Machine Learning Edging Closer to a Microcontroller Near You

Machine learning uses artificial intelligence, and within no time it will be incorporated into microprocessors and microcontroller hardware. Machine learning has been successfully applied to multiple computer systems, and now it is making its way into electronic systems. However, implementing machine learning to these electronic systems has been hampered by the lack of enough processing capability, leaving it to appear like a cloud-based activity. This will soon change, as machine learning has been incorporated into microcontrollers that have machine-learning capabilities. Machine learning comes with a kind of artificial intelligence that can propel your business into greater heights, as its programs and tools have ways that can respond to not only new but also changing data. This is why you need to consider hiring machine learning engineers to help you build systems that are optimized to suit the needs of your business.

There exist many functional machine learning systems

Quite a number of machine learning systems exist, although they are cloud-based.  For instance, we have the Alexa voice recognition service. It may be generic, but as time passes on, it will learn and also be able to identify your speech patterns, giving it the ability to respond to various users differently. Some machine learning systems are even able to choose the kind of ads that can be shown on your browser based on your interests and your past Internet interactions. Machine learning systems used in industries like chemical industries are able to control complex chemical manufacturing processes, and they can even predict when maintenance should be carried out on the equipment.

Machine learning will develop on the edge

While most machine learning systems are cloud-based, microcontroller vendors have started creating chips that will enhance machine learning even more. These chips do not require a network or even to be connected to processors. These chips will also be able to execute tasks by themselves. Currently, a number of technology companies have released processors that support machine learning. This is an indicator that machine learning is developing on the edge, and that it is coming very soon to the microcontrollers near to you.

Machine learning applications are being incorporated into processor architecture

Some technology companies have designed processors that use machine learning. These are the kind of processors that are created to handle workflow activities that are common in most machine learning frameworks. Machine learning processors can be used with other processors, like the object detection processors, to help identify people. The object detection processors use a high-definition image stream to identify people, and as soon as it takes a picture of a person, it sends this photo to the machine learning processor, which then carries out individual recognition. One great advantage of these processors is that you are able to perform a lot of tasks without needing network support.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will soon lead to an emergence of new applications that will be quite useful. Machine learning processors will then become an important tool for system designers. Processors that are programmable will be created, and this will entirely transform the digital electronic design.