What is inverter? what is difference between different kind of inverters available in market

Inverter is basically a simple electrical device which converts DC voltage into AC voltage.There are many applications of invertes like inveter use in UPS and in variable frequency driver to control speed of induction motor.But  in this tutorial I will tell you about inverter use in UPS.

 Why and Where inverter is used?

we use batteries to store electrical energy to use stored electrical energy  in case of outage of main electrical supply.But the problem is batteries store energy in the form DC, the appliances we mostly used in home or in industry require AC supply .To solve this problem we use INVERTER, it is used to convert battery DC voltage to AC supply,so that we can utilize stored energy.Another important thing is which type of inverter you are using and how efficiently it converts the DC into AC and shape of output voltage.I will discuss all these things in my upcoming tutorials about inverters.
The  output of battery is 12V DC and its depends on your battery either you are using batteries in series or parallel.I am considering a single battery whose output voltage is 12 volt DC and required AC voltage for appliances is 220v AC and 50 Hz. The basic purpose of inveter is to convert 12V DC into 220C AC which have a frequency of 50 Hz.

Types of inverters available in market:

Basically there are two kind of invertes according to output efficinency:
1) iron core base inveters ( minimum efficiency and cheap in price)
2) ferrite core base inverters (maximum efficiency and expensive )
Three kinds of inveters are available in market depending upon their output voltage shape:
1) Square wave inverter
2) modified sine wave inverter
3) pure sine wave inverter

As their name is  enough for their description. Square wave inverter produces output voltage in square wave form. Figure below shows the basic difference between their output wave forms.
Modified and square wave inverters are less efficient in power consumption and they produce high harmonics which effects devices and reduce their life time and harmonics also have a bad impact on overall power system. Whereas, sine wave inverter reduces the harmonics and increases the efficiency of power consumption and life time of devices.
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