Is smart facial recognition the way forward for home security

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Facial recognition is the next big thing in home security

As you may know, we love a good home security system, particularly those with a PIR sensor. But today we’re going to talk about something a little more advanced than a simple motion detector. We’re talking about smart facial recognition and whether or not there is a future for this kind of technology in standard home security.

The simple answer to this question is of course, yes. But until very recently, the cost of incorporating such advanced technology into our everyday lives was what you could call prohibitive. Thankfully, the tech is now relatively cheap and not too difficult to make use of.

Smart facial recognition is already in place in banks and various other high-security environments, but it is slowly making its way into more mainstream settings. Some casinos already use facial recognition to identify known cheats and suspicious players while, over in China, the authorities are using it to identify members of the general public who have outstanding warrants for arrest. And while these may seem a little far removed from your home security system, it gives us hope nonetheless.

Uses in home security

So how can we use it? The most obvious use is that of house entry. A door which is unlocked through facial recognition tech is really not all that hard to build. In fact, you could even do it for less than $100 which begs the question, why aren’t more home security systems fitted with this right now?

Homeowners have ever been reluctant to lose the trusty old house key. Add to that the perceived inconvenience of standing in front of a camera to open a door, and you can see why some people might not be too excited about the idea of a smart door. However, facial recognition is actually more about security than it is about keyless entry to a house.

Using facial recognition, a security system can identify visitors to a house as friends or strangers. A different alert for each type of caller can give the homeowner an immediate warning allowing them to decide whether or not they want to answer the door. For people that live alone, this is an incredible benefit.

But even better yet, with systems such as Google’s Nest Hello smart doorbell, you can tag friends and neighbors as they call to your door. The next time they call, your smartphone will announce who is at the door. Great if you’re avoiding that annoying neighbor from down the street.

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Some smart doorbell feature facial recognition

Facial recognition can also be used within the home to allow or limit access to certain areas of the house. For example, you can keep your children away from an office or a workspace that may have dangerous tools. You can even use it on your safe or for access to a room where you store important documents or your collection of fine art!

The future of home security

Home security is advancing at an astronomical rate with new innovations seemingly coming out on a daily basis. No longer are we restricted in how we secure our homes with night-time cameras, motion detectors, and even RFID now common components of the average home security system. This adoption of the latest tech into our systems and the fact that there are so many smart doorbells and cameras on the market suggests that it’s only a matter of time before smart facial recognition is a standard in the industry.

Until then, how we incorporate this tech into our current security efforts is entirely up to us but as we mentioned earlier, it’s now a cheap and easy to install option. And while many people still feel that smart cameras have a negative ‘big brother’ connotation, the fact is that they are an incredible boon to those that wish to keep their home secure and avoid those unwanted visitors. If you’re so inclined, by all means try to build your own system, but trust us when we say, that this tech is coming to a home security system near you sooner rather than later.