so you don’t feel alone in a room full of people.

  1.    The Energy of Like-Minded people

There is nothing as unusual as being in a room full of like-minded individuals. These are people in the same line of thought as you are and they are ready to leave the comfort of their rooms or offices to come to learn something new.

When you get to interact with other like-minded individuals, your spirit is renewed and go back to work feeling fresh and inspired to do more. That energy, on the other hand, lacks in webinars that you attend online and don’t interact with others.

  1.    Learning in a new environment

Routines create monotony which makes you slow and eventually ends in a rut. Being in the office may seem fun because you get to do a lot of work and attending webinars does not dig too much into your time.

Sitting in the same cubicle, office, or room can keep you from new ideas and fresh thinking, going out, meeting new people and being in a different environment all together can spark new approaches to thinking and plans to grow our businesses.