Solar Energy Pros and Cons in 2019

Solar energy is a great way to naturally harvest power for your house and there are various ways you can benefit from this eco-friendly technology. You can install your own home unit at the top of your roof, or you can run your geyser on solar power.

Alternatively, you can be a beneficiary in the harvesting of solar power from a massive solar farm if that option is available to you. No matter which option you choose to use solar power, you need to get to know all the facts before you make a final decision.

pros and cons of solar energy in 2019

To safely use this power, let’s find out what are the pros and cons of solar energy?

Pros of solar energy

Electric bill savings

Your electric bill will decrease when you supplement your current power supply with solar energy. You can also even eliminate your electric bill by relying entirely on solar energy.

With the lifespan of solar panels at 25-35 years, you can save for decades on your bills. If you are a student, you should feel responsible and spread awareness and encourage people to use solar energy.

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Solar increases your property’s value

Solar panels are a great investment for when you want to sell your house. This is because solar panels will increase the value of your house and get you a much sweeter deal when you sell it. Your property evaluator can tell you in detail how much can be added to your value due to solar panels.

Government incentives make it worth your while

The government rewards you for using solar energy by reducing your bills via bill credits or sometimes gives you money. These benefits are called Solar Renewable Energy Credits and net metering or other incentives of that sort.

Solar protects the environment

The usage of solar energy reduces carbon emissions. This saves the ecosystem from getting damaged by carbon dioxide. Solar energy has also won against nuclear energy and came out as the best eco-friendly energy solution.

pros and cons of solar energy in 2019

Cons of solar energy

Solar doesn’t work for every kind of roof

Solar panels don’t work for older rooftops made from cedar or slate tiles and even for modern houses with skylights and roof decks. However, this stumbling block can be worked through by using ground-mounted solar panels or community solar farms.

If you don’t have solar financing, the costs can be burdening

To get solar power from solar suppliers, you may have to pay a lot of out-of-pocket costs that may simply be too much. However, if you use government loan programs or leasing and purchase agreements, you can afford to have solar energy.

You won’t save much if your usual electric bill is low

If your area has lower electricity bills or if you don’t use a lot of electricity, having solar power may not be a wise decision. The costs of buying solar units may be higher than the overall costs you pay.

Solar won’t benefit you if you are a nomad

If you are looking into moving in less than the next seven years, you will not benefit from the investment in using solar power in your house. The value will still be low and you won’t receive much of the immediate benefits of owning a solar unit.


The solar power pros and cons outlined above can help you make an informed decision. The disadvantages of solar energy are almost none if you have made up your mind in favor of it.

Since this has been one of the controversial topics, some have wondered if it is beneficial starting a tech career in green energy. The decision whether you want to be involved in the green energy revolution lies within you, but the benefits are well worth it.

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