embedded systems applications


Embedded systems applications.In this article I discussed most important field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering embedded system applications. what are embedded systems? and what are the applications of embedded systems?I will also post articles on embedded system project in coming days. Infact almost all posts of my blog have link with embedded systems.

What are embedded systems?

embedded systems as the name suggest is a field in which we embed something or device into a system. To be more specific and according to terms of engineering, embedded systems are the systems in which we embed a intelligent device into a system to control its functionality with the help of your your selected intelligent device. In most embedded systems intelligent devices are microcomputer like microprocessor or microcontroller. Embedded systems field also have a sound concern with Electrical , Mechanical and software Engineering.So to become embedded system engineer you should have a knowledge about these fields.In most embedded systems application microcontrollers are used. Microcontrollers are small computers which can be program with pieces of useful information about what task you want it to perform for you. So microcontrollers are main part of embedded systems.

embedded systems applications

According to one report there more micocontrollers available in whole world than overall population of whole world. Embedded systems have many applications in house hold appliances like oven , refrigerator, automatic fans, TV remote, CD recorder, CD player and even your personal computer mouse is example of embedded systems.Because it have a microcontroller inside to respond to instructions of your computer.Embedded systems have enormous applications in industrial equipment like electric cars , flexible AC transmission system , scada , wireless monitoring systems, mobiles, robotics and many others. embedded systems have also many applications in medical fields like surgical drilling, ECG, EEG, patient treatment systems etc.

Example to make you understand embedded systems applications more clearly

Let me give you one example to make your understanding about embedded systems more clear, you want to message or call someone.what will you do? obviously you will pick up your mobile phone and make a call or send a message to whom you want. Mobile phone is also a tremendous application of embedded systems which make our life much easier that wasn’t before ever. what is happening inside mobile phone ? every mobile phone have a microcontroller inside and almost maximum mobiles in whole world have arm microcontroller inside and inside a mobile there is also a chip call gsm modem. so in mobile phone system, microcontroller and gsm modem are embedded to make a intelligent system to which we can use for call, sending and receiving messages and even this century mobiles have all features like a computer. Figure below shows a pictures of very old mobile which can only send  and receive sms. This is the type of mobile which I used first time in my life. But thank God its no more belong to me, because my father is dealing with this danger now 😀



well joke apart I hope that it must be clear to you what are embedded systems and why they have too much importance in every field and about their applications in our lives.
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