100+ digital logic design projects list with logic gates for beginners

digital logic design projects list with logic gates for beginners: This is a complete list of digital logic design projects for those who want to learn about digital logic circuit and want to design digital logic circuit for their project. I have complied this list from different resources. If you have more digital logic design projects list and you want to share with other, just comment on this post. I will add more digital logic projects in this list. Following is complete list of digital logic design projects with brief explanation of each project.  digital logic design projects

List of Digital logic design projects

LED Cube: A cube of multiplexed LEDs generating 3D patterns

  1. Construct a 6x6x6 or a 7x7x7 LED cube that will be operated through multiplexing
  2. When switched on, the cube will display text, patterns etc
  3. The cube can be either single colored (easy) or can be made using RGB LEDs (hard)

Line following based maze solver

  1. The robot will implement a simple maze solving algorithm
  2. The robot does not have to be smart. It can use brute force techniques like “Right hand on the wall” method
  3. The maze will be simple lines on the floor (white on black or black on white
  4. The robot must be able to follow lines and make turns when required

Interactive LED surface/table

  1. This requires making a 2D surface with LED arrays
  2. The surface must be transparent (acrylic sheet etc) with the array placed under it
  3. The surface should sense when the user brings their hand or an object close to it and should light up the LEDs placed under it
  4. The LEDs can either stay on or blink or create a pattern

LED based snake game

  1. Use the LED matrix to display a snake game
  2. The user will control the snake using a keypad
  3. The snake will behave as it does in the actual game, including interactions with food and biting itself

Table edge detection robot

  1. Robot will move in a straight line
  2. It must stop if it detects a table edge
  3. After stopping, it will reverse for a short time, turn for a random period of time and then start moving again.
  4. The robot will repeat this procedure indefinitely

Encoder based robot with precise turning and calculated motion

  1. The robot will take two inputs from the user
  2. The input will be distance and angle
  3. After inputting the two variables, the user will push a button and the robot will move to the specified location
  4. The robot will use encoders to calculate distance moved and turning

IR based virtual keypad

  1. The keypad will use IR sensors to detected user’s finger
  2. The keypad must be at least 4×4 in size
  3. The output must be debounced
  4. The keypad must be connected to 8 seven segment displays
  5. Every time a key is pressed, the display shifts to the left and the new number is displayed on the rightmost display
  6. The keypad will be used to input a specific combination to a lock to open it

Piezo Crystal based drum kit implementation

  1. User will have to make small drum like objects with Piezo electric crystals in them
  2. Each drum should produce a logic pulse when hit
  3. A pattern will be displayed on LEDs
  4. User will have to hit drums in the order shown to get the next pattern
  5. Loosely based on the ‘Guitar Hero’ game

Color Based Pattern Detection

  1. Make a lock that only opens when an RGB LED lights up in a certain pattern
  2. A color detector will need to be implemented, that will differentiate between Red, Green and
  3. An ADC will be used to convert analogue input from light sensor into digital form for
  4. The user must be provided with a way to switch on one of the three


  1. Pinball
  2. Snakes and Ladders
  3. Tetris
  4. Racing Game
  5. Bounce

Laser Based Encrypted Serial Transmission and Reception

  1. Come up with a way to serially transmit the ADC converted output of a sensor from one location to another.
  2. Data should be encrypted before being transmitted
  3. The receiver should receive the data without any
  4. Transmission should be extremely
  5. Received data should be decrypted
  6. The mechanism should be able to work even in

Digital Smart Room

  1. The room should be able to detect and display the number of people inside
  2. It should keep a track of when someone enters the room and when someone leaves
  3. The number of lights turning on in the room should be proportional to the number of people in
  4. The room should monitor temperature and maintain it at a preset level by switching a fan on and
  5. The room should monitor the light levels outside and should open blinds and switch of lights if brightness outside is more than inside, provided the user has allowed
  6. Any other intelligent things the room can

Intelligent Traffic Signal

  1. Implement a four way intersection with an intelligent traffic regulation method
  2. The time a signal is green should depend on the number of cars waiting at the
  3. The signal should allow for switching between normal and VIP crossing
  4. The signal should implement pedestrian crossing as
  5. The signal should also be able to detect if a person tries cross at a red light and should raise an


  1. The calculator should be purely digital in
  2. It should be able to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  3. The display should be a 2 row one with at least 5
  4. There should be a display for the operation being performed
  5. User input should be through a keypad

Intelligent Elevator System

  1. Should be applicable to a 5 floor system
  2. Each lift should be able to display its location and direction of motion
  3. Each lift should detect number of people entering and should not move if the number exceeds maximum
  4. If two lifts are moving in the same direction and one of them has to stop at a floor to pick someone up, the one with the lesser people inside will

Parking Counter

  1. Parking should have a main entrance and should be split into at least 3
  2. System should keep track of the number of cars in the parking lot and the number of cars in each section.
  3. The system should tell the user which parking section has the most amount of free
  4. If all free spaces are taken in the parking lot, new cars should not be allowed to enter
  5. Any other efficient additions that may be

Vending Machine

A Vending machine with full display for cash (submitted and change returned) as well as items dispensed.

Keyboard Word Detection

Interfacing a keyboard to a logic circuit that detects (at run-time) the occurrence of 5- letter words (or one particular word) while a user types in a paragraph of English. A running counter increments every time this condition is met.

Laser Shooting Range

A shooting range made of transducers that pick up the normal intensity of LASER beams coming out of a normal source. The shooting range should provide the user with a LASER gun, which the user will point towards specific targets. There should be at least 4 targets, and all of them should be switching randomly from one to another after a fixed time period. The person gets a point if he points accurately towards the target that is currently switched on.

Water Tank Control Mechanism

A water-tank fill-up and overflow control mechanism with alarm. A circuit needs to be designed that displays the present level of water in the tank. The circuit also opens an outlet valve when the level in the tank exceeds a particular level, and finally opens the inlet valve when the water in the tank falls below a particular level.

Environment Control

Design of a home temperature/light/security control system. A state machine maintains the temperature of the house between two extreme limits set by the user, as well as the intensity of lights in the room and secures the perimeter using input taken from temperature, light and IR sensors.

DTMF Remote Appliance Control

Control of domestic electrical appliances (e.g. lights, fan) through the PSTN land line system using the DTMF chip. A circuit is required that would act like a bridge between the electrical appliance in the house and the land-line telephone set. The user should be able to remotely switch on or off appliances in his house by dialing his home telephone number, entering a password and then selecting the device to be turned on or off.

Clap Lock

Voice (clap only) activated Moore state machine design with synchronous reset. A state-machine based digital combination lock circuit which transitions from one state to the next at the clap of hands, not on the clock. The circuit should be intelligent enough not to trigger at other sounds. The decision must be taken after the entire code has been entered. The lock must have at least 10,000 possible combinations. (i.e. a total maximum of  8 claps which may or may not have pauses in between)

A pulse generator/monitor circuit

A generator circuit is required that generates pulses of varying duty cycle (all with a 1-sec period) depending on user selection. The transition from one type of pulse to the next must always occur at the 1-sec boundary. A detector circuit should be able to successfully detect all pulses with a period less than 1 sec (i.e. all valid pulses) as well as pulses with a period greater than 1 sec (all invalid pulses).

Keypad Calculator

The calculator should take in a maximum decimal number of 32 and perform the following functions: A+B, A-B, A/B, A*B, A^2 and A^3. The result should appear on 7-segment displays.

Keypad Number Guessing Game

A reference number (between 1 and 30) is fed to the circuit beforehand. The user guesses the stored number by typing it onto the keypad. A display shows whether the entered number is > = or < then stored number. The user has 5 tries to guess the number.If the above Projects still don’t match your expectations, you can find out more projects by searching for them on Google.

Innovative digital logic design projects

Nevertheless, a list of a few more digital logic design projects list with logic gates for beginners is given as follows

·         A 5x5x5 LED cube generating different 3D patterns by multiplexing
·         An interactive LED surface/table
·         Distance Measuring device (Distometer)
·         A Robot that moves to a location specified by the user
·         Remote Controlled Car though Mobile Phones (DTMF)
·         Line following robot capable of obstacle avoidance
·         Control of domestic electrical appliances (e.g. lights, fan) through the PSTN land line system using

the DTMF chip

·         L.E.D-Ceptron, A memory test game by using pressure sensitive keypad and LEDs for different


·         Interfacing a keyboard to a logic circuit and detecting 5 letter words
·         LED Oscilloscope
·         Making a Tic Tac Toe Game (Player vs Artificial Intelligence)
·         Making an intelligent scoring system for a two player Carrom board game
·         Speed Racer, A car racing game using LEDs and user input
·         Snake Game Implementation on LED Matrix
·         LED based Obstacle avoiding plane game
·         Intelligent Traffic Signal System
·         Speed o meter to measure revolutions per minute of a circular disk and gives corresponding Speed

in Meter/Second

·         2 player ‘LUDDO’ game
·         2 Player LED Racing Game. The player that avoids all obstacles and reaches the top first wins
·         Motion Sensor LED Array (Grid: 7×7)
·         Maze Solving Robot
·         Time based tariff car parking system with levels
·         Implementation of a Genetic Switch, Lac Operon, using Digital Logic
·         Design of a lift control system for operating a lift between 4 floors (with complete display – as is the

case in the SSE building)

·         Stimulus following robot that finds the shortest path to stimulus while moving on a grid
·         A Speed Gun showing the speed of a vehicle on 7-segment displays. Also capable of giving average

speed on 2-4 vehicles.

·         Persistence of Vision achieved by LEDs (Propeller Clock Display, World Globe, Holographic Shapes)
·         Water tank fill-up and overflow control mechanism
·         Parallel Parking Robot
·         Digital Smart Room
·         Stalking Robot
·         Fire Extinguishing robot
·         Piezo Crystal based Drum Kit Implementation
·         A 5 level Catch or Die Game with varying difficulty
·         16 bit Pseudo Random Number Generator
·         Scrolling Text Display
·         3 Decimal Digit Calculator capable of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
·         Electronic Twister

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