how to make H bridge using IR2110 and diagnose its problems

How to make H bridge using IR2110: H bridge is one of the most popular typologies of DC to DC converters. The h bridge is usually used in applications where power requirement is greater than 300 watt. The h bridge is more complicated to handle than other dc to dc converter methods.H bridge has many applications in inverters, switch mode power supplies. AC motor drivers, DC motor drivers, direction control of motors and many others. H bridge consists of four switches. These switches can be transistor, thyristors, and MOSFETs. I have used  MOSFETs in H bridge designing for pure sine wave inverter. I have used IRF840 MOSFET in H bridge due to its high current and voltage handling can check its data sheet for more information about it.

Lets take an example to understand basics to H bridge. Figure Below shows an H bridge which consists of four  MOSFETs  Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. I have also connected two switches S1 and S2. 12 volt source is used to drive MOSFET when either S1 or S2 is on. The supply voltage is also given t the  H bridge. When switch S1 is on MOSFET Q1 and Q4 is on and motor rotate in clockwise direction. Q3 and Q2 remain off.

NOTE: Circuit shown below is just for the understanding purpose. Don’t try to make it for your project use. Because its need more components to connect with MOSFETS. I will discuss it later.

h bridge
h bridge

When switch S2 is on, MOSFET Q2 and Q3 is also on and motor rotate in anti clock wise direction. Q1 and Q4 remain off. As shown in the figure below.

H bridge anti clock wise direction
H bridge anti clock wise direction

As I have already mentioned. I have to make some changes in the above circuits before making them to use in our projects. In the above circuits, I have connected 12 volt directly with MOSFETS to drive them. But we can’t do it practically. To resolve this issue we use MOSFET gate drivers.

H bridge using IR2110

I have already posted a article on MOSFET drivers. I have covered the answer to the following questions in that article. what is MOSFET DRIVER? Why do we need to use a MOSFET driver? How to use MOSFET driver IR2110? To get the answer of all these questions reading the following article.

Compete circuit diagrams of H bridge are shown below. I have used IR2210 MOSFET gate driver circuit. In H bridge Two MOSFETS are used as High side MOSFETS and two used as a low side MOSFETS. IR2210 high and low side drivers outputs are used to drive these MOSFET.

circuit diagram of h bridge using IR2110
circuit diagram of h bridge using IR2110

Components list

Category,Reference,Value,Order Code
Integrated Circuits,"U1",IR2110,
Integrated Circuits,"U2",IR2110,

In pure sine wave inverter, 311 volt is used as an input voltage supply from dc to dc converter using push pull topology. Control signals are generated through the microcontroller. In SMPWM tutorial I will discuss how to create control signals for h bridge to make neat sine wave out h bridge after the LC filter. If you want to use above H bridge in direction control of DC motor, you can use it by making 2 control signals common. Signal A and C should be common. Signals B and D should also be common to rotate the motor in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. To get the complete circuit diagram of H bridge comment on this post with your email address. you can check these power electronics projects which used the H bridge.

If you still have any issue after reading this article. Comment on this post. I will try to reply to your comments as soon as possible. Share it . with your friends. Because sharing is caring 🙂

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  1. Hi I am busy with my project and I have been trying to connect the ir2110 driver to my H bridge and it doesn’t work plz help. I am switching at 50KHz and my bootstrap capacitor is 22uf. The high side pulse doesn’t appear only a dc 10v output and the 12v LO side is fine. what an I doing wrong as I have been doing it for the passed three weeks. also can you please send me the circuit diagram u used and capacitor values.

  2. Hello Sir I am trying to get some help to build a modified sine wave inverter but i need an h bridge design that can handle about 3000watts sir. Couyld u kindly send a circuit to my email I would really appreciate ur help. Thank u

    • To make 3000 watt you have to select such Mosfets or by connecting MOSFETS in parallel to enhance their current handling ability. For example if your input voltage to H bridge is 24 volt DC . To make H bridge of rating 3000 watts, what should be the current handing capability of MOSFETS connected in parallel. P=VI , I = P /V = 3000/ 24 volt = 125A and it is average DC current and peak current of AC wave will be somewhat more than 125A and according to this current value you have to select proper heat sinks.
      Second important thing is MOSFET output and selection of suitable MOSFET driver and I think 1R2110 will work fine.
      That’s what i can do to help you. if you need more help let me know. And no one will give you ready to eat piece of cake. 😀

    • Hi sir, can you please help me with the full diagram and explanation of how to drive mosfet with h bridge topology. I have tried some. Circuits from the internet and the faillefd producing high heat to my heatsink.
      I believe you can help me out.

  3. Hello sir.
    I am trying to build a MOSFET H-bridge to use for DC motor control. The requirements of the circuit are 10 A drain current and 18 V drain-to-source voltage. Can you please guide me on how to meet these requirements while designing the circuit? Thank you.

  4. Assalam o alaikum..
    Dear bilal Malik,
    I am also working on transformer less pure sine wave project.. It is very interested info and helpful .. i am using another h bridge circuit the problem is our MOSFET (irf740) is heating. .and can you send me the tested converter circuit 12v dc to 310v dc .. id [email protected].. i am generating PWM using AVR micro .
    regards Malik Muhammad

  5. hi,
    Can u send me the proteus schematic… i have tried above schematic but nothing positive will be a great favour….

  6. Dear…………i configured your full bridge circuit but the problem is that the gate voltage is not enough to operate the mosfet…………i tested again and again but suitable result is found…… i tested high side mosfet driver as well but mosfet is in cut off mode always………i replace ir2110 and others components with new one but result was similar any idea to solve the issue.

  7. hi this article is very useful, i want to test this circuit, but i found i don’t have IR2110 in proteous 7, can i one send this library to me, i will be very thankful to you
    this is my mail id: [email protected]

  8. Bro i am designing mosfets based h bridge. And i am having trouble using gate driver ic ir2110. I want to ask you that what are the inputs of HIN and LIN and vs pins. What pin senses the voltage at mosfats source. If i apply a pwm at HIN and its invert PWM at LIN , its gives two outputs with raised amplitudes, but one pwm’s duty cycle is changed automatically. I dnt knw what is happenening. Kindly help me solve this problem.

  9. Could you please send the proteus file to my e-mail because I tried everythinh but my output voltage is only 12V eventhough I am giving 300V dc

  10. Hi Bilal

    I am needing to make a 1200 – 1500W sine wave inverter and have studied your articles in this regard in the finest detail. I wish to use an Arduino uno to achieve this using all your advice which is much appreciated.

    My problem that I have lies in the core selection for the DC-DC conversion for this power conversion. My dilemma lies in what is probably a lack of understanding of your circuit. I am aware of the voltage feedback you are using with the IC to alter the PWM in order to stabilise the output voltage under varying loads and input voltage variances. What concerns me is how you prevent ” Flux walking” or transformer core saturation, as a result of any probable dc bias. I have tried all sources for a solution that I can understand however they all seem a little out of my grasp with my limited experience, the most interesting reading being found here

    Any light that you could shed on this problem will be most appreciated.

    Kind regards


  11. Hi, I already designed your circuit above, but it didn’t work. I used MSP430g2553 to create the PWM pulses, I don’t know what’s happening to the circuit, can you help me solve my problems. Thanks,
    what’s your email, my e-mail is [email protected] .

    • I used this circuit many times in my projects. Its work perfectly. kindly don’t check its working on softwares. Try to build hardware of h bridge

      • hi,
        i am use ir2110 ic to drive DC motor rating are (voltage – 24v, current- 1.9A, o/p-30W, speed 3000 rpm ) .i want detail circuit diagram to drive motor using PWM signal. can i use uf4007 instead of 1n4007. please give me detail of schematic on my mail id.

  12. saludo mi amigo para comentarte que el codigo del inversor de onda pura tiene problemas la salida rb1 no funciona que es la patilla 34 del 16f877a le agradeceria cual quier ayuda que me puedan dar

  13. Can u tell me how to choose the vales of capacitor and resistor and diode rating for IR2110 for proper workin in circuit can you tell the difference betwenn Vcc ,Vdd ,Vss and Com pins in ir2110.
    i used ir2110 biut it got hot after that it is not working doest it mean it is fully damaged.
    i ll be waiting for your answer.

  14. Dear bilal Malik,

    If i want to transform 12V DC to 220V Ac, can i use the same schematic as you given here?
    My adjustment is likely just change the input power to be 12V DC? or is there more change that i need to apply? surely i will add a 12V to 220V transformer.

  15. Assalam o Alaikum Bilal Bhai, such a nice article, worth sharing .
    May Allah bless you for sharing such a nice and informative artcile.
    Can u please mail me the circuit simulation and all the materials related to inverter design at my email please : [email protected]

  16. Hi Bilal! I NEED HELP!! I built exactly the same circuit but the IR2110 heats up and I dont know why…
    I’m using a IRFZ44N and the electrolytic capacitors in VB is 22uF. I’m using a 1kHz PWM signal. The motor caracteristics are: 12V and max 2,4A
    Sorry if I misspelled something, I’m from Argentina. You’ll understand 🙂 .

    I’ll appreciate a quickly answer.

    If you need my e-mail adress is: [email protected]

  17. Hello
    I tried to build the diagram (H-bridge) by IRF2112 and I don’t have IF2110 in my ISIS but isn’t work correctly and I don’t know why

  18. Hi, I used IGBT(FGA15N120) in place of MOSFET in same circuit, it burnt my ir2110 driver. what change can be done to avoid this? Please reply..!

  19. i have made this circuit on vero board, but i have facing a problem that pin no. 1 and 3 of ir2110 become short after applying supply even 13.45 v dc with load of about 4.5 amps using irf540 mosfet, i use only one ir2110 ic please guide me how to shoot that trouble. [email protected]

  20. I am making a project on speed control of induction motor using frequency control and have made the rectifier ckt with 350 V as output now I want to convert it to ac using IRF840. I don’t know how to move forward as I want to generate SPWM using 8051 microcontroller but don’t know what to do so can you please guide me for this.

  21. Dear Malik,

    I am using IR2110 for my full bridge inverter circuit. Control signals are generated using micro-controllers. My gate signals are perfectly fine. However, i am not getting a sine wave in my output. What could be the problem? Would appreciate any advice.

    Warmest Regards.

  22. Dear Malik,

    I am using IR2110 for my full-bridge inverter circuit. My control signals are generated by micro-controller. My gate signals are perfectly fine. However, i am not getting a sine wave for my output signal. Could you please explain why? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Warmest Regards

  23. I am using analog circuitry to get a two level SPWM pulse which is to be fed to gate driver ir2110.But doubt is that any isolation is requires between pulse module and the gate driver??

  24. Hello Bilal,
    I need circuit diagram of it. It’s my semester project and I am from UET, Taxila. Kindly help me to make it simple for it.

  25. Why MOSFETs goes off when I give 200v DC supply to the H bridge inverter circuit.. I drive high side MOSFETs using spwm @20kHz frequency and low side using 50Hz frequency.. Please help me in rectifying my problem. MOSFET used is IRF840

  26. hi can i ask you some questions sir . iconnect this circuit in protius but the output wave form of oscillator is distorted .can u give me the reason some one tell me becouse there is no ground terminal in protius . the second questions is if donot connect ground in the lower mosfet q2 and q4 can u tell me what will happen ? thanks sir

  27. [email protected]

    Please send to me the full schematic of this board.

    but I want to ask some questions ;
    If I want to use pwm, the IR2110 is burned out directly, someone said to me that you should put a dead time between the first pwm and its complementary !

    can you help me to understand this idea.

  28. My driver run one direction, second one not work. Can you please mail me arduino code to run DC motor in both direction? Schematic and other documentation also, if it is possible.
    [email protected]

  29. hi,
    iam doing project right now my project title is SEVENTEEN-LEVEL INVERTER FORMED BY CASCADING FLYING CAPACITOR AND FLOATING CAPACITOR H-BRIDGES so, i need complete information about my my project, why we are this project what are the advantages by using this project ,what is the main aim to using this ,what are the elements using in H-bridge.

  30. hello sir plz I want to use this configuration in pic16f72 inverter circuit and it has 4 oscillators pls sir how can I use it in full bridge configuration

  31. Please send me Arduino code for 2 motor speed control with fwd/rev for this circuit. I have built this circuit and am afraid of turning on both halves at the same time with the wrong code. Thank you.

  32. Thanks for the post, one question though, Why do you use IR2110 and IR2210, are they the same MOS drivers? Or it was a mistake?

    I haven’t implemented the circuit yet, but will in due time, and can we consider FPF1C2P5MF07AM chip for this design as well, although, this is a more complete and more expensive device.

  33. Hi sir I’m constructing this circuit in Proteus and its not functioning properly. It shows a constant output. I’m not using a PWM circuit I’m just using a pulse generator to see if I am getting a square pulse for now. My aim is to form a multilevel squarewave inverter. Can you please sent the circuit as proteus file so that I can analyse my circuit with it. Or it is fine if you can tell me what delay I should give to the inputs to the IR2110 drivers. my mail id is [email protected]

  34. Assalam o Alaikum Sir,
    I tried to simulate the circuit in proteus 7.7. The issue that came across was that the output i get is 12v instead of 24v. Is that what suppose to happen or i am doing something wrong.

  35. hi, I tried to build H bridge inverter with 250 watt using IR2112 MOSFET drive in proteus as AC to DC inveter. all the microcontroller programs, digital stuff and firing arrangment is ready, but i have one problem when the DC input voltage is ander 50Vdc avery things nearlly OK but when it be 100Vdc or more (in the 250watt range) the AC output voltage peak no more 9Vac and distorted, Why??? I am wondered what is wrong????

    • How did you invert the signal that drive the Transistors? Sometime a race happen and will short the output momentarily..

  36. please send the full circuit diagram.
    Actually My project is Design a single phase voltage source solar inverter with SPWM switching technique of 70W solar panel.
    Any modification that require please mention .
    reply on my email id as soon as possible.

  37. Hi,
    I need help immediately. I will take the components of this circuit. But I don’t know what must be the power of resistances?

  38. I am looking for associate to rebuilding a Pure Sine Wave PWM 300W microcomputer/controller based power inverter. 55-50-60 Hz switch selectable 240 v AC. The previous was built in 1990 using 8 bit microprocessor, with voltage regulation, overload protection, cold start up, and many more embedded features. The purpose is to get a working prototype for other future projects. Please email: [email protected] . University and serious researchers are encouraged to apply.. I am from Malaysia.

  39. Hi dear bilal …i reading your post and enjoy it.realy i want to design a driver circuit with ir2110 to get variable pwm (800Hz~100k Hz & duty cycle 15%~90%)from ARM and drive mosfets.i have a square wave from ARM. this is important point for me that my wave in high frequency are very sharp square wave in 150 v dc.if u can plz tell me how can i do???thank u &best regards

  40. hi there..
    i’m trying to build spwm inverter using arduino. can you send me the complete circuit in proteus?
    any help will much appreciated. thank you.
    my email is [email protected]
    many thanks, mate 🙂

  41. Sir, I want to run two motors using this schematic for running two wheels of a trolley….for this i need to make two H bridges…how to control them simultaneously so that I can make the wheels move forward and backward??? my email id is [email protected]

  42. i I am busy with my project and I have been trying to connect the ir2112 driver (Arduino Uno r3) to my H bridge (IRLA3808P) and it doesn’t work plz help. I am switching at 50Hz so to invert 12V from battery. to suite household appliances and am using Proteus to simulate . I don know where am doing wrong as I have been doing it for the passed three weeks. Pliiz help .anyone please….

  43. Hi, sir can i apply this system for making a inveter pure sinewave and whuch part i should change or added to have a 12 v dc input and 220Ac output
    Please send me alink for circuit diagram
    This is my link [email protected]

  44. for mosfet drivers VCC=12V . im not understanding why there is 310V is required for the circuit ( supply shown above the high level mosfets to the drain). if its also the VCC then why we not 12 V?

  45. Useful content. I have successfully developed H bridge for my bridge using your circuit. Thank you for sharing. I want the design details or any source information for biasing the circuit. How do we select the values of resistors and capacitors etc. Please mail the details if any. Thank you

  46. HI Bilal,
    Can you please send me the circuit diagram of your H-Bridge, i would like to try it out and try and make a hardware. Thankyou

  47. thanks a lot for your wonderful designs what a good job! Pls how do I generate control signals for H- bridge using analog circuitary

  48. Hello. And thanks you. I have a question.
    Can replace irf3205 with IRF840?
    And use power voltage 12v instead of 310v?

  49. Hi,

    Thank you for info. So can you send me the circuit in pdf or another format. I need build a pure sine wave generator, the load is a transformer and i will control the amplitude and frequency of output with two pwm channels. You have more information about LC filter for me? The maximum current of load is proximity 2A AC 230V.

    [email protected]

  50. Can you send me the complete schematic & documentation of this project?
    Please send to [email protected]

    Is this circuit able to be used as cycloconverter by adding a zero cross detector and rectifiying bridge to feed the mosfet?


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