NJM4560 Dual Operational Amplifier IC

NJM4560 is a dual audio operational amplifier IC having a high gain and wide bandwidth. An audio amplifier is just like other operational amplifiers, but it amplifies low-power audio signals to drive speakers, headphones or other audio devices. NJM4560 chip can drive 20V peak-to-peak into 400Ω loads.

NJM4560 Pinout Diagram

This picture shows the NJM4560 dual operational amplifier pinout diagram.

NJM4560 dual operational amplifier pinout diagram

Pin Configuration Description

This IC is composed of two operational amplifiers. It has total of eight pins. The functions of all the pins are mentioned below:

  • Pin#01: Output of operational amplifier A
  • Pin#02: Negative input pin of the operational amplifier
  • Pin#03: Positive input pin of operational amplifier A
  • Pin#04: Connection for negative voltage supply
  • Pin#05: Positive input pin of operational amplifier B
  • Pin#06: Negative input pin of operational amplifier B
  • Pin#07: Output of operational amplifier B
  • Pin#08: Connection for positive voltage supply

NJM4560 Op-Amp Features

Few main features of NJM4560 are listed below:

  • The design of this IC is based on bipolar technology.
  • It has a high voltage gain of 100dB and a wide bandwidth gain product of typically 10MHz.
  • Its operation is specified in a voltage range of ±4 to ±18V therefore voltage supply value should lie in this range.
  • It can perform single or dual supply operations.
  • These IC’s have a higher slew rate of 4 V/μs and are therefore high-speed op-amp IC’s.
  • The common-mode rejection ratio is typically 90.
  • It can drive loads having impedance up to 400Ω.

Equivalent IC

LM386, C4556C, AD620

Where to use it?

Its wider bandwidth and higher slew rate make this device suitable for use in a wide variety of audio amplification related applications, instrumentation applications and in telecommunication. Due to its feature of dual supply operation, these op-amps also works well with AC signals. NJM4560 is also available in the surface mounted micro-package. Hence, you can also use this chip in critical applications where high packing densities are required. This IC is also used in distortion circuits due to their high voltage gain and an input impedance of 5MΩ.

How to use NJM4560 Op-Amp?

The most basic function of NJM4560 IC is the amplification of audio signals. A configuration of a simple single supply non-inverting amplifier is given in the figure below. An input signal from a microphone or any other device is applied at the positive pin of an amplifier. The output is fed back to the input through resistors R1 and R2. These two resistors are basically used to determine the gain of an operational amplifier. The resistors R3 and R4 are used to set the bias voltage. The capacitors C1 and C2 are used to pass the lowest frequencies without attenuation.

Example Circuit

NJM4560 example circuit

In a single supply op-amp, the input signal can only swing from the positive voltage supply to the ground. But, in the case of dual supply op-amp, it can swing from the positive voltage supply to the negative voltage supply. That’s this IC also works well for AC signals and allow the allow signals to swing a greater distance by covering both positive and negative portions of the AC signal.

For singly supply operation, connect pin 4 to ground of the circuit and for dual supply, supply this pin with negative supply voltage.

NJM4560 Applications

Few applications of NJM4560 includes:

  • Audio preamplifiers
  • Headphones to amplify the volume of sound
  • Implementation of active filters
  • Data and telecommunications
  • Industrial Measurement Equipment
  • Instrumentation applications
  • Wien bridge oscillator

2D Diagram

The Packages of NJM4560 includes 8-pin DIP, 8-pin DMP, 8-pin SIP, and 8-pin SOP JEDEC 150 mil. The two-dimensional diagram of this IC along with the dimensions is given below. For the dimensions of all other packages, refer to the datasheet.

2D Diagram


NJM4560 Datasheet

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