Which Turbo Pump is Right for You?

Choosing a turbo pump can be a bit perplexing at first, but it doesn’t have to be. All you really need to do is to familiarize yourself with certain elements that will affect your turbo pump’s performance. When purchasing the right turbo pump, you need to look into certain aspects. For instance, paying attention to the size is very important, and so is the pressure level. You also need to pay special attention to the pumping speed and the level of maintenance. Another thing you need to watch out for is the type of gas that is going to be used with the turbo pump.


First of all, when picking a pump, you need to think about what you’ll be using it for. This will help in determining the size of the pump you need, as well as, dictate your choices when it comes to the following factors, and you need for a backing pump, too. If your main focus is a high pumping speed, you need to make sure that the size of the pump is large enough not to add resistance and slow down the gas transfer process. However, if you’re going to be operating in a tight space, then you’re most definitely going to need a more compact turbo pump.

Pressure Level

The next thing you want to pay attention to is the pressure level. When looking for a powerful pump, you need to know that the pressure level should be low. The weaker or lower the pressure level is, the better the vacuum is. Basically, the weaker the pressure level is, the higher the vacuum’s quality is. It is also important to understand that the pressure limit for the right turbo pump is tied with their flange seal design intake. Which means that there are two different types of intake vacuum sealing flanges, one that has a 0-ring seal and another with a metal seal. So, remember to watch out for the type of flange you are buying because it will most certainly affect the pressure level and limit.

Which Turbo Pump is Right for You 1

Pumping Speed

Third, we’ll cover another essential factor; the speed of which you want gas to pass through your pump. Usually, it depends on flow resistance, as well as the volume of gas is passing through your pump per unit time. When picking a pump, look at the specifications page; you should find the pumping speed for all your essential gasses listed underneath each other. During our research, we stumbled upon several websites. When we looked at Provac Sales turbo pumps, it was apparent that there are many models to go through. So, a helpful thing to do would be to narrow down your search; pick a manufacturer or two, then scroll through their products.

Level of Maintenance

Needless to say, no one likes to go through the dreary process of cleaning, fixing, and maintaining their equipment. The bright side of all this is that if you invest in a high-quality pump with a high foreline tolerance, you won’t need to carry out that process as frequently. On the other hand, if you sacrifice quality for the price, you will end up paying for it with a lot of time and effort.

Type of Gas

You might not be sure of the type of gas you want to have interacting with the turbo pump, and that is okay. There are different types of gases you can choose from, and all of which will affect the turbo pump in a different way. So how can you be sure which one to go with? To put it simply, you need to understand that the type of gas will definitely affect the pumping speed. For instance, if you are using a light gas with your turbo pump, then the pumping speed will dramatically drop and vice versa. So, before you randomly choose the gas that will be put in your turbo, make sure you know how it will affect the turbo pump.

So, Which Turbo Pump is Right For You?

Well, as we’ve mentioned before, we can’t accurately answer that question for you. Only you can decide on which turbo pump is more suitable for you; it is all about your needs. That is when we can help you out using the factors we’ve discussed throughout the article. If you have your application in mind, you’ll know what size you need your pump to be which, in turn, will lead you to consider the effect of size on your pressure level. Following these decisions, you’ll find it only natural to consider a pumping speed which depends on size, resistance, and pressure level. At last, it is only fair that you keep in mind the quality of your pump, whether or not it is a high maintenance item, and finally, the effects of the gasses you’ll be using on that pump. After all, you don’t need a pump that gives up on you after a month or two or a pump that you’d need to maintain more frequently than you feed your dog. So, as a final advice, we recommend you try to compromise between price and value/quality because it makes a huge difference.