Ideal Battery Chargers For A Mechanic

Ideal Battery Chargers For A Mechanic 1A good car battery charger can be a smart investment whether you are a car enthusiast, own a small shop or own an automotive servicing center. Most of us who have driven cars may have experienced our car batteries dying on us when we are on the road or when we are about to leave for an important trip. This experience may have been frustrating and may have ruined our day. During times like these, we turn to our trusty automotive mechanics for help in charging our batteries and bringing back their vigorous performance. Oftentimes, we wonder what tools or devices they are using to recharge our batteries.

Now, we are about to find out which battery chargers mechanics prefer for servicing different car batteries.

Associated Equipment 6002B

When it comes to flexibility and durability, this product is one of the highly recommended ones. Car mechanics would prefer automotive battery chargers that have multiple charging capacities and are reliable to use at any weather condition. This is something that Associated Equipment 6002B can actually deliver and more. It can charge 6, 12, 18 and 24V batteries with ease and comes equipped with fully insulated flexi-spring clamps as a safety feature. It has a cooling system that prevents overheating and a stop/go light and automatic timer that makes this charger safe and easy to use at any time, weather or location – whether indoors or outdoors.

Optima Digital 1200 12V

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable charger for your 12V car battery, the Optima Digital 1200 is the charger you will need to consider. It has LED work light and non-slip grip for easy and safe use, has LCD charging gauge for easy monitoring and has a fast charging capacity for 12V AGM and flooded batteries. It not only charges your battery, but also lengthens its overall battery life. Another noteworthy feature is its USB charging port, which can charge mobile phones, tablets and cameras.

Schumacher DSR131

If you’re looking for a powerful charger that can handle 6V and 12V batteries of trucks, SUVs or vehicles with large engines, the DSR131 can handle the job easily. It comes with a smart microprocessor technology that automatically adjusts amperage rate for optimum charging and maintenance of your battery. It has flexible charging capability, being able to charge standard, AGM and Gel and deep-cycle batteries with ease. The push-button controls, digital display and LED indicators make it easy to operate and monitor.

NOCO Genius G Series

If its versatility you’re looking for in a car battery charger, the G series chargers of NOCO Genius can handle most car battery needs. It works well on most vehicles with different battery types such as 12 and 24V lead-acid batteries, including Wet, Gel, and AGM, or any common automotive, deep-cycle, marine, or maintenance-free battery; it can charge the modern lithium-ion car batteries as well. Its fast charging capacity makes it a good charger not just for cars, but also for ATVs, boats, trucks, RVs, tractors and other vehicle types with up to 230 amp-hours. It features smart charging technology that monitors and maintains battery charging without worrying about overcharging. It also improves battery health and longevity by reversing the damaging effects of extended periods of no charging on batteries.


When it comes to portability and reliability in a car battery charger, the BLACK+DECKER BC15BD delivers effectively for you. It can charge AGM, GEL, or WET automotive or marine 12V battery and has a 3-stage charging feature that automatically switches from fast charge, to top-off, to trickle charge. It has a durable and compact design, which makes it easy to store and carry. It also has battery conditioning and automatic overload protection for a worry-free charging and improving the health and longevity of your car battery. Best of all, it has only one button you need to press for charging, making it a very easy and safe charger to use.

By now, you may have an idea on the awesome features of the best car battery chargers in the market and which types are preferred by mechanics. Some chargers may be bulky, heavy and problematic when it comes to storage, but some types are actually compact and portable. Again, purchasing a battery charger can be a smart investment, and you may want to consider buying one to save on trips to the car repair shop. The chargers featured here are actually easy to use and operate, which can make them suitable for use not just by mechanics but also by regular car owners like us. So just check out the features that work best for your car and consider buying a charger today.

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