what is gate driver circuit?

What is gate driver circuit ? In this article you will learn what is gate driver circuit ? why do we need to use gate driver circuit to drive gate of MOSFET? Different types of gate driver circuits.
what is gate driver circuits ?
Gate driver circuit is circuit integral part of power electronics converters which is used to drive power semiconductor devices like BJT’s , IGBT’s and MOSFETs. Output of DC DC converters mainly depend on behavior of gate driver circuits. Its mean if gate driver circuit doesn’t drive gate of MOSFET device properly, your designed DC DC converter output will not be according to your requirement. Therefore design of gate driver circuit is critically important in designing of power electronics converters.
There are many dedicated gate driver IC’s available in market for power semiconductor devices. These devices include both high side or low side MOSFET driver functionalities. Like MOSFET driver IR2210  and TL490 are dedicated Mosfet driver IC’s which can be used either as a low side Mofet driver and high side mosfet driver. Before selection of Mosfet driver you should check its compatibilty with your required power electronics converter circuit. For example at current source and current sinking ability, How much it turn on and turn off mosfet gate. All these things are usually mentioned in data sheet of Mosfet driver. There it is very necessary to know the art of data sheet reading. By reading data sheet carefully, you can actually done with half of the work. Because data sheet provide by manufacture contain each and everything according to design requirement. I have already posted a article on how to use MOFSET driver IR2210. If you want to see how we can use MOSFET driver IR2210 as a low side driver and high side driver. I recommend you to read following article.

How to use MOSFET driver IR2110

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