How to control external devices remotely

How to control external devices remotely,In this article, I will tell you about how to control external devices remotely. There are many applications of remote control devices. Nobody wants to visit remote located fields. Because It is always difficult for someone to visit regularly to get data from remote locations. One of this most famous application remotely control devices is remote monitoring system. In remote monitoring system different type of sensors are usually installed at remote location. These sensors are connected with a microcomputer system. Microcomputer system can be any microcontroller or microprocessor. Microcontroller reads the data from these sensors. Sensor can be either analog sensor or digital sensor.

Microcontrollers use analog to digital converter to read analog sensors values. Digital sensors directly interfaced with microcontroller. Because microcontrollers only understand digital values means binary values. Binary numbers are basic concepts to understand digital computers. There are many other examples of remotely control devices.  Another very famous application of this idea is SCADA (supervisory control and Data acquisition system) . SCADA systems are installed in every field of industry to make system more automated and intelligent. In power system, SCADA is used to operate remotely located relays, circuit breakers and isolators from central control room. SCADA system also used in power generation system to control the flow of active and reactive power to load. There are many other such examples of remote monitoring system.

Now come to the question how to control remotely located devices? As I discussed earlier in this article Microcontrollers or microprocessor is main part of this system. For example you want to read four sensors values from some remote location. To read these sensors values from remote location you have to use wireless communication method. Through wireless communication you can receive data at your desired location. You should choose wireless communication device according to distance between your remote location and place where you want to receive data. You can also use internet of things concept and GSM module to receive data anywhere. Because there is no limitation of range in these wireless communication methods. But if you use Infrared transmitter and receiver, you have to take care about range.

Microcontrollers or microprocessors read these sensors values from remote location and send these sensors values to control room or your desired location using wireless communication technology. Microcontrollers itself can’t perform all these functions. You have to tell microcontroller about what to do or what no to do. You have to write code using c programming and assembly language. Burn these instructions in microcontroller. Microcontroller performs actions according to your written instruction. It can’t do more anything more than your instructions.

Remotely control devices are nothing, But a combination of programming, digital electronics and wireless communication. You can design your remotely control devices with knowledge of these subjects.

If you ever worked on remotely control projects, you are welcome to mention abstract of your project in comments, because others can get idea from your project and try to build a better one. The more you share, more you gain.

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