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Are you working on your project and you are in a hurry to complete your project? You are looking for a PCB manufacturing company who can manufacture your PCB board quickly. So don’t worry Today we are going to tell you about a PCB Manufacturing –  JLCPCB.  JLCPCB. Today I will show you how can you prototype your PCB in shortest time and step by step guide to make an order from I just needed a PCB board for my Iot based project so I designed a PCB using Proteus and started searching for a PCB boards manufacturing company. After searching online on internet and comparing prices and shipping cost of various companies, I decided to order my PCB boards from JLCPCB. Because I found their price very low from other PCB companies and I also found a cheap shipping method. So I am going yo share step by step guide to make order from JLCPCB website. Follow these steps to make an order.

  • First of all create your PCB design using any PCB designing software. you can also use free online application which is a free PCB designing tool of JLCPCB.
  • After creating a PCB design, create a Gerber file of your PCB layout. You will need these Gerber files to upload on JLCPCB website.
  • Go to their website and click on a link quote now as show below: 
  • After you click on the quote now button and go to the project section menu you will find following options 
  • In the Layers options, select the number of layers. The price of the entire order will immediately be on the right.
  • Dimension is the size of the board. In this case, they are only needed to calculate the cost..
  • PCB quantity is the number of boards.
  • PCB Thickness – thickness of textolite. Standard 1.6. You can choose thickness according to your requirement.
  • PCB Color – the color of the protective mask.  I love green PCB boards so I always order green PCB board. But you can choose from 6 possible colors available in options.
  • Surface Finish – Type of coverage. HASL – conventional tinning 60/40. LeadFree HASL-RoHS is the same as the newborn. ENIG-RoHS – immersion gold,
  • you can similarly choose other options like Copper Weight  Gold Fingers
  • Add your Gerber files by clicking on the button show below.
  • When you upload Gerber files, they will automatically show you gerber files output and how your PCB will look like as shown below: 
  • Once you have been set all the parameters, just click the Save to Cart button and the button above appears
    JLCPCB gerber file
  • After you click on save to cart, you will get this window where you can checkout your order and make payment securely.
  • After the you will get the following window, where you will add your delivery address and make payment through credit card or paypal
  • They provide two shipping method one is DHL and Registered air mail. Both works fine. But for quick delivery, you should select DHL.
  • This is all about step by step guide to make an order from
  • I got my PCB designs after 3 days by ordered DHL delivery which was really quick for me.
  • Now let me show you the quality of PCB boards which I received. I am pretty satisfied with their quality.  I order 10 PCB boards as shown below 
  • The package comes in a yellow color cotton box which contains the label of JLCPCB and I have written my website name on it with pencil.
  • I also receive a free pen from JLCPCB. So I checked it by writing on package box 😀 
  • I also received Light emitting diodes from them. 
  • I received 10 PCB board and all of them are very good in quality 
  • I found no issues with traces and pads of components 
  • Here are more photos of each components pads and traces 
  • Here are pads and traces of rs232 IC
  • Name of my website with top silk in white color  and LCD connector 
  • Communication connector for RS232
  • Resistor and LED pads and traces 
  • Pin header IC for pic microcontroller 
  • Crystal pins connector 
  • Some other pictures 
  • My website name 
  • Through holes and components pads and soldering mask are up to standards.
  • The edges of the board are very fine
  • The silkscreen is good,

So overall my experience is very good with JLCPCB and you can also prototype your PCB boards from them. So this is all about JLCPCB order and you can order your PCB boards from them. I personally recommend their services.

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