Reasons you should manufacture your PCB boards from PCBGOGO

In this article, I will tell you about PCB manufacturer PCBGOGO and reasons why you should choose  PCBGOGO to manufacture your PCB boards.  There are many PCB companies in market which makes PCB boards for electronics projects. All these companies claims that they provide best PCB boards. But all have some or the other drawbacks. But PCBGOGO have all the qualities which one PCB manufacturer should have.  They offer best PCB prototype and PCBA manufacturing services. If you are working on your project and you are close to a deadline and you need PCB prototype in very less type, then you will should order you PCB boards from  PCBGOGO  and they will provide PCB boards in very less time and very less price. Following is a list of service PCBGOGO provides:

  • PCB Prototype
  • PCB assembly services
  • Flexible PCB boards
  • SMD stencil
  • PCB layouts


If you are a beginner or you are hobbyists and you are working on a project. The main constraint for you must be the price of project. you want to get 5-10 PCB boards in very less time and in very less price. you can get them from  PCBGOGO. Lets discuss some of the reasons why you should order, your PCB boards from  PCBGOGO:

    PCBGOGO provide PCB boards prototypes in very less price.  you can get 10 PCB boards as low as in 5$.  They provide single layer, double layer and custom layer PCB boards.  Price will be low if you order higher number of PCB boards.  you can select the minimum PCB thickness, minimum hole space and minimum track spacing from their online PCB quotation system.  you can also select the color of solder mask and color of silkscreen.

  • LOW PCB build time

Each PCB order from PCBGOGO will be delivered on time and with 99% satisfaction of customer. They have a very fast lead time. The maximum PCB fabrication time is 2-3 days and so you will get your PCB boards in 3-4 days including PCB manufacturing time.  They are in the PCB prototyping business from last 10 days and they have 200,000 satisfied customers worldwide which shows the commitment for their work and if you have any issue during the process of making PCB order, you can contact their technical support time. Their support team is available 24 hours to help you.  you will get answer of your questions instantly.

  • High quality PCB boards

They provide high quality PCB boards as compared to other PCB manufacturing companies in market. They provide a guarantee of PCB quality. They are ISO standards certified. They test all circuit boards before shipping them to you. The quality of solder masks and silkscreen is also very good. It can bear soldering iron temperature upto certain level very easily. Copper traces are very good.  They provide design rules and if your PCB design is not according to the design rules they provided. They will ask you to modify your design.

  • Different color PCB boards

They offer PCB boards in different colors. You can choose any color you want. They offer PCB boards in 9 colors and you can choose whatever PCB color you like. I myself like green color PCB boards, so I mostly order green color PCB boards from them.

  • Online PCB quote system

PCBGOGO have a online PCB quote system from where you can get quotation for your PCB boards. You can check their online PCB quote system on this link

From online PCB quote system, you can select the number of PCB boards, size of PCB board and color of PCB board and many other specifications according to your requirement.

  • Various and easy shipping methods

PCBGOGO offers various shipping methods like DHL and HK express. you can choose whatever suits you. But if you want your PCB boards with 2-3 days I recommend you to go with DHL.

  • Online tracking of order 

They have a online tracking system where you can track your order. When you make your PCB board order on PCBGOGO website, they will provide you tracking number in your account dashboard, you can use this tracking number to track your order.

  • 20$ Coupon for new customer 

PCBGOGO always provides discount coupons to their new customers. If you are using their service first time, you will get 20$ discount coupon on your first order.

  • Easy payment methods

PCBGOGO provides easy payment methods like PayPal, western union and wireless transfer.

So if you are looking for a PCB manufacturer for your first PCB prototype, I recommend you to go with PCBGOGO. You will get your boards on time and with high quality.

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