Custom PCB services by JLCPCB

Custom PCB services by JLCPCB: For layer, six layer and higher layer PCB services. JLCPCB is the largest PCB prototype enterprise in China and a professional PCB manufacturer featured of large scale, well equipment, strict management and superior quality. They produce high-quality PCBs with best price both for prototype and small batch. With over 10 years of experience in PCB manufacturing, they have more than 200,000 customers at home and abroad, produce over 8,000 online orders of PCB prototyping and small quantity PCB production per day. The annual production capacity is 200,000 sq.m. for various of 1-layer, 2-layer or multi-layer PCBs.professional PCB fabricators

PCB Fabrication services:

JLCPCB provides fabrication services of single layer, 2 layers, and multiple layers. JLCPCB has very good dealing in PCB fabrication. It has fixed time of shipping PCBS according to the number of PCBS that are demanded by the customer. Here is chart showing their exact fabrication services.jlcpcb

4 layers Fabrication services:

In case of 4 layers JLCPCB has size ≤ 100x100mm. It has material of FR4 standard, copper weight 1oz to 2oz, surface finishing HASL and with Green Solder Mask.

10pcs 100pcs 500 pcs 1000pcs
2-3 days 3-4 days 6-7 days 6-7 days
$ 2.00 $ 80.38 $ 342.0 $ 669.0

6 layers Fabrication services:

In case of 6 layers JLCPCB has size ≤ 100x100mm. It has material of FR4 standard 1.6mm, copper weight 1oz to 2oz, surface finishing HASL and with Green Solder Mask.

10pcs 100pcs 500 pcs 1000pcs
6-7 days 7-8 days 8-9 days 8-9 days
$ 2.00 $ 80.38 $ 342.0 $ 669.0

If you are new to the field and do not know how to generate Gerber file which is needed for fabrication of PCB, JLCPCB has complete tutorials and CAD support tools free of cost to help and support his customers technically. It also has a team of highly professional engineers to help the customers to reach their desired goals for their PCB purchase. Following are the online free tools that are available for customer technical support.

  • Free PCB editor
  • Online Gerber viewer
  • Altium PCB to Gerber files
  • Eagle PCB to Gerber files
  • Kicad PCB to Gerber files
  • Diptrace PCB to Gerber Files

JLCPCB has world class manufacturing capabilities and variety in design these unique qualities separates JLCPCB from its competitors. Some capabilities are listed below.

  • 1-6 layer PCB
  • FR-4 board material.
  • Maximum dimension of PCB is 400x500mm
  • Dimension Tolerance is ±2mm
  • Light-photo imageable solder mask is the most common mask type.
  • Finished out layer weight is 1 to 2 oz only
  • Finished inner layer weight is 0.5 only
  • For Single & Double Layer PCB, the minimum trace width is 5 mil and For Multi-Layer PCB, the minimum trace width is 3.5mil.
  • For Single & Double Layer PCB, the minimum via hole size is 0.3mm, for Multi-Layer PCB, the minimum spacing is 0.2mm.
  • drill size is 0.2mm, Max. drill size is 6.3mm. Any holes greater than 6.3mm will charge extra fee
  • Characters width ≥ 6mil(0.153mm)
  • Characters height ≥ 32mil

Figure 1. Four PCBs top of each other

Why Choose JLCPCB?

JLCPCB is Known due to its world class customer services. JLCPCB wants a permanent relation with the customers. A brief overview of their services is given below

Warranty and return policy:

 For your first order for a PCB laid out in JLCPCB, they have the top return policy on the planet! If you don’t like them, just send an email to . They will give your full refund, including product + shipping costs in one working day.

In case of subsequent orders, because you now know the quality level of their PCBs, if you are not satisfied with a product you bought from JLCPCB for whatever reason, you just need to email them some pictures of the product and explain why you are not happy with it. JLCPCB will then refund the full money of the product. Shipping fees will only be refunded if the return is a result of a shipping error on our part.

Fast Track ordering:

JLCPCB has quickest ordering facility. Customer just should upload Gerber file to get quote automatically and order online easily. Powerful ERP system allows you to track your order-processing status. JLCPCB also provides easy to understand and follow procedure for order placement.

Privacy Policy:

When any customer register for services or purchase products, he must provide with the following:

Your name, profile information, shipping address and billing addresses, payment information, email address, phone numbers, and business name (where applicable). When you create an account, you are prompted to create a username and a password. JLCPCB maintains your username and password (in an encrypted format) inside our secure environment and only uses your information to welcome you back upon your return and personalize your experience on our services. In addition, we store shipping and billing addresses for use with future purchases.

Best Technical support:

JLCPCB provides advanced technical support to its customers. If some customer wants to ask about some product or wants some technical support for its project then JLCPCB has world class qualified engineers for technical support.

Customer Approval:

JLCPCB has more than 200,000 customers around the world and getting 8000 orders per day, it is clear sign of high level of customer trust on JLCPCB. It is symbol of approval of JLCPCB customer care worldwide.

 I think due to above listed qualities JLCPCB is the best online store for PCB purchase.

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