Ten Reasons Why JLCPCB is our First Best PCB Fabrication Choice

Hi everyone, Today I will tell about our PCB fabrications provider. Gone are the days when I used to make PCB at home with very hectic process. Now I just make my PCB  design and use best PCB fabrication services to get my PCB boards in very low price.   All projects we built here on microcontrollers lab, we order PCBs of all these projects from JLCPCB. The reason I always choose JLCPCB for my PCB boards fabrications and there is not a single reason. But there are many reasons.  So in today article, I will tell you why JLCPCB is our First Best PCB Fabrication Choice and why we always order PCB boards from them.  So if you are also looking for a best PCB fabrication provider, I recommend you to read this article. I am sure that after reading this article, you will surely order your projects PCB boards from JLCPCB. In my last editorial, I have introduced you about JLCPCB a professional fabricators of PCBs with great success in market. If you are a regular user of several PCBs prototype services and has used numerous manufacturers of PCBs, once you must test JLCPCB. I declare that after using JLCPCB, you will consider it your best PCB fabrication choice.Today I will discuss with you the best 10 reasons which make JLCPCB as our first best PCB fabrication choice.jlcpcb

Quality Guarantee

PCBs are 100% tested through AOI tested. They use A level board materials required to make PCB boards.  They have advanced level PCB production environment.  More than 200,000 customers world wide trusted JLCPCB so without any doubt people making their PCB boards from them due to their high quality PCB materials and impressive customer support. They have more than 10 years of experience in PCB manufacturing.

Fastest delivery from China with multiple shipping options

JLCPCB are professional fabricators of PCB prototypes from China. They are providing their trust worthy services with over 10 years to their clients. Their customer services are appreciable as they are providing their service in unbeatable price with 100% guaranteed quality even with the option of refunding money or reordering your product in case of any issue. They offer quick turn in PCBs prototyping even within 24 hours and delivery time from ordering is 3 to 7 days with DHL Express. JLCPCB SHIPPING

I have ordered PCB boards from them many times and used DHL express as a shipping method and I always get my order on time and I always get it with best quality. you simply have to provide them gerber files of your project and  make an online order on their website.  You will get everything at your door step with in 3-7 days.

Gerber design viewer and checker

When you upload your design on JLCPCB website, you will also get  tool to view your gerber file and check how how PCB will look like with different colors boards. EasyEDA is the name of platform which is partner of JLCPCB. This platform provides you a free online Gerber viewer. It can be used to check your PCB Gerber files even you can check that how it would appears in layers or different colors etc. The Garber viewer gives you an opportunity to check a circuit board with close view as a real.

Simple and Straight Forward Interface to Ordering

As in my previous article “Low Cost PCB Fabrication”, I have guided you in detail about online ordering method that how to generate a Gerber files and upload them to the JLCPCB website and how you would pay and other all steps. Through that you can easily access that their website’s interface is really straight forward and user friendly. You can yourself pass all steps easily just by sitting at your home. Their amount calculation method and purchasing method are computer based. In all over the world they have more than 2 lac their clients just because of their guarantied service and stress free method of ordering.JLCPCB is regularly getting round about 8 thousand orders per day. So no doubt JLCPCB – Shenzhen JIALICHUANG Electronic Technology Development Co.,Ltd- is the widespread PCB prototype company.

Only 2$ for 10 PCB boards
jlcpcb cost

You can online order in really very low cost just in 2$ you can order 5 or 10 PCBs 100×100. In case of higher quality, the cost will go higher. So their dealing has its standard as very suitable price for small quantity as well as for larger too. They provide you better quality product with guaranty in very cheap prices. The PCBs boards shape is more flexible and standard and at additional cost you will be provided larger board with custom colors like red etc. So they make possible for you to order boards from the source to save money.

You can also purchase components from JLCPCB

When we purchase a board we definitely need order components to work properly with it, JLCPCB offers a store to make easy for purchasing other components. Suppose we have 10 components in circuit board, we must need to search at least 3-4 stores to getting those components. So JLCPCB makes it easy for you by offering its solution.There is always a quick response customer support available for 24 hours at the JLCPBC website. They always live active just to make available their services quickly for you. If you face any issue you can contact to customer support without any hurdle or hesitation, they will provide you their assistance and try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Standard Quality

I make you listen about my colleague, he ordered JLCPCB a set of 2 layers board the price  for those board is 2$ for 10 pieces which is 1.2mm thick and 1-OZ copper, 0.1525mm. These PCBs look prodigious and their internal cutout is also accurate as well as the copper traces and drills’ re also flawless. Both sides of boards are spot on with 0.1524 wide text which were looking decent.

Ultra-Fast Delivery

The delivery time is actually depend on the shipping method which customer has selected which takes 3 to 5 business days for DHL just to make deliver a product to its destination. For EMS, it would take 7 to 15 business days and if you use Registered Air Mail it will take 2 to 4 weeks.

Some factors which can effect on delivery timing as extreme weather condition, customs clearance, post office delay and local protest etc. In these cases company is unable about delivery time guaranty but must try their best to make ensure the delivery on time.

Accepts Gerber Files Created by Altium, Kicad, Eagle, Diptrace

A PCB fabrication company receives Gerber created by any of PCB designing software. No doubt there are some design rules which are designed by companies that a designer must follow to work properly. But JLCPCB has published some video tutorials to provide guidance to their users which are helpful in creating Gerber without facing any issue. There are some software for designing PCBs named Eagle, Kicad, Diptrace and Altium and these all are accepted by JLCPCB.

Altium PCB to gerber files

Eagle PCB to gerber files

Kicad PCB to gerber files

Diptrace PCB to gerber files

So at the end I will recommend you to order you PCB boards from JLCPCB.  you can check my last article to know how make order from JLCPCB website.  you can also chat with JLCPCB team any time if you found any issue while making an order.

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