Two Layer PCB from JLCPCB

In this tutorial I will show you how you can design and prototype your double layer PCB design using JLCPCB services. If you are you are looking to design your double layer PCB and you don’t know what double layer PCB is and how you can prototype your double layer PCB from a PCB manufacturer in a very low price.  Then you are at perfect place. I will first tell you what is double layer PCB? How to design double layer PCB and how you can order your double layer PCB boards from JLCPCB.COM in very low price.  Now let’s start with a introduction of double layer PCB.

Introduction to double layer PCB

Double layer PCB is also known as double sided PCB. It consists of two circuit copper layers sandwiched between dielectric materials. Unlike single layer PCB board, it has soldering mask on both sides of PCB board. Its mean you can place electronics components on both sides of the PCB board. Routing traces can go from upper layer to bottom layer and bottom layer to upper layer unlike single layer PCB where routing traces are only the bottom side of the PCB board. Double layer PCB boards are very popular and have many applications in electronics projects. Picture of double layer PCB is shown below.

How to design double layer PCB board

To design a double layer PCB board, you need PCB designing software. You can also use online PCB designing tool which is a free tool provided by  There are other offline PCB designing software’s are available and  name of some of them are given below:

  • Proteus
  • KiCad
  • Altium designer

I usually design my PCB using Proteus and  So you can use any one of them two design you double layer PCB boards. Check this video to know how to design double layer PCB using Proteus.

Now let’s see how to manufacture two layer PCB boards. After you done with designing of you double layer PCB and now you want to manufacturing of your PCB board in low price.  You can use service of JLCPCB to manufacture your boards in very low price.

How to fabricate two layer PCB boards from JLCPCB

So now I will show you how you can fabricate two layer PCB boards from JLCPCB in very low price.  If you don’t know about JLCPCB, let me tell you some introduction about them. JLCPCB is a PCB manufacturing and fabrication company in china. They provide PCB boards in very low price and in very short time. You can order 10 PCB boards as low as in 2$ from JLCPCB and build time will be maximum 2 days. Now lets see how you can order two layer PCB boards from JLCPCB. You will need a gerber files of 2 layer PCB boards which you must have got after designing PCB in any software.  Now follow these steps to order your double layer PCB from JLCPCB.

  • First of all go to their website and register you account with them by clicking on register button.1 double layer pcb jlcpcb
  • After that click on calculate button on top left corner and following window will appear2 double layer pcb jlcpcb
  • This is a quote page. Now click on add gerber file and upload your gerber files.
  • From Layers options select 2. Because we have designed a double layer PCB
  • When you upload gerber file, it will automatically take the dimensions of your PCB board. So you no need to adjust gerber files.
  • After that select the PCB Qty option to set how many PCB boards you want to order.
  • I recommend you to set PCB thickness to 1.6.
  • After that you can select the color of your PCB board from six available options.
  • After that click on save to card button.
  • After that you got the window of address, payment and shipping method. Fill those information and make the payment through credit card or paypal.
  • After that they will confirm your order and you will receive your PCB boards in 3-4 working days.

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