5 Tips To Writing A Great Essay In Graduate School

Writing an essay in a graduate school is easier than in undergraduate school for some reason.  But most students get it wrong because they don’t stick to the guidelines. A good essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory part should be compelling and make the reader want to know what is covered in the body of the paper. In this article, we explain tips that can help you write a killer essay. But if you are interested in knowing more, check it out at WriterCheap.

5 Tips To Writing A Great Essay In Graduate School

  1. Don’t give too much explanation in the introduction

The introductory part of the essay should not provide too much information. If it does, the reader will not see the reason for reading the entire essay. But, it should prepare the reader on what to expect in the body. You can mention what the body will cover but don’t waste time explaining anything. Use the introduction to highlight your most compelling experience. It makes the reader develop an interest to read the entire essay to get more details.

  1. Be original

The reader will be looking for something unique. This is why it is prudent for you to try and share your unique personal experience in the body. The essay should make you stand out from the crowd. But as you do this, ensure that whatever you say fits well in the essay.

  1. Include what the reader will be looking for

If you are given a guideline, it should help you give more details in the body. Here, you are expected to give a personal statement detailing what you studied. Use the opportunity to give reasons why you want to join a particular program. But don’t give unnecessary details. So many details will make your essay boring, and so the reader may decide to skim through it. A good essay should be short but give enough information.

  1. Stick to the guideline

If the guideline wants you to write about an issue in your field of specialization, you should do so. But ensure you relate it to your personal experience. Explain what you plan to do in seeking solutions to the issue. It will help the reader decide whether to consider you or not. Remember the reader will not select you to join the program based on your GPA score. They will base it on how they think you are the best match for the program. If there is a professor whose work interests you in your chosen field, talk about it. Also, use this opportunity to show the reader that you will fit and thrive in the environment the college is set in.

  1. Use a strong statement to finish it

Mentioning the reasons why you chose the school could put you ahead of other applicants. Don’t be shy to say the school is your top pick. It gives them a reason to consider you.

Of course, there are many more tips that can help you write a killer essay. But following the guidelines will give you a head start. Don’t forget to state your vision and how the university can help you achieve your goal.