CD4011 2 input NAND Gate IC pinout, features and example

CD4011 is a 2 input NAND gate IC. It is a quadrable NAND gate integrated circuit that means it consists of 4 NAND gates in a single unit. It is based on CMOS logic. All inputs and outputs are designed according to the CMOS logic voltage level.  It is used to execute NAND logic or you can use a combination of four gates to perform ‘AND A= X x Y’ or ‘OR B = X+Y’ operation also. All logical inputs and outputs of NAND. I/O pins are buffered for throughput.

Pinout of CD4011 NAND gate

The figure provided below shows the pinout of CD4011. Different coloring options are used to differentiate input pins, output pins, and power supply pins.

CD4011 IC pinout

Pin configuration details CD4011

This table provides details of all pins given in the above pinout.

Pin number  Pin  NameFunction
1INPUT AInput pin first NAND gate
2INPUT BInput pin first NAND gate
3OUTPUT JOutput pin first NAND gate
4OUTPUT KOutput pin 2nd NAND gate
5INPUT CInput pin 2nd NAND gate
6INPUT DInput pin 2nd NAND gate
7GND Connect with ground pin
8INPUT EInput pin 3rd NAND gate
9INPUT FInput pin 3rd NAND gate
10OUTPUT LOutput pin 3rd NAND gate
11OUTPUT MOutput pin 4th NAND gate
12INPUT GInput pin 4th NAND gate
13INPUT HInput pin 4th NAND gate
14VCC/VDDConnect with 5 volts power supply

Features of CD4011

  • Dual input Quad NAND gate operation.
  • Input voltage range:  -0.5 to VDD +5V
  • Power dissipation of 100mW per logic change.
  • It is available in different outline packages
  • The propagation delay time is 60ns
  • All input and output pins are buffered for high throughput
  • The output characteristics are standardized symmetric
  • CD4011 draws a maximum input current of 1 Ampere at 18 volts
  • Offers different noise margin level according to the input voltage level
  • Temperature operating range is -55C to +125C

Internal Structure of CD4011

If you see a transistor level logic diagram, CD4011 consists of NMOS and PMOS transistors and logic for this high operation NAND gate is based on NOT and NOR gates.

Where to use CD4011

As mentioned earlier, CD4011 is an 8-bit CMOS based quad NAND gate IC.  It consists of 4 NAND gates which can be used to implement the logic of other gates such as NOT, AND and OR.  It can also be used in applications where high-speed NAND output is required as this chip can provide output in less than 60ns. To make high-speed operation, we always need a circuit with low transition time. In short, it is the recommended logic gate for high-frequency systems.

How to use NAND gate IC

As we have already discussed in detail about the pinout and pin configuration of CD4011 8-bit NAND IC, it has four NAND gates. To understand its working, let’s first understand how NAND gate works. The table shown here demonstrates the logical function of the NAND gate.

LOW  (0)LOW  (0)HIGH (1)
LOW  (0)HIGH (1)HIGH (1)
HIGH (1)LOW  (0)HIGH (1)
HIGH (1)HIGH (1)LOW  (0)

As you can see from the above table, the output of the logic gate is low only when both inputs are logical high.  It has 12 I/O pins out of which 4 pins are output pins and 8 are inputs pins. The internal circuit diagram depicts the I/O pins clearly.

CD4011 internal circuit

Application of CD4011 8-bit NAND gate IC

  • Decoders
  • Multiplexers
  • Logic gates
  • Audio players
  • AV based receivers and transmitters
  • Digital locks
  • safety thermostats

Dimension and 2D model

The 2D model and dimension parameters of the PDSO package of CD4011 are shown in the diagram below. It comes with different packages so if you need a 2D model of a different package, it is available in the datasheet. It illustrates the dimension of the package, the distance between pins, base, and height of the IC.

DateSheet CD4011

Datasheet CD4011

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