EasyEDA new desktop software for PCB and schematic design

EasyEDA new desktop software for PCB design and schematics: Hi everyone, I hope you are fine and doing well. I have a good news for you people. Especailly for those who love to design their own schematic designs and make PCB design regularly and they are looking for a free software to design a PCB. EasyEDA has launched a desktop application software which can be used offline to create schematic and to design a PCB board. The good news is they are providing this desktop application free of cost.  Yes It will cost you nothing and you can benefit from its hundreds of built in PCB models and components symbols. you can also create schematic symbols and PCB foot prints with this software in on time. The reason I love this software due to its unique ability to provide you a suggestions of available components through their daughter website  In this article, I am to write about LCSC.comThey also provide electronics components in very cheap price.

In this article, I am going to write a tutorial on how to use EasyEDA desktop application for creating a schematic and for PCB design. One of best advantage of this software is that you can create design offline and can automatically synchronize your design with your online EasyEDA account.  It can be used for circuits simulation, PCB deign and electronics circuits design. You can download EasyEDA desktop application by clicking on following link and it will work on windows 7 or its greater version. They are also releasing soon offline application OSX and Linux users. So keep visiting their website for more information.

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So let’s start and see how to design a schematic and PCB using EasyEDA offline desktop application. So first of all lets see how to create a schematic. Now I will write step by step guide on how to make schematic using EasyEDA desktop application.  I will make a schematic of 5 volt regulated power supply first and after that I will design its PCB. After that I will show you how to order your PCB board from EasyEDA from directly your designed PCB which you designed using EasyEDA.

Some useful features of EasyEDA

  • It can be used in both online and offline mode.
  • Another great feature of using this tool is you can also share your design with online community which is increasing every day.
  • You can use any P.C, mobile device, weather in internet café and computer lab of a university, you just need to connected your device to internet. Where you login in your own account to start designing, save your data into the cloud and you can access it safely at any time in any way you like.
  • EasyEDA collaboration is really made easy, you can invite colleagues and partners to collaborates in electronics engineering design.
  • You can also have works on Open-source Hardware modules developed by thousands of electronics engineers World Wide.
  • EasyEDA is supported in many languages , so you can design any of the supported language like in English, French, Spanish and so on.
  • EasyEDA provides Cool Schematic Capturing, Clever Spice Simulation, Online PCB Design, Import PCB and Schematic Files.

Let start any project to see how can we use EasyEDA desktop application to design a simple circuit and a PCB design.

  • First of all you need to install software by downloading It from a link given above. Installation process is very easy. I explained it in the video below:
  • After installation just double click on the EasyEDA desktop icon to open it.
  • Click new project as shown belowEasyEDA new desktop software for PCB design and schematics 1
  • Start with New Schematic EasyEDA start new schematic 2
  • From left hand side, you can select your components simply which you want to place. So if you click on ground symbol .You can select ground 1, ground2, ground 3. And by clicking it on symbol and then on project, you can place it on project as you want as shown in fig 2.components selection 3
  •  To search any component, you have a portion to search your required component by writing that’s component name. As if you want 7805 voltage regulator, you just type its name 7805. Shown in figure below: easyeda place components
  • you can click on more libraries. Its has thousands of components with category. Now I am going to place this component on project schematic window
  • Now open the resistors and select your required resistor from resistors library. First click the resistor and then place it to project.EasyEDA place resistors
  • (On the right hand side of the project you can see design manager, from there you can manage your project design. If you want to delete any c component, first select it then press delete button and you can move on canvas by selecting it.)easyeda components placement 2
  • After designing your canvas, to join the components and resistors You press W on from your keyboard. Now you can join your components. you can join the component with the help of wiring tool shown in wiring tools. As shown in figure below: EasyEDA components wiring
  • Now we will see how to convert this schematic to PCB design layout. To convert it into PCB design just click on convert project to PCB as shown below and give it a name.EasyEDA convert PCB to project
  • You will get following window once you click on convert project to PCB. It will have PCB board edge.PCB design easyEDA
  • Now place the components inside board edge by selecting them and connect them through PCB tools. It depends on you either you want to use top layer or bottom layer to connect them each other as shown below. Watch video lecture at the end of article for more guidance.PCB design easyEDA 2
  • you can view your PCB design layout how it will look like by clicking on photo view as show below:PCB design easyEDA view2
  • You can also create solid copper area at the top layer of PCB as shown below:solid copper area
  • Once you have done, save it.
  • Now you can simply place the order of your PCB on easyEDA website which I will show you in video.
  • Now you have created your design in offline mode. you can easily fabricate this PCB design from EasyEDA website in very low price.
  • Just go to their website and signup for EasyEDA account and also sign in to your account.
  • After sign in on their website, come back to your EasyEDA desktop application and click on fabricate PCB and it will ask you to login again with their desktop application.
  • When you sign in, simply click on save project, it will save your project automatically to EasyEDA website and after that click on fabrication PCB as shown below: 
  • After you click on fabrication output it will take you to following window where you can easily order your PCB boards in minimum price.

so this was a step by step guide on how to use EasyEDA application for schematic and PCB design. But if you still have any issue, you can watch following video.

Video lecture

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