Latest Electrical projects ideas for final year Engineering students

Electrical Engineering is one of the most innovative fields in the fields of engineering. Many Students are graduating as an electrical engineer every year. Thousands of electrical engineering researchers are working on new projects to serve people and to make their life more and more easy and comfortable. Many Electrical Engineering final year students complete their final year electrical projects. Every Electrical engineering student is passionate enough to work on complex and innovative projects. I have seen many students struggling to find best electrical projects for their final year course work. Therefore I decide to write an article on EEE final year project ideas.

Electrical projects ideas
Electrical projects ideas

Many new concepts have been introduced in electrical engineering in last couple of years. Advancement in semiconductor switches like MOSFTs, Thyristors, and power diodes made many changes in power system. The projects list given below includes latest innovations made in electrical engineering field. This list of project ideas will give you idea to choose your final year project and this list also contains a list of mini electrical projects which may be useful for one of the part of your electrical project.

Electrical projects ideas for final year Engineering students:

Following is the list of electrical projects ideas for final year students. If you want to share your idea, write in comments.

  1. Pure sine wave inverter using pic microcontrollerIn this project, pure sine wave inverter is designed using pic microcontroller. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used to generate sinusoidal pulse width modulation. DC to dc converter step up 12 volt of battery to 311 volt dc using high frequency ferrite core transformer. Sg3525 is used to control PWM of dc to dc converter. H bridge is used to convert 311 volt dc to 220 AC. IR2110 MOSFET driver is used to drive MOSFETs of H bridge. SPWM generated by pic microcontroller provides input to IR2210.
  2. Square wave inverter using pic microcontroller and SG3525 : Square wave inverter is designed using sg3525. Sg3525 is pulse width modulation controller IC.  12 volt battery voltage is fed to step up transformer through MOSFET. MOSFETs are used as a switch. 
  3. Modified sine wave inverter using pic microcontrollerModified sine wave inverter is also called cosi-square invertr. In this project, Modified sine wave inverter is designed using pic microcontroller. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used to provide gating signals to MOSFET driver IR2110.
  4. Smart PWM based solar charge controller using pic microcontrollerSolar charge controllers are very important part of solar system. PWM solar charge controller is designed using PIC16F877A microcontroller. To read more about this project, click on link.
  5. 15A Solar charge controller without microcontrollerIn this project 15A solar charge controller is designed for charging of batteries. This project includes electronics based over and under charging protection system for batteries.
  6. MAXIMUM power point tracking based solar charge controllerMaximum power point tracking techniques are used to extract maximum power from solar panels by operating them at maximum power point. For more information about it,check complete article.
  7. Solar powered automatic irrigation system using pic16f877a microcontroller : Solar powered auto irrigation system is used to provide water to plants automatically. In this project, moisture sensor is used to measure moisture level in soil and in case of moisture level fall below a certain level, Microcontroller turn on water pump. Solar panels are used to provide power to water pump and rest of the power stores in batteries through solar charge controller.
  8. Auto intensity control of street lights using pic microcontroller :  In this project, solar street lights are controlled automatically with the help of light sensor. Intensity of street light start decreasing in case of light level start increasing in morning and vice versa.
  9. Wireless temperature sensor using PIC16F877A microcontroller and GSM moduleWireless temperature sensor is designed using pic microcontroller and gsm module. Pic microcontroller reads temperature using temperature sensor and send it to user mobile number through sms.
  10. AC voltage meter using pic microcontroller This project is designed to measure AC voltage using pic microcontroller analog to digital converter. Difference amplifier is used in this project to step down AC voltage level below 5 volt. Because microcontroller can not read voltage more than 5 volt.
  11. AC current meter using pic microcontrollerAC current meter is designed to measure AC current and display it to LCD. Current transformer step down AC current. After that microcontroller reads voltage across shunt resistor. Microcontroller read this voltage and after doing some calculations in programming microcontroller display AC current on LCD.
  12. Power factor measurement meter using pic microcontrollerPower factor measurement meter is designed using current sensor, voltage sensor, zero crossing detection and phase angle measurement. PIC microcontroller reads these values of sensors and after some mathematical calculations displays power factor on LCD.
  13. AC power measurement meter using pic microcontrollerAc power measurement meter is designed using current sensor, voltage sensor, power factor measurement and pic microcontroller.
  14. Solar powered auto irrigation system using pic microcontrollerSolar powered auto irrigation system is used to provide water to plants automatically. In this project, moisture sensor is used to measure moisture level in soil and in case of moisture level fall below a certain level, Microcontroller turn on water pump. Solar panels are used to provide power to water pump and rest of the power stores in batteries through solar charge controller
  15. Metal detector robot using pic microcontroller and radio frequency transmitter/receiver This project is designed using RF transmitter and receiver for wireless communication. Metal detector detects metal and inform microcontroller and send signal to receiver end microcontroller.
  16. Automatic control of street lightsThis project control the street lights automatically. Street lights turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically in morning.
  17. Green house intelligent control system using pic microcontrollerGreen house system is designed to make green house self controllable. Light sensor, temperature sensor, moisture sensor and humidity sensors are used in this project. Light sensor control lights of green house. Temperature sensor control fans, moisture sensor controls waster pump and humidity sensor control spray on plans.
  18. Digital humidity meter using pic microcontrollerDigital humidity meter measures humidity of room with the help of microcontroller and displays it on Liquid crystal display.
  19. Digital frequency meter using pic microcontrollerDigital frequency meter is designed using PIC microcontroller, LCD and zero crossing detection circuit. Zero crossing detection circuits detect zero crossing of square wave and time between two continuous zero crossings is used to measure frequency.
  20. Digital temperature meter using pic microcontrollerDigital temperature sensor measures temperature with the help of LM35 temperature sensor and PIC16F877A microcontroller. Micorcontroller displays voltage on LCD.
  21. Smart under and over voltage protection system for home and industryThis project is designed to provide protection from over voltage and under voltage in main power supply.
  22. UPS uninterruptible power supply
  23. Automatic transfer switch for generator using pic microcontroller
  24. Solar NiCad battery charger
  25. Time based solar tracking system using pic microcontroller
  26. Light based solar tracking system using PIC16F877A microcontroller
  27. Solar energy measurement system using pic microcontroller
  28. Solar panels parameters measurement system using pic microcontroller
  29. LED driver using UC3842
  30. Buck converter implementation using pic microcontroller
  31. Boost converter implementation using pic microcontroller
  32. Buck-Boost converter implementation using pic microcontroller
  33. Cuk converter design using pic microcontroller
  34. Push pull converter design using SG3525
  35. H bridge implementation using IR2110 MOSFET driver
  36. Triac firing angle control circuit
  37. Solar inverter implementation using SG3525
  38. Three phase voltage measurement 
  39. Three phase motor driver using SVPWM technique
  40. Intelligent load shedding management system using microcontroller for electrical utility companies
  41. Unified power factor control system using microcontroller
  42. Central control unit implementation for irrigation water pumps to make it cost-effective for whole village.
  43. Centralized energy metering for group of homes to avoid tampering of electrical energy meters in home.
  44. Web based Dynamic torque and efficiency monitoring system for AC motors.
  45. Automatic Energy distribution management with solar system.
  46. ZigBee based oil well health monitoring and control system using wireless sensor networks
  47. Solar based induction motor driver using microcontroller
  48. Automatic on load and off load sensing system
  49. Automatic control of AC and DC motors with on load and off loading sensing system
  50. AC motor control and monitoring with touch screen
  51. Wireless AC motor control system using Gsm
  52. Wireless DC and AC motor control system using touch screen and microcontroller
  53. Transformer protection by isolating transformer from load through PC
  54. Real time atomization of Pakistan agriculture field
  55. Intelligent solar street light controlling using high power LEDs and microcontroller
  56. Intelligent energy metering with tampering warning to power sector and user through sms
  57. Event driven automation of electrical machines using android
  58. Transformer over load protection with warning alert through automated voice announcement in central room speakers.
  59. Automatic power factor monitoring and correction using pic microcontroller
  60. Intelligent power factor monitoring and control through PC using wireless sensor networks
  61. Industrial machines parameters monitoring over web server using internet of things
  62. Automatic transformer load sharing and control over sms
  63. Real time data logger of remote locations on website using GPRS and control through SMS
  64. DC motor speed monitoring and controlling with touch screen
  65. Gas leakage detector and control using sms and gsm module
  66. Real time fan dimmer control using Android and Bluetooth module
  67. Voice operated robot for various functions as per your requirement like line follower robot, fire extinguisher robot, fighting robot etc.
  68. Bluetooth based control of power devices
  69. Data logger on mobile phone using Android application
  70. DC motor control system using Android application
  71. Home automation system through call
  72. Zigbee based energy monitoring system over pc using wireless sensor networks
  73. Power quality measurement system using pic microcontroller
  74. Transmission lines conductor temperature measurement system and control through PC using wireless sensor networks
  75. SMS based AC voltage controller and password protection
  76. Real time industrial automation system using GSM module and ZigBee module.
  77. University power system SCADA for measurement of voltage and current at various locations.
  78. Intelligent auto water pumping system using gsm and pic microcontroller
  79. Soil moisture sensor, monitoring and control using pic microcontroller and gsm
  80. Remote monitoring and control of digital energy meter using wireless sensor networks
  81. Security integrated system for industrial automation and application with sms warning using gsm module
  82. Intelligent high power LEDs controlling for street lights using gsm and vehicle counter
  83. Biometric security system access control system
  84. Touch screen based industrial gate controlling through thumb recognition
  85. ZiBbee based SCADA system for industry and data logger to SD card
  86. Transformer less power supply for electronics projects
  87. Transformer automatic tap changer using pic microcontroller
  88. Transformer oil level measurement system and monitoring over website using GPRS
  89. Transformer real time over load protection and isolation from load using PC
  90. Automatic oil temperature monitoring and control using gsm and wireless sensor networks
  91. Transformers parameters measurement system from remote locations and control from central control room using wireless communication
  92. Motion detector and automatic control of room lights using pic microcontroller
  93. Working model for solar power plant
  94. Working model for thermal power plant
  95. Working model for wind power using MATLAB
  96. Wireless tachometer using wireless sensor networks ZigBee
  97. Electricity theft monitoring system using wireless communication like gsm, Zigbee etc.
  98. Automatic gate closing and opening for railway station using gsm module
  99. Three phase motor soft starter using thyristors and firing angle control circuit with pic microcontroller
  100. Wireless power transfer
  101. Wireless High voltage transformer services
  102. Wireless water level indicator using zigBee
  103. AC motor vector control derive implementation using pic microcontroller
  104. Three phase induction motor speed control through frequency method
  105. Three phase DC motor speed control using flux changing method
  106. Variable frequency driver for inductions machines using microcontrollers and thryistors
  107. AC motor speed control with touch screen
  108. Intelligent density based traffic signal using vehicle counter and pic microcontroller
  109. Remote servicing of electrical equipment’s using wireless communications
  110. Four quadrant chopper based speed control of dc motor
  111. Call logger in SD card for security purpose
  112. Vehicle security and tracking using gsm module and gps module
  113. Hybrid power generation using solar, wind, mains and generators.
  114. Intelligent circuit breaker using pic microcontroller
  115. Automatic start delta converter relay using programmable devices
  116. Rotation control of induction motor using microcontroller and motor drivers
  117. Electricity management system using economic dispatch methods
  118. Computer based control of electrical loads
  119. Prepaid energy meter for power sector
  120. DTMF based control of robotics for multipurpose
  121. Automatic synchronous generators synchronization using pic microcontroller
  122. Transformer protection system
  123. Generator protection system
  124. Underground cable automatic fault locator and detector over distance
  125. Ramp generator using diodes and capacitors
  126. High voltage generator using diodes and capacitors up to 1kv
  127. Time based relay operated system
  128. Solar powered automatic control of industrial street lights
  129. Three phase power inverter
  130. Three phase pure sine wave inverter
  131. Sinusoidal pulse width modulation generation using pic microcontroller
  132. Auto guided electrical vehicle
  133. Biometric based voting system/ Attendance system
  134. Smart home system using gsm and microcontroller
  135. AC motor control using cell phone
  136. Inductor motor control using cell phone
  137. 3-D robotic arm
  138. Speed control of dc shunt motor
  139. Laser based communication between two personal computers
  140. PIC based LFC meter
  141. PLC based home automation system
  142. Power failure automatic alert system using microcontrollers
  143. Maximum power point tracking techniques analysis
  144. Transmission lines parameters measurement system
  145. Power supply with auto switching
  146. High voltage generation using marx generator
  147. Footstep power generation system 
  148. Microcontroller less four quadrant dc motor controller
  149. Wireless power transfer system

This is a complete list of latest electrical projects ideas for electrical and electronics engineering students.If you want to share your electrical projects ideas with us, feel free to write us in comments.

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