Today I am going to tell you about Low Cost Prototype PCB company. If you are linked with the world of electronics, you, surely, use many type of drill prototype PCBs for your developments and projects because most of the people do a lot. Finding better and cheap PCBs in market is a little bit difficult task but there we can find the professional PCB manufacturer companies which can fulfill our requirement in better way.Consider the real efforts of JLCPCB in manufacturing of PCBs are numerous as like: offers a correct platform for PCB design as well as offers a platform to check your Gerber and many more but today I will discuss with you a sensitive subject about the PCBs which is about the manufacturing or fabrication of PCBs in cheapest rate. I personally recommend JLCPCB Low Cost Prototype PCB company. jlcpcb

Why JLCPCB is popular among electronics lovers?

JLCPCB are professional manufacturers of PCBs from China and have very stress-free, easy and straight forward interface of its website to purchasing or ordering it. The calculation of amount and ordering system are computerized. More than 2 lac customers in all over the world trust JLC because of its proper working as well as convenient in ordering. JLC is receiving 8 thousand plus online orders per day. So Shenzhen JIALICHUANG Electronic Technology Development Co.,Ltd is the prevalent PCB company.dual layer PCB

JLCPCB Price of PCB FABRICATION as compare to other companies

They offer us the boards with the production of double layer, four layer, and six layers too and it’s available is very cheap as you can purchase it in only 2$ 10 pieces of 10cm x 10cm board. Its wide range off product are avail as : 1.6mm FR4 which is upto 6 layers, 0.8mm FR4 has 2 layers. These are available in flexible and standard shape. It has cheapest rate which I have ever heard for PCBs. The boards can be upto 10 by 10 centimeters in size but for an additional cost you can get larger boards and custom colors.This special offer is for dual layer plates and such plates you can order just in small amount but in whole sale.

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Quality of PCB boards offer by JLCBPCB

In PCB market, it is like a competition that the material used for PCBs has its own rising trends. Most of the companies use low price material to dominate the market just to increase the core affordability. But this badly affects the product functionality and reliability which can make it easy to crack and scratch. It will seriously affect many other comprehensive features of non-compliance. No doubt, in market everyone wants to catch the far-reaching quality and want to buy good product in cheapest rates and company wants to catch more and more customers to make profit. At that point, buyer feels confusion that in low prices how a company could provide a better quality product? But be sure about the JLC in this matter. JLC uses FR4 glass fiber plated layer which is high cost but better in strength. There is not any scratch or crack. Its line distance, line width and thickness fulfill the requirements. As you can JLCPCB board without deformation shape it has.

How to make order from JLCPCB website?

First we all go to quote now page on this link. To order you will prepare the Gerber file so it is important that you must have a Gerber and if you already have load those files into the store page. The play dimensions will be added automatically but other parameters must be selected manually. You have the choice between thickness and color and few others additional features but these all things are not important for you. You just omit those. Then make sure that both parameters are agreed completely then you can keep it in your purchasing basket. From this basket you can order board for production and then you will pay with PayPal. But there is need to understand this process step by step.

  • So lets take a look at how you can use your circuit board software to create Gerber files and upload them to the JLCPCB website. First design a circuit board in your design software. I am using kicad myself but you can use whatever you like. If you don’t have software, the JLCPCB website is connected to easy EDA which is a free online electronic design tool. Now your board is ready.
  • You can create the Gerber and drill files that are used to manufacture the board. Then go to JLCPCB and scroll to the bottom of the page, there you will find some useful articles that show you how to create the necessary files in your software. Lets take a look at Kicad link.
  • All you need to do is to follow the instruction step by step and you will get the files you need back in kicad. Firstly go to the plot menu and put a check mark beside the layers which are needed. But if you are not sure about a layer just go ahead and add it.
  • They will figure out which one is need. Then I create a folder called Gerber’s as my output directory and then click the plot button to make the files easy. We also need to make drill files which we can do by clicking the generate drill file button. You can use the same output folder and make sure the Gerber format is selected.
  • Then click the drill file but to create the files you will go to your Gerber output directory to see the files you created. You need to combine the files into a single zip file so you will select all the files by right click and send them to a compressed folder then rename the file to match your project.

Now go back to JLCPCB and click the Buy Now button on the right side of the screen. You will see a live price quote and you can see it is actually two dollars. You will set the quantity to ten but you can see they can make very large quantities if that’s what you need for an additional cost. There’s many other options you can select but here I will keep everything as standard so I can get the $2 offer. When you were ready click Save to Cart. If you haven’t already you’ll want to create an easy EDA account. Then you will need to login in it.

Now its ready to upload Gerber and drill files. Click the add your Gerber file button and browse to the zip files that we have created earlier.Now click Open and you will see the file upload notice that the board dimensions are automatically updates when you upload your files and since you are under the 100 mm limit. You still qualify for the $2 offer. Here’s a useful tip Click the Gerber viewer link to see what the board will actually look. You can go through each layer individually and make sure they look exactly like you want. Save  the Cart button. Then click the checkout securely button to pay and finalize your order on this page. You can select your shipping address and select your method of payment the site accepts PayPal and credit card and you can choose what delievery method you want depending on how fast you need the boards and click the pay button and you are done.

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