Embedded system projects ideas for EEE and ECE students

Embedded system projects ideas for final year students:

Embedded systems are one of the most innovative filed of electrical engineering. Many innovations have been made in this field from last 10 years. Embedded systems have many applications in domestic and industrial devices.  Microcontrollers based projects are very popular among final year students of electrical and electronics engineering. Many EEE, ECE and EIE students are doing embedded systems projects every year. But the problem I felt among these students that they are not choosing innovative projects as their final projects. Except few students, all students are doing same routine projects again and again but with little modifications only. Therefor I decided to write this article on embedded system projects ideas for final year engineering students.

Embedded system projects ideas for final year students
Embedded system projects ideas for final year students

List on embedded system projects ideas for final year students have hundreds of innovative ideas in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.  I have collected these ideas from many resources. After making search on various research journals, I have listed these final year projects ideas for final year students. I hope that these projects ideas will be helpful for you in selection of your embedded system projects. These embedded system Projects are mostly for final year students.

  • Highly Efficient Smart Irrigation System Using Data Logging

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to Land. The rapid increase in population and the irrigated area has led to an overall shortage of water resources. There is also a very serious problem of energy resources all over the world especially in Pakistan. This project help us to reduce water loss using sensors from any part of field by sensing the moisture present in the soil and outside the soil and also help us to reduce energy resources. It also help us to eliminate the chance of over-irrigation and under-irrigation. It also reduces manpower.

                Embedded system projects ideas for final year students
1Wireless sensor based health care system using genetic based bio metric security
2Patient health monitoring system using wireless sensor networks using ZigBee wireless communication protocol
3Home based patient health monitoring system using wireless communication over web servers
4Dangerous gas monitoring system in vehicles using wireless sensor networks
5ZigBee based Body temperature, blood pressure and sugar monitoring of patient using wireless communication
6Patient health monitoring system using Accelerometer
7Brain control wheel chair for disabled people using microcontroller and wireless communication
8Intelligent wheelchair for disabled person controlled with hand gestures
9Automatic position digital photo frame based on accelerometer
10 Self-balancing robot. Using Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer
11 controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it using Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer
12vibration monitoring system of industrial equipment’s using wireless communication
13 wireless gadgets control with Wearable technology
14secure access control system with motion based password using Wearable Technology
15controlled PC using Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer
16tilt operated touch free mobile phone using Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer
17Automatic fall detection and monitoring for old persons using wireless communication
18voice enabled wireless device switching for disabled person using head movement
19based heartbeat monitoring of multiple patients using Wireless touch screen
20Heartbeat Monitor with Display on pc using Microcontroller
21Heart beat monitoring system with display on LCD
22Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alarming system
23card based patient data monitoring system using microcontroller and data  storage in SD card
24Hand Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheelchair
25Automatic ambulance rescue system
26.An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen with a Trajectory Recognition Algorithm forHandwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition
27MEMS Accelerometer Based Nonspecific-User Hand Gesture Recognition
28Human Postures Recognition Based on D-S Evidence Theory and Multi-sensor Data Fusion
29A Low-Cost Hand Gesture Human-Computer Interaction System
30Centralized Heart Rate Monitoring Telemetry System Using ZigBee Wireless Sensor
31Ultrasonic Spectacles and Waist-belt for Visually Impaired and Blind Person
32.An Intelligent Blind Rod and Navigation Platform Based on ZigBee Technology
33MATLAB GUI controlled Home/Industrial Automation
34Heart beat signal monitoring on PC using MATLAB
35Implementation of PC based Biological System                       
36Biometric Voting Machine
37Intruder Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Networks
38User independent voice commands based robot control with remote voice and image transmission
39Advanced and Intelligent wheel chair control system for leg amputees using Joystick
40An Intelligent Blind Rod and Navigation Platform
41Embedded based Wireless Neuron-Muscular Stimulator with Intensity Control
42PC controlling wirelessly using tongue motion
43. Real-time pantry information system using ZigBee
44Design and construction of voice operated mobile phone for people with no hands
45Tongue controlled speaking robot for paralyzed/physically handicapped persons
46Home Security with Voice Alerts & Virtual Keypad Authentication
47Stimulation of paralyzed muscle using IR with intensity varying features
48 Pedestrian Navigation System with Fall Detection and Energy Expenditure Calculation.
49Remote patient monitoring system with GPRS and website based communication
50Advanced BMI Calculator with under and over weight alerts
51 Retrieval of Patient’s Record using  Computing Technology and GUI
52.Heart-rate analyzer on color GLCD using Pic microcontroller
53Activity monitoring system using Dynamic Time Warping for the elderly and disabled People.
54Ethernet based medical parameters monitoring system
55Body movement recognition and alerting system based on Flex sensor
56Wireless control of powered devices with tongue motion using Zigbee based communication
57 Indoor wireless person tracking and voice enabled announcement system using wireless sensor networks Zigbee
58Blood pressure blood glucose level monitoring on LCD and using gsm module
59Heart rate monitoring and alerting system using wireless communication with WiFi based Wireless
60Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients monitoring system with immediate action in emergencies using speech recognition and Zigbee technologies
61Attender calling system using IR communication with TV remote
62Speech recognition based Wheel chair with elevated features
63patient data monitoring using RFID based wireless communication
These are embedded system projects ideas for final year engineering students, if you have any idea, feel free to share with us by writing in commnents.You may also check:

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