IOT based projects for final year engineering students

Internet of Things IOT based projects. This is a complete list of IOT based projects available on our website. Some of the projects available on our website are based esp8266 projects and some are made using an ethernet shield. Internet of Thing (IoT) is changing much about the world we live in. From the way we drive how we make purchases and even how we get the energy to our homes. Sensors, chips are embedded in physical thing around us. Such as Smartphones, smartwatches, cars navigation, and tracking system. Each one is transmitting data to a server. These data are gathered and stored for further process. Here is list of iot based projects for final year engineering students. All these IOT based projects are available on our website with details. IOT based projects

IoT based projects platform:

  • Real-time Climate Information.
  • Real time updates of City where to park.
  • Monitoring personal or a patient health.
  • Robots in Industries
  • Household Appliances

Here is the list of IOT projects which are posted on my Website:

  • Introduction to IoT: If you are not familiar with IoT then this is the best tutorial for the beginner. In this tutorial, you will learn what IoT can do and what cannot, history, advantages, and disadvantages of IoT.
  • Weather Monitoring: This project uses DTH11 senor and wifi module to send data to a weather station. It can measure temperature and humidity. You can see the collected data on an application, webpage or display on an LCD.
  • Health Monitoring of Energy Devices: By using this project you can monitor the health of your costly devices like generator or transformer over the internet. You can monitor temperature, current, and voltages.
  • Patient Health Monitoring: This is very useful in hospitals or in ICU rooms were critical patients are admitted. Using this project we can monitor heart rate, temperature and blood pressure using different sensors.
  • Temperature Data Logger: This project is Microcontroller based and uses an LM35 temperature sensor. ESP8266 is used to connect MCU with the internet. MCU gathered data from LM35 and send it to a webpage using wifi module.
  • Load Control using IoT: This is also MCU based. This project is used to control the load over the internet from a distance. This project is great for people which are on a budget.
  • Ethernet-based Home Automation: If you want to switch devices on and off from anywhere in the world. This project will surely help you to do. Ethernet shield is used to connect Arduino to the internet. Devices can control from a webpage.
  • Underground Cable Fault detector using IoT: Sometimes it is really hard to find the underground cable fault. But this project will help you find it with ease over the internet. This project saves both time and the cost.
  • Ethernet-based home automation system using Arduino. In this project, Ethernet module is interfaced with Arduino and data to sent over Ethernet line to send control signals.  AC lamps are controlled over server through web browser.
  • WiFi based home automation system using Esp8266  : In this Arduino based project, wifi module is used to control home devices. Android application sent control signals over WiFi to control home devices.

Feel free to visit our website for more information and details related to iot based projects.if you also have iot based projects and you want to share it with us. Comment on this post.

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