IOT based Liquid Level Monitoring System

IOT (Internet of things) based liquid level monitoring system is an automatic system that gives the intimation message or signal to the user about liquid level in certain tank and prevent the liquid tank to overflow. If we talk about at domestic or industrial level, then we can see mostly we save the liquid such as water or any chemical material in a cylindrical or any other type of a tank. To fill out this tank a motor pump is attached with this. Somewhere it is controlled manually and somewhere it is controlled automatically. Where it is controlled manually then there an operator must be required to operate this motor pump. Which is much so mostly solution and beside this, sometime due to operator negligence so much costly liquid material or water is wasted. So this IOT based liquid level monitoring system is very useful for home based applications .

On other hand, if we use an automatic motor control pump then they are also so much costly as well as they do not display the liquid level on any display. On concentrating these issues here, we have designed a system that is called IOT liquid level monitor system that controls the liquid level at different levels automatically. It is more efficient more reliable and less costly as compared to other systems as well as it also displays the liquid level on LCD display. This system has designed with the help of step down ac transformer, bridge rectifier, voltage regulator, WIFI module, ultrasonic sensors, LCD display and microcontroller PIC18F452 belongs to pic family. The Block diagram of this IOT liquid level monitor system with all their essential components is shown in figure 1

Block Diagram of IOT based Liquid Level Monitoring System using pic microcontroller

Here is the block diagram of IOT liquid level monitoring system with all their essential components,IOT based Liquid Level Monitoring System using pic microcontroller

Figure 1 Block Diagram of IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System

Working Principle of IOT based Liquid Level Monitoring System

This IOT based liquid level monitoring system works on the principle of sensing liquid level by ultrasonic sensor. It consists of four ultrasonic sensors which are connected in a liquid tank at different levels. For operating this system, it is directly coupled with 230V ac then these are stepped down to 6 or 9V ac with help of step down transformer. Because it mostly consists of electronic components therefore these ac voltages are converted into dc with the help of bridge rectifier. Then these dc voltages are regulated to 5V dc through voltage regulator. LCD display, WiFi modem and microcontroller are powered through this voltage regulator. Microcontroller is the main controller of this liquid level monitoring system and it is programmed in c language with the help of mikro/c software. Here we have demonstrated this system by using 4 containers which have different water level and each container has separate one ultrasonic sensor.

These ultrasonic sensors sense the water level from each container and then send the logic high signal to microcontroller. The microcontroller which is interfaced with ultrasonic sensors, WiFi modem and LCD display, it sends the logic high signal or data to WiFi modem and LCD display. Then this WiFi modem sends this data to user dedicated webpage where the user can easily understand the water or liquid level of their desired tank. This dedicated webpage displays this data with graphical view of container and high light the water level. Similarly, the microcontroller also displays this data on system LCD display. When we increase the water level to a set value of water level then microcontroller gives the logic high signal to electronics buzzer then this buzzer is turned on and user understand the water level and turned off the motor pump. So, this is the brief working of this simple IOT liquid level monitoring system.

Applications and Advantages of IOT based Liquid Level Monitoring System

  1. This IOT liquid level monitoring system could be installed in that chemical industries which have different chemicals in liquid form and store these chemicals in a separate tank.
  2. This IOT based system could be installed in mineral water industries to control the water level in a tank.
  3. This system is less costly, more compact, more efficient and more reliable as compared to other liquid level monitoring systems.

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