terms of service

All circuit diagrams, simulation and codes we provide are all tested on hardware as well as on software. If you are considering to purchase simulation and codes from one of our projects, make sure I meets your requirement. All explanation of project is given on related project article. if you have any confusion, I recommend you to email me before purchasing any project. If you are purchasing project, you are automatically agree to following terms and conditions for our services. By using this website you must agree to privacy policy given above.

  • you have purchased project after getting full understanding of specification given on project page.
  • All functionalities of code are according to your requirement.
  • We will not provide any change in code unless you are ready to make custom order for our project services. you have to pay separately for custom order.
  • It is not our responsibility to provider you any compiler and simulation software. you have to purchase it yourself.
  • We will not provide you any download link of any software.
  • Once you purchased our project, we will send you code and circuit diagram directly in your email address.
  • You can not sell, reproduce our code and circuit diagram in any form without our permission.
  • We will not send you any hardware of project unless you make custom order. We only provide code and circuit diagram in soft form.
  • we are not responsible for any loss to your hardware while using our code. our codes and circuits are 100% tested and they work perfectly. you can simulation of each project before purchasing.
  • We are not responsible for circuit working and codes working after one month of purchasing project. Buyer should check it with in one month.