Latest Electrical projects ideas for final year Engineering students

Electrical Engineering is one of the most innovative fields in the fields of engineering. Many Students are graduating as an electrical engineer every year. Thousands of electrical engineering researchers are working on new electrical projects to serve people and to make their life more and more easy and comfortable. Many Electrical Engineering final year students complete their final year electrical engineering projects. Every Electrical engineering student is passionate enough to work on complex and innovative projects. I have seen many students struggling to find best electrical projects for their final year course work. Therefore, I decide to write an article on EEE final year project ideas.

Electrical projects ideas
Electrical projects ideas

Many new concepts have been introduced in electrical engineering in last couple of years. Advancement in semiconductor switches like MOSFTs, Thyristors, and power diodes made many changes in power system. This electrical projects list given below includes latest innovations made in electrical engineering field. This list of project ideas will give you idea to choose your final year project and this list also contains a list of mini electrical projects which may be useful for one of the part of your electrical project. Electrical engineering is one of the fastest growing field of engineering.

Top projects list

  1. Auto-Takeoff & Landing Quadrotor UAV with Waypoint navigation and height sensing.

This electrical project abstract aim to explore a defense-oriented avenue for the quadrotor UAV. A complete overhaul and redesign of the frame and assembly will be undertaken, incorporating larger propellers, improved payload capacity, a larger battery and more efficient BLDC motors. The control system for flight stability will redesign based on the new hardware and new tuning requirements. The second step of our projects will be to implement a height sensing control system via feedback from new on board sensors which were previously unavailable. This will enable height referencing to be the primary user controlled parameter instead of direct RPM control making our UAV far more user friendly and intuitive to fly. The third step would be to implement Auto Take-off and Landing as well as Triangulated Way point navigation via an improved GPS Module.

    2. BCI using EEG signal

Brian computer interfacing is one of the most exciting field of modern engineering. It is at the forefront of research and technological advancement. There is a lot of potential for development and exploration. The aim of this electrical projects is to develop a wheel chair for a completely paralyzed person. For a country like ours, where terrorism is a major issue and a war is fought, we have many brave Pakistan suffering from terrible injuries. The project starts with developing a classifier capable of identifying and differentiating thought form the user and based on the output of this classifier, control a wheel chair and move it in different directions. Our project is comprised of two parts, signal processing part and wheel chair control. Signal processing part consists of signal acquisition, feature extraction and classification. It is very popular electrical abstract for electrical engineering students.  In first step signal are required with the help of power lab AD instrument, then the next step is to implement feature extraction using AR model technique in MATLAB. After that, for classifying the signal, SVM method is used. Now these signals are usable and are sent to the electric wheelchair (also self-designed). Software and hardware interfacing is done and the signals are sent to Arduino controller to control wheel chair because of these signals.

3. Computer Numeric Control Machine

The aim of this electrical project abstract is to design a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Machine that is capable of doing light job. These works include material such as wood aluminum. The CNC machine consists of a controller, stepper motors, mechanical shafts and breakout board with computer interface. The work cycle begins as commands send from the computer through MACH3 software. They get translated to motor move commands by the breakout board. The breakout directs the controller to rotate the motor, specified number of steps. The motors move the mechanical shaft, thus moving the cutting tool allowing engraving the required pattern.

4. Data Acquisition System for Navigation of Flying Objects

We have designed an embedded system that meant to extract data of flying object through pulse count of counters. As compared to the existing DAQ system, we have improved ours in terms of speed, accuracy, precision and user-friendliness. The satellite senses the characteristics of the of the object, passes it in the form of radiations, sensors convert them into detectable pulse-train which are counted by the counters, the count is then passed on the GUI where it is monitored and useful results are deducted. We designed a data acquisition system, which runs through USB port of any PC/ Laptop. This is an efficient system in terms of speed and errors probability. The 12, 32-bit counters take 12 input signals (one each) and count the external events data on each signal. At PC end the data is received through a GUI that is compatible with windows environment. It is a two-way working the PC also sends instruction about beginning and termination of the process along with receiving the signal data. It is one of the innovative electrical project abstract for final year students.

5. Digital Stethoscope

A stethoscope is a tool used by doctors during auscultation (the process of detecting body sounds). Normally this is done through a non-electronic stethoscope but a digital stethoscope gives the user certain advantages over it. A digital stethoscope amplifies the sound, filters out noise,   stores it, output waveform or other valuable data and provides computer aided diagnosis CAD tools assisting doctors to analyze these sound signals. In this project we am to implement a digital stethoscope with amplification, noise filtering, storage and waveform display features using the Spartan 3E EPGA or a similar PLD. We will capture sound signals using a microphone then lay it back in real time and at the same time forward the data to a user-friendly waveform display. This is very good electrical project abstract.

6. EEG Acquisition System for Brain Computer Interface

The overall objectives of this project is to design and implement a portable EEG acquisition system operated b y battery which has the capability of picking EEG signals from the motor cortex area of the brain. This project is further divided into three parts which are the acquisition, gain and filtering. Reusable gold plated electrodes will be placed over the motor cortex are according to the 10-20 electrode placement system to acquire raw noisy EEG. It is pre amplified by INA114 op-amps and then further amplified and filtered using TI ADS1298 using various on-board tools. To transfer the clean filtered data to the PC , we use Raspberry Pi to translate the serial interface to SPI interface. Successful implementation of the final system would not only bench for future BCI research but also,  the acquired clean signal can benefit all involved in the use of EEG for b rain computer interfacing and clinical diagnosis.

7. EFI Controller Design

The main idea be0hind the project was to develop an Open Source Engine Control Unit platform for gasoline engines. The major objectives was controlling the fuel injectors of an EFI compliant engine. Calibration of engine sensors was done, data logged and a working model of the engine was developed in Simulink. Based on the engine parameters, an appropriate control scheme was developed. An Arduino Uno microcontroller was used on which Synchronization, Injection and Ignition algorithms were develop for engine operation. Simulated engine signals were fed to the microcontroller and results were verified. The control scheme was the successfully implemented on a Honda CD 70 single cylinder engi

8. Energy conservation system with Pre-Paid billing and advanced user interface

Traditional household energy meters in Pakistan are postpaid that makes the bill recovery minimal. The same problem is being faced with Water and Gas meters. Secondly the most common problem faced by the consumer is using the resources beyond their purchasing power making it impossible le for them to pay the bills. The Energy conservation system with pre-paid billing and advanced user interface will help the user to buy electricity, gas and water bills, which in turn will make it easier for the government to generate electricity with the recovered money. When the system is connected with the main   server it will also be helpful to know the energy consumption fo each unit, so any loss of energy at a particular unit will be identified and theft could easily be controlled.

9. FPGA Based Time to Digital Converter and its application in Coincidence Counting and Lifetime measurements

Timing measurement are integral to any physical experiment. With modern FPGAs, one can measure time below the Nano-Second. We use an interpolation technique to measure the time difference b/w two plus-edges with a 625 ps resolution. This Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) is implemented on Virtex-5 LX50T. The differential Non-linearity upto a range of 10us is also found using a density test. Finally, the TDC will be used in an experiment to measure the lifetime of a muon, which is a cosmic particle.

10. Design and implementation of Ground Control Station (GCS) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) along with a camera feed stabilization

Ground Control Station will be implemented on a computer based application and then it will be translated to an embedded processor. There will be two features of GCS. Firstly, it will show location of UAV on Digital map and secondly, it will display a stabilized video feed from UAV. The feed stabilization is done by using Arduino based controller mounted on UAV which is also used to decode data packets form GPS and transmitted then wirelessly to the Ground Control Station. The aim of this project is to use it in military based applications where the surveillance and reconnaissance for the enemy camps is very important.

11. High Voltage Power Supply for Giraffe Radar

Giraffe Radar is a surveillance that is shape for operation with medium and short range surfaces to air weapon and air control. High voltage refers to an output of an order of thousands of volts. The purpose of this HV power supply is to replace the existing power supplies which have rendered the equipment out of order. In this project we’ve designed a circuit which convert 24v DC to 11-16Kv DC output. Another constraint on this project is to consume less then 0.3A current. We designed a circuit to convert DC to AC and then used a flyback transformer to achieve desired out. Our second approach is to use a step up transformer and then use voltage doublers to achieve desired HV output.

12. High voltage power supply (HVPS)

We are making a high voltage power supply that is useful for the Operation of Low Attitude Aircraft Detection System (LAADS). The output consists of four different voltages -150v, 700vm 11kv and 25kv. The input voltage is 28v dc. We convert the input into the pulsating DC, which is used as the input for the flyback transformer. The flyback transformer generates the required outputs. Varying the frequency and duty cycl3e of the pulse (PWM), we generate the other required outputs. Since it is a high voltage power supply we also take care of current and voltage and add fuses to protect the whole system.

13. Inverter control for the drive of single phase ac induction motor

The renewable energy sources can’t provide the sufficient starting current to drive the single phase Ac induction motor that contains a capacitor. Due to energy crisis these days, it has become the need of an hour to utilize the renewable energy sources, in providing power the house hold appliances which mostly comprises of AC single phase induction motor. The generation of sinusoidal PWM form the controller, without using capacitor, will minimize the effect of higher starting induction current of the motor to the level that it can be operated in a user friendly manner. The use of DC inverter takes care of this issue in the best possible manner without having higher starting induction current and can be operated easily on renewable energy source.

14.Thermal-Visible Video Fusion for Moving Target Tracking and Classification

The aim of the project is to create a standalone system for automatic detection and tracking of unauthorized entities such as firearms on live video feed by integrating useful aspects of both digital and thermal videos. A live video feed from IR NV thermal camera ‘Sophie Sight’ is converted to digital frames using frame grabber card and is then streamed to Raspberry Pi 2, the ARM processor runs along with GPU to perform detection, tracking and classification of humans having prohibited armaments. The fused version of both videos is then streamed out through HDMI cable and is display ed on the screen.

15. Perimeter Intrusion Detection system

Perimeter security is an effective determent to intruders with metal fences being the most common form of physical barrier. The most determined intruder can however, defeat most types of physical barrier, usually by cutting through or climbing over the barrier. Many electronic security systems focus on detecting intruders after they have entered the property. Perimeter intrusion detection system are used to detect presence of intruder or some other anomaly at the boundary allocated of room specific area such as factories and military bases. A micro-phonic coaxial cable is the main sensor cable. The sensor cable detects intrusion based on “Electret effect”. Fence is divided into zones to increase the detection efficiency. Usually one microprocessor is used for two zones. Microprocessor is used to filter out false nuisances. If intrusion is detected, information is communicated to control room and appropriate response can be generated.

16. Power Ankle Foot Prosthesis

The human ankle provides a significant amount of net positive work during the stance period of walking, especially at moderate to fast walking speed. On the contrary, conventional ankle-foot prostheses are completely passive during stance, and consequently, cannot provide net positive work. Clinical studies indicate that trans-tibial amputees using conventional prostheses exhibit higher gait metabolic rates as compared to intact individuals. The objective of this project is build and run a prototype of an intelligent powered ankle foot prosthesis based on electromyography, capable of providing active mechanical power at terminal stance, can improve amputee metabolic walking economy compared to a passive/passive-elastic prosthesis. A powered prosthesis is designed and built that comprise a unidirectional spring, configured in parallel with a force-controllable actuator with series elasticity. The prosthesis to minic human ankle walking behavior, in particular, the power generation characteristics observed in normal human walking.

17. Robust control design approaches to formation controls of UAVS

The formation control has been one of most challenging problem in multi robot system. Multi agent system is a dynamic system comprising of several agents. The formation control means a grope of agents coordinated with each other to maintain the shape and distances from each other and achieving the goals of formation at the same time. Formation control has applications in UAVS, satellites, drones and platoon cars. The aim of this research based project to design a robust controller for a formation of vehicles using Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMIs), graph theory and model decomposition technique. The designed controller is robust to perturbations and guarantees stability and performance of a dynamic multi agent system on individual and on formation level.

18. Secure communication link

Our aim is to design a hardware architecture using FPGA kit programmed in Verilog (HDL) to provide secure communication. The hardware designed will be able to receive a voice signal, analyze it and encrypt it before transmitting to the receiving end of the hardware. At the receiver the hardware would be to analyze the signal and decry-pt it. After description the signal would be converted to analog form and could be listened. The motivation of this project is to create a sand-alone device using ADVANCED ENCRYPTION STANDARDS for providing secure communication to military, intelligence, banking systems and/or any organization in the corporate world that intends to securely and confidentially communicate. Ur objectives are to provide a 100% Hardware Platform that is Hack Immune, Easily configurable and is cost effective solution.

19. Smart Electric Meter

Smart Metering technology makes it possible to provide the customer promptly with current information about their energy consumption and their energy cost. A huge amount of row data is collected by smart meters and sensors form the end user and different part of the network to the computation system where the data would be automatically updated without sending an individual from the suppliers to the consumers’ houses. We are aiming to design a meter which produces results which are predictable, scalable (the consumption can be monitored as well as customized according to the need of consume), flexible, secured (protecting private data of the user) and simple to use. The data will repeatedly update on the server and cloud. We are looking forward to making an app at the end for our customer’s feasibility. The app will keep on updating the user with current energy consumption and record previous history too.

20. Stun Gun

This project is about designing, implementing and packaging a high voltage electroshock weapon (otherwise known as a stun gun) that can temporarily paralyze a human subject, effectively helping the law enforcement agencies’ personnel carrying the weapon. The weapon delivers very high voltage (50kg peak), very low current pulses, that can penetrate nearly 0.1-0.5 inches of clothing (or any other insulating layers), at 10-20 pulses per second. This electrical signal mixes with the neuro-muscular system’s electrical signal, disrupting the brain’s control over muscles. The circuit consists two step-up stages, and is packaged into a 3d printed plastic package designed while keeping user’s safety in mind.

21. Three Phase Solar Inverter

Pakistan’s progress has come to a halt due to the energy crisis. The production industry of Pakistan is suffering form constant shutdowns. The aim of this project is to implement a 3-phase solar inverter to drive a half horse power 3 phase induction motor from 48V solar panel. The input voltage from solar panel is stepped up to about 400V sing a boost converter. Then this DC voltage is converted to AC (220V 50Hz) using a modified pulse width modulated inverter. This device has large applications in industry and form domestic purposes. Three-phase solar inverter is environment friendly and provides uninterrupted power to industrial loads during power outages. It can also reduce power cost by supplying solar power during daytime. It is an appropriate solution of off grid industries like mining petroleum and aerospace. Another advantage is that voltage is regulated without using a transformer. Overall device provides an economic solution for 3 phase industrial applications.

22. Tumour Targeting through Respiratory Rate Detection using Microwaves

The movement of tumor due to respiration causes the task of radiation therapy to become very complicated. This cause the disruption of healthy cell activity by the heavy radiation, which is intended for the destruction of the cancerous cells. To overcome this problem there is a need for the precise targeting of the tumour location, Microwaves radar sensors help in effective physiological sensing by transmitting the microwave signal towards the target and observing the reflected signal. This method is convenient and accurate due to its non-contact nature and insensitivity due to penetrative nature of microwaves. This is crucial because many a time condition of the patient is critical and due to this the respiration rate cannot be measured using conventional methods. Non-contact and non-invasive measurement of breathing rate uses the principle of Doppler shift as the movement of chest all creates a phase difference b/w the incident and the reflected microwaves. The correlation of CT scan and breathing rate can be used for effective tumor targeting, Physiological sensing finds applications in many areas namely military, biomedical and rescue operations.

23. Getter Activation tool for Sophie thermal sight

Pakistan army in all the ongoing operations is using Sophie thermal sight. It is a French made thermal sight we have to send tit abroad after every four years for its greater activation. It has carved wastage of time and resources, which are crucial right no because of the operations. Our project is to make a tool for getter activation so that this device can be maintained within Pakistan to save both time and money.

So this is a list of electrical projects abstracts for final year engineering students. These are latest projects with innovative ideas. I am sure this list will help you to find your project very easily.

Electrical projects ideas for final year Engineering students 

Followings are also electrical projects ideas for final year students. If you want to share your idea, write in comments.

  1. Intelligent load shedding management system using microcontroller for electrical utility companies
  2. Unified power factor control system using microcontroller
  3. Central control unit implementation for irrigation water pumps to make it cost-effective for whole village.
  4. Centralized energy metering for group of homes to avoid tampering of electrical energy meters in home.
  5. Web based Dynamic torque and efficiency monitoring system for AC motors.
  6. Automatic Energy distribution management with solar system.
  7. ZigBee based oil well health monitoring and control system using wireless sensor networks
  8. Solar based induction motor driver using microcontroller
  9. Automatic on load and off load sensing system
  10. Automatic control of AC and DC motors with on load and off loading sensing system
  11. AC motor control and monitoring with touch screen
  12. Wireless AC motor control system using Gsm
  13. Wireless DC and AC motor control system using touch screen and microcontroller
  14. Transformer protection by isolating transformer from load through PC
  15. Real time atomization of Pakistan agriculture field
  16. Intelligent solar street light controlling using high power LEDs and microcontroller
  17. Intelligent energy metering with tampering warning to power sector and user through sms
  18. Event driven automation of electrical machines using android
  19. Transformer over load protection with warning alert through automated voice announcement in central room speakers.
  20. Automatic power factor monitoring and correction using pic microcontroller
  21. Intelligent power factor monitoring and control through PC using wireless sensor networks
  22. Industrial machines parameters monitoring over web server using internet of things
  23. Automatic transformer load sharing and control over sms
  24. Real time data logger of remote locations on website using GPRS and control through SMS
  25. DC motor speed monitoring and controlling with touch screen
  26. Gas leakage detector and control using sms and gsm module
  27. Real time fan dimmer control using Android and Bluetooth module
  28. Voice operated robot for various functions as per your requirement like line follower robot, fire extinguisher robot, fighting robot etc.
  29. Bluetooth based control of power devices
  30. Data logger on mobile phone using Android application
  31. DC motor control system using Android application
  32. Home automation system through call
  33. Zigbee based energy monitoring system over pc using wireless sensor networks
  34. Power quality measurement system using pic microcontroller
  35. Transmission lines conductor temperature measurement system and control through PC using wireless sensor networks
  36. SMS based AC voltage controller and password protection
  37. Real time industrial automation system using GSM module and ZigBee module.
  38. University power system SCADA for measurement of voltage and current at various locations.
  39. Intelligent auto water pumping system using gsm and pic microcontroller
  40. Soil moisture sensor, monitoring and control using pic microcontroller and gsm
  41. Remote monitoring and control of digital energy meter using wireless sensor networks
  42. Security integrated system for industrial automation and application with sms warning using gsm module
  43. Intelligent high power LEDs controlling for street lights using gsm and vehicle counter
  44. Biometric security system access control system
  45. Touch screen based industrial gate controlling through thumb recognition
  46. ZiBbee based SCADA system for industry and data logger to SD card
  47. Transformer less power supply for electronics projects
  48. Transformer automatic tap changer using pic microcontroller
  49. Transformer oil level measurement system and monitoring over website using GPRS
  50. Transformer real time over load protection and isolation from load using PC
  51. Automatic oil temperature monitoring and control using gsm and wireless sensor networks
  52. Transformers parameters measurement system from remote locations and control from central control room using wireless communication
  53. Motion detector and automatic control of room lights using pic microcontroller
  54. Working model for solar power plant
  55. Working model for thermal power plant
  56. Working model for wind power using MATLAB
  57. Wireless tachometer using wireless sensor networks ZigBee
  58. Electricity theft monitoring system using wireless communication like gsm, Zigbee etc.
  59. Automatic gate closing and opening for railway station using gsm module
  60. Three phase motor soft starter using thyristors and firing angle control circuit with pic microcontroller
  61. Wireless power transfer
  62. Wireless High voltage transformer services
  63. Wireless water level indicator using zigBee
  64. AC motor vector control derive implementation using pic microcontroller
  65. Three phase induction motor speed control through frequency method
  66. Three phase DC motor speed control using flux changing method
  67. Variable frequency driver for inductions machines using microcontrollers and thryistors
  68. AC motor speed control with touch screen
  69. Intelligent density based traffic signal using vehicle counter and pic microcontroller
  70. Remote servicing of electrical equipment’s using wireless communications
  71. Four quadrant chopper based speed control of dc motor
  72. Call logger in SD card for security purpose
  73. Vehicle security and tracking using gsm module and gps module
  74. Hybrid power generation using solar, wind, mains and generators.
  75. Intelligent circuit breaker using pic microcontroller
  76. Automatic start delta converter relay using programmable devices
  77. Rotation control of induction motor using microcontroller and motor drivers
  78. Electricity management system using economic dispatch methods
  79. Computer based control of electrical loads
  80. Prepaid energy meter for power sector
  81. DTMF based control of robotics for multipurpose
  82. Automatic synchronous generators synchronization using pic microcontroller
  83. Transformer protection system
  84. Generator protection system
  85. Underground cable automatic fault locator and detector over distance
  86. Ramp generator using diodes and capacitors
  87. High voltage generator using diodes and capacitors up to 1kv
  88. Time based relay operated system
  89. Solar powered automatic control of industrial street lights
  90. Three phase power inverter
  91. Three phase pure sine wave inverter
  92. Sinusoidal pulse width modulation generation using pic microcontroller
  93. Auto guided electrical vehicle
  94. Biometric based voting system/ Attendance system
  95. Smart home system using gsm and microcontroller
  96. AC motor control using cell phone
  97. Inductor motor control using cell phone
  98. 3-D robotic arm
  99. Speed control of dc shunt motor
  100. Laser based communication between two personal computers
  101. PIC based LFC meter
  102. PLC based home automation system
  103. Power failure automatic alert system using microcontrollers
  104. Maximum power point tracking techniques analysis
  105. Transmission lines parameters measurement system
  106. Power supply with auto switching
  107. High voltage generation using marx generator
  108. Footstep power generation system 
  109. Microcontroller less four quadrant dc motor controller
  110. Wireless power transfer system

This is a complete list of latest electrical projects ideas for electrical and electronics engineering students.If you want to share your electrical projects ideas with us, feel free to write us in comments.

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