Arduino projects

Arduino projects, I am writing this article to give you idea about Arduino projects. Many engineering students don’t know from where to start learning Arduino and what kind of simple projects they should do to learn Arduino. I have written a three kind of list of Arduino projects  in this article. A first list of projects is for those who is just getting started with Arduino.A second list of projects is forthe intermediate level of Arduino learners and the third list of projects is for those who want to do their final year projects or want to make an advance project with the help of Arduino. Arduino has gained a lot of popularity in embedded system projects in the last couple of years. Students are using it in their robots as well as in their final years projects with great ease.There are two main reasons of its so much popularity among Engineering students.

  1. Arduino is ready to use board.
  2. Arduino manufacturers provided rich library of codes for embedded system projects.

Students usually do not have too much knowledge about embedded system peripherals which they want to use in their projects and they also don’t know about their host drivers functions. For example you want to use WiFi module in your project, first you need to understand completely hardware and software functionality of WiFi module and you may have to write your own host controller/driver to use this module. But if you are using Arduino boards, you have no need to worry about all these things. Because Arduino also provides its compatible shields which are ready to use with Arduino and Arduino programming software has also a rich library of these shields which you can be used easily according to your requirement.

Arduino projects
Arduino projects

List of getting started Arduino projects :

Following list provides getting started projects for Arduino. If you are just beginner in Arduino field, then you must do following projects before going to advance projects.

  1. Led blinking with Arduino
  2. How to use input/output pins of Arduino
  3. Push button use with Arduino
  4. Analog voltage measurement with Arduino
  5. Binary counting with Arduino
  6. keypad interfacing with Arduino
  7. Liquid crystal display interfacing with Arduino
  8. Digital reading with Arduino
  9. PIR Sensor interfacing with Arduino
  10. serial communication using Arduino
  11. ZigBee Interfacing with Arduino Uno R3
  12. Piezoelectric sensor interfacing 
  13. USB use of Arduino
  14. Dice using Arduino
  15. Infrared sensor project using Arduino
  16. calculator using Arduino
  17. How to interface relay with Arduino
  18. Servo motor control and interfacing
  19. how to interface transistor with Arduino
  20. Led control with switch using Arduino
  21. How to use timer of Arduino
  22. How to generate PWM using Arduino
  23. seven segment display using Arduino

Above list of  projects are simple tasks. One must  perform above tasks with Arduino to getting started with Arduino field. It will give basic idea about use of Arduino and it will help in your intermediate and advanced projects on Arduino. If you don’t have a Arduino board and you couldn’t purchase it, but you still can learn basics of Arduino using its simulator model in proteus. To know more about how to use Arduino simulator module in Proteus go through following article.

Getting started with Arduino UNO R3

Semester level Arduino projects :

Following is a list of semester level Arduino projects. List of projects given below is just to give you idea about can also use sensors and interfacing circuits of your own choice.

  1. Distance measurement project using Arduino 
  2. Arduino based Acceleration meter 
  3. Smart traffic signal using Arduino
  4. Digital temperature sensor using Arduino
  5. Remote controlled robot
  6. seven segment display based temperature sensor using Arduino
  7. Random number generator
  8. DICE using seven segment display and Arduino
  9. Data logger using Arduino
  10. Green house system using Arduino
  11. DC motor control using Arduino
  12. H bridge design using Arduino
  13. servo motor control using Arduino
  14. line follower robot using Arduino
  15. Obstacle avoider robot using Arduino
  16. Gsm based home automation system using Arduino
  17. Remote monitoring system using Arduino
  18. up and down counter with seven segment display using Arduino
  19. Real time clock using Arduino
  20. Speed control of DC motor using Arduino
  21. Digital frequency counter
  22. Generate PWM signal using MATLAB

There are many other projects you can do with Arduino but above list is just to give you idea about use of Arduino in your semester projects. I have used word “temperature sensor” just to give you idea about sensor based projects. One can use any sensor according to his/her requirement .

Advanced Arduino projects :

As I have already mentioned Arduino provides rich libraries and Arduino shields which can be easily use to make advance level Arduino projects. Following is a  list of advance arduino projects is just an idea about its advance use. But you can modify it according to your requirement.

  1. Automatic street light control using arduino
  2. Home security system using Arduino and GSM 
  3. Home automation system using Arduino and android mobile
  4. Control of robot using android mobile  and Arduino
  5. Arduino based solar street light
  6. Arduino based solar charge controller
  7. Data logger using Arduino and WiFi shield
  8. Data logger using GPRS module and Arduino
  9. servo motor/ stepper motor/ dc motor control using Arduino and gsm/WiFi/ Android mobile
  10. Wireless SCADA system using Arduino and WiFi sheild
  11. Arduino based remote monitoring system of solar panels and wireless data transfer using GSM/WiFi module
  12. Metal detector robot using Arduino
  13. Power factor improvement project using Arduino
  14. Security system using camera and Arduino
  15. voice-controlled robot using Arduino
  16. IR remote controlled robot using Arduino 
  17. RF based home automation system using Arduino and Android mobile

I am writing complete tutorials on Arduino. To learn Arduino visit following link :

Arduino tutorials 

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