best online Electronic Components Distributors from China

Today I am going to introduce you an e-commerce online store WINSOURCE from China, which deals in electronics components and devices, inventory and purchasing. Since 1999 WINSOURCE has been an industry leader in supplying obsolete and hard to find electronic components and parts. It is the one the platform which provides you cost effective and reliable alternative with the help of top and well-trained engineers Team.

Winsource is a best platfrom for students and Technology geeks how want build their electronics projects with absolute precision and efficiency. You can find Electronics components that are easily available in the market in multiple types and standards, but when you want build a complex and sensitive  electronic projects then you need reliable and accurate components to achieve required out and accuracy. Winsource is platform where you can buy any electronic component wit guaranteed reliability and accuracy. Here every component which required for student projects or for manufacturing electronics devices and appliances are available in very effective cost.

Buy an electronic component online is always tricky particularly when you not sure about the specifications, model and reliability of the components. Here You do not need to worry because WINSource has large variety of components with their exact specifications with 100% reliability. If you find some component not according to your demands and requirements you can replace it. Another important feature of WINsource is its shipping service which available 24 hours, you don’t need to wait for 3 to4 days for your shipping. Now let’s have a brief overview about the available components and inventory at this platform.

Electronic Products Provided by WINSOURCE

Following is list of products you can buy from this platform.

  • Common used electronics parts (From all manufacturers)
  • Alternative electronics components
  • Audio products
  • Battery products
  • Boxes, enclosures and racks
  • Cable assemblies
  • Cables and wires
  • Capacitors
  • Circuit protection relays
  • Connectors,Interconnects
  • Crystal oscillators
  • Discrete semiconductor products
  • Fans for thermal management
  • Filters
  • Hardware fasteners and assemblies
  • Inductors ,coils and chokes
  • Industrial control and meters
  • Transformers, motors and Power supplies
  • Potentiometers,resisters, sensors and transducers of all types
  • RF/IF and RFID products

Alternative components:

 In alternative electronic components you can find here, Meter measurement circuits( single phase and Three phase), Leakage protection circuit, Fluid measurement circuit, Meter RS485 communication circuit, water meter/ Gas meter communication circuit, Energy meter display driver circuit, Relay circuit Driver and power meter circuit.

Audio Products:

In audio products you can find Buzzers, sirens, speakers, alarms, piezo bands and microphones.

Battery products:

Batteries non- rechargeable and rechargeable, battery accessories, battery chargers, battery holders and contacts.

Cables and Accessories:

Fibre optic cables, Jumper wires, modular cables, pluggable cables, Barrel Audio cables, Barrel power cables, circular cable assemblies, Coaxial cables, Flat Flex cables, USB cables and Video cables (DVI, HDMI).


Capacitor accessories, Aluminum polymer capacitor, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, mica and PTFE capacitors, Niobium capacitors, Tantalum capacitors, trimmers and variable capacitors.

Crystals and Oscillators:

Here you can find, crystal oscillators, programmable Oscillators, Pin configurable /selectable oscillators and socket and insulators.

Integrated Circuits:

Here you can find a variety of IC’s such as audio special purpose, memory, specialized IC, data acquisition modules, Embedded, Interface, logic base and PMIC.

Programmable development systems:

In this category you can find programmer and development system accessories, evaluation and demonstration systems accessories, analog to digital converters (ADCs), Evaluation boards audio amplifiers, DC/DC & AC/DC SMPS, digital to analog converters, FPGA, CPLD, microcontroller and DSP boards, OP AMPS, Sensors, in circuit programmers, emulators and debuggers and software services

Winsource also has many good customer services to support its customers in anyway. Some of the are listed below.

Clear Information about the products:

On this online store WINSOURCE there is very description is given about every component. One best thing is that datasheet of all the electronic components is provided so that if someone wants to buy some component so that he can check it specification. It also provides easy to understand and follow procedure for order placement.

Online and offline order facility:

Winsource platform cares a lot about its customers it does not want its customers to wait for their required products so it provides online as well as offline order facility. You can place an order offline if you contact them through email at [email protected].

Best Technical support:

WINsource provides advanced technical support to its customers. If some customer wants to ask about some product or wants some technical support for its project then Winsource has world class qualified engineers for technical support.

Return policy:

Winsource provides a best return policy. If you buy some component and it gets out faulty or it does not fit according to your requirements for the project you are working on, you can return it to the distributor and get new component. Winsource has a professional and dedicated professionals team to support you to find relevant component for your project.

Economical price:

WINSOURCE provides economical and cost-effective solution to its customers. They take part in effective discussion with the customer to discuss about the price and try to fulfill customer demands. This behavior shows that they want to build strong relationship with their customers.

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