ESP8266 wifi module based projects

ESP8266 Wifi module based projects: Hi everyone I hope you are fine and doing well. Today I am going to present you a list of project related to ESP8266. This is a list of projects based on esp8266 wifi module. Recently there is very much hype about ESP8266 Wifi module over the internet. And it is totally reasonable because is cheap and easy to use let say with Arduino Uno. It is also much cheaper than other wifi shields.As from it name it based on ESP8266 MCU and this module has a built-in antenna and it also provides GPIO’s pins to use as digital input, output pin similar to Arduino. There are 14 different boards available in the market. This module works on 3.3v so keep in mind while interfacing with other higher voltage devices like Arduino or FTDI.The module we used in our project has 8 pins.ESP8266 wifi module based projects

List of ESP8266 Wifi module based projects

The complete list of esp8266 wifi module based projects is given below:

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