The Advantages of Owning A Dual Fuel Generator

Generators have been an excellent source of backup power for many decades. They are powered by fuels such as natural gas and diesel. They convert the motion of an internal combustion engine into electricity. Thus, generators are often utilized in rural areas and other locations where electricity from the main grid is not available. Generators can be powered by single or double engines. This depends on the size of the unit as well as the amount of power that’s required. In addition to that, there are two main types of generators. Some of these types are portable units which are used in homes and institutions. The other type is industrial generators. These are used in large office blocks, factories and facilities such as hospitals. For those living in remote areas or in rural environments, a generator is an important resource to have. Here is more about the dual fuel generator as well as its advantages.The Advantages of Owning A Dual Fuel Generator

What is a dual fuel generator?

This is a type of generator which runs on both diesel and gasoline. It uses an advanced fuel system to switch from one fuel to the next. Furthermore, it runs on these fuels according to a specific ratio. Examples of these ratios are 30%/70% and 100%/0%.

Advantages of dual fuel generators

  • They are economical to operate, maintain and run.

Dual fuel generators are very economical to run. They consume fuel at a slow rate and maximize electricity output. Therefore, these generators can keep running even when the fuel levels run low. As such, they are affordable to maintain over the long run. In addition to that, dual fuel generators are more cost effective to run because they provide access to two types of fuel.

  • They save on electricity costs

An interesting fact about dual fuel generators is that they produce optimum amounts of electricity per gallon of fuel. The dual fuel combustion process is highly efficient. Therefore, it produces the most energy from each type of fuel loaded into the tanks. By maximizing the efficiency of each fuel type, these generators provide you with the highest ratio of electricity per gallon of fuel.

  • Dual fuel generators reduce the amount of fuel that you need to store at a time

Dual fuel generators contain ample reservoirs for each type of fuel that they support. As such, you do not have to maintain extra tanks of fuel. In addition to that, its efficient fuel processor ensures that you do not need to use much fuel to produce electricity in this type of generator. As such, it improves logistical efficiency.

  • They provide efficient diesel control and gas metering as well.

The dual fuel generators provide metering for each type of fuel that you load into the unit. If you load natural gas and diesel in the generator, it provides you with metering for both types of fuel. By using the knobs and mechanisms built into the unit, you can perform efficient measurement and limitation of the generator. In doing so, you can set each type of fuel to the most optimum level possible. This helps you to produce optimum levels of energy while preserving as much fuel as possible. Hence, the generator operates at optimal levels in all conditions.

  • They can accept all types of fuels

An outstanding characteristic of dual fuel generators is that they support quite a wide variety of fuel types. It can handle diesel, natural gas, liquid propane, sewage gas, LP vapor and diesel as well. This type of generator can also combust diesel and landfill gas.

  • They perform automatic fuel switching

Whenever one type of fuel gets depleted, the dual fuel generator immediately switches to the other. For example, if a dual fuel generator is running on natural gas and diesel and the latter gets depleted, it will automatically switch to natural gas. This transition from one fuel to the other is executed by the dual fuel inverter in a millisecond. Therefore, there is no change in the current of electricity. This is very important when being used in buildings such as hospitals, where an electric shortage can result in lost lives.

  • These generators have low emission levels

An interesting feature of dual fuel generators is that they produce very low levels of emissions. They are able to regulate consumption such that maximum electrical energy is produced per liter of fuel. Furthermore, they have low levels of carbon dioxide production. Hence, they are greener and therefore better for the environment.

  • They are a lot more reliable than single fuel generators

Dual fuel generator engines are designed and built such that they have reliable components. This helps them to last for a long time no matter the type of fuel which is used in the generator. Moreover, they produce maximum electricity per gallon of fuel. This makes them supremely efficient. Due to these characteristics, dual fuel generators are more reliable than other types.

  • Are cost effective to run

Statistics have shown that dual fuel generators are more cost effective to run because they produce maximum levels of electricity per unit of fuel. Hence, you don’t need much fuel to keep them running. As a matter of fact, natural gas has been observed to produce longer running time than all other types of fuels. This leads to a cost effective maintenance process. Some of the most cost effective ones are the smaller ones with an electricity output that is lower than 150kw.

  • They provide longer running times

By having more fuel capacity than other types of supplementary power plants, dual fuel generators can run for a longer period of time. They burn slowly through the fuel. As a matter of fact, you can even meter the fuel using the knobs and controls on the generator. In doing so, you can boost the length of time that each fuel provides energy. After it is depleted, the generator can switch automatically to the other type of fuel. This helps the dual fuel generator to keep going for longer periods of time than any other type.

Generators come in handy whenever we need some supplementary power in our homes or institutions. There are many types of generators today. An outstanding example is the dual fuel generator. It can run on multiple types of fuel at the same time. Hence, it is highly versatile. The advantages of this type of generator are expressed above. It is a great source of supplementary power!

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