Importance of Math for a Career in IT

Many of us throughout the school have to learn math as part of the curriculum, but never understand the importance of it in future life. Math, science and technology are the basics for a variety of careers that are the highest paid and most reputable, but how can we convince the younger generation to keep up the study of math?Importance of Math for a Career in IT

Many successful people in the world find math essential to their job, whether it be working as an architect, measuring angles and scales, or working as an accountant and using math to organize people’s taxes. It is a life skill that is both essential and not used by enough people. Working in the field of a STEM job (science, technology, engineering and math) allows you access to a wealth of opportunities, including the non exhaustive list below:

-Careers in the STEM field are 26% higher earnings than those that aren’t

-You are more likely to be stable in a STEM job

-Graduates are better paid in a STEM job than any other

As well as the clear financial advantages to pursuing math in order to find a career in the STEM sector, you will also have access to more jobs in the future than other careers. Meaning, it is definitely an area young adults should be considering whilst they have the opportunity.

However, it’s not just the obvious jobs like these that use math skills, careers in sectors such as IT are desperate for people who have skills that have been developed whilst studying math. Your teachers may hound you about the importance of the subject, but it really is all about math. The opportunities to develop a career in IT from a background in math are infinite and if you’ve chosen an education in math, it’s definitely worth looking at your options in this line of work.

Working in the IT sector requires you to have excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, skills which are fine-tuned and perfected when studying math. Different jobs in IT include:


-Web Development

-Network Engineering

-Cyber Security

-Developing Hardware

With the ever-growing development of IT in the world, opportunities for young people to work in the industry can only increase. The world of technology is one that keeps advancing each year, and with it, new jobs flourish and the need for young people to fill these roles is vital. An education in math opens up the doors to all different aspects of the IT industry. If not specifically using math, you’ll be adapting the fundamental skills learnt in math and apply them to the specific job roles.

If it wasn’t already clear, it should definitely be well defined why math is so important, and notably important for a career in IT. Studying math in school may seem irrelevant at the time, however, by pursuing the subject, you’ll be opening a whole host of opportunities that may be closed if you didn’t. And with those opportunities come potential increase in earnings, job security and a variety of career paths available.