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I also provide project services to engineering students and also to industry. I provide project services related to electrical, electronics, microcontrollers and power electronics projects. I also provide services for website designing. If you need my project service contact me on following details. kindly contact me only if you need project service. Help is available on the blog. You can ask for help by commenting on posts. Thanks

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We manufacture projects of Electrical and Electronics Engineering for industry and students.We deal with embedded system, electronics, power electronics, inverters, AC and DC motor drivers, PCB designing, solar and SCADA based projects.

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Learning point of microcontrollers lab

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality and skill enhancing knowledge to engineering students and as well as to professional who want to enhance their practical skills related to Microcontrollers use in embedded system world and most enhanced technology of last decade POWER ELECTORONICS.

What You will learn from this website!!

Do you want to learn and enhance your skills of microcontrollers and powers electronics? If yes you are at the right website.This website contains tutorials about different type of micrcontrollers used frequently now a days and also tutorials about practical use of power electronics.May you have gone through many websites and books, but could not able to find practical oriented information about microcontrollers and power electronics.Don’t worry, TIEP technologies will provide you practical knowledge about these topics without any cost.

Tutorial about Micocontrollers!!

Microcontroller is a kind of small computer integrated on a chip used for multiple purpose functions according to your requirement. All you need to perform multiple functionality with microcontrollers is to write small pieces of information with the help of easy to learn programming languages and whatever kind of information you will be wrote , microcontroller will perform the same action.

Do you still want to learn about this amazing small computer?  There are many kind of microcontrollers available in market. But we will provide you tutorial about most widely used microcontrollers. Here is a list of microcontrollers tutorials

  • PIC Microcontrollers
  • AVR Microcontrollers
  • ARM Microcontrollers
  • 8051 Microcontrollers
  • Arudino 


Power electronics played a major rule in the development of  many application  of electrical Engineering especially latest development in high voltage DC transmission of energy and in smart grids. Power Electronics is very important part of industrial control machines and DC/AC inverters and converters.Our website contain tutorials about following topics of power electronics.

  • Control circuitry of power electronics devices
  • Switch mode power supplies practical implementations
  • Square wave Inverter
  • Modified sine wave inverter
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • AC and DC motor drivers
  • Solar charge controllers
  • Many other topic related to power electronics

Our website also contain technical articles about electrical and electronics engineering.