IOT Smart Energy Meter using pic microcontroller

IOT (Internet of Things) based smart energy meter is a type of energy meter that not only shift the consumer supply form one grid station to another grid station automatically, although also calculate the cost of their consumed energy. Beside this, it also gives the intimation to energy supply company during any energy theft condition. This whole work is done by this IOT based smart energy meter though internet browsing. Every energy company provides energy hundred and thousands of consumers through intermediate controlled grid station which are specified for a certain area. Sometimes the supply of this energy, to gird station is switched off or failed due to any emergency condition such as short circuiting or transmission line repairing then the whole area which relates to this grid station is affected. Beside this, when someone is theft energy then supply company is totally unaware from this situation.

SO, so much losses are bearded by supply company. To avoid these losses and for shifting energy supply from one grid station to another grid station during any emergency condition we have designed an energy meter that is called a IOT smart energy meter. This energy meter has designed with the help of step down ac transformer, bridge rectifier, voltage regulator, current sensor, energy meter, optocoupler, LCD display and microcontroller PIC18F452 belongs to pic family. So many IOT based energy meters are available in market but they are not so much efficient and reliable as well as their cost is so much high. This IOT smart energy meter is less costly more efficient and more reliable as compared to others. The block diagram of IOT smart energy meter with their all essential components is shown in figure1.

Block Diagram of IOT Smart Energy Meter using pic microcontroller

Here is the block diagram of IOB smart energy Meter with all their essential components,IOT Smart Energy Meter using pic microcontroller

Figure 1 Block Diagram of IOT Smart Energy Meter

Working of IOT Smart Energy Meter

This IOT smart energy meter is directly coupled with 230V ac supply in series with the consumer load and two grid stations. Because this smart meter mostly consists of electronic components therefore 230V AC voltages are stepped down to 6 or 9V ac with the help of step down transformer. After that, these ac voltages are converted into dc through bridge rectifier and then these are regulated to 5V dc though voltage regulator. Microcontroller and LCD display are powered up with this voltage regulator. Microcontroller is the main controller of this IOT smart energy meter. It is programmed in c language with the help of mikro/c software and is interfaced with current sensor, IOT device and LCD display. For the demonstration purpose we have connected two bulbs at output of IOT smart energy meter and this meter relates to two different grid stations.

When we switch on this smart energy meter then this meter switch on the one loads with one grid station. Similarly, when we switched off one grid then this smart energy meter connects the load with another grid station automatically without switching off the load. Means, this smart energy meter switch on the load continuously without any interruption. During this whole process this smart energy meter displays the status of the load on LCD display as well as with, sends the information or status on IOT webpage through WIFI module. Where authorize people can login and can the check status of their loads. Though this webpage authorize person can also set the cost of using energy. When he sets the cost then this meter converts this cost into units and then supply power to consumer against these units after that this meter switch off the power supply. This smart meter also sends the energy theft intimation message on dedicated webpage.

Application and Advantages of IOT Smart Energy Meter

  1. This IOT smart energy meter could be installed in industrial and commercial building for supplying uninterruptable power supply to the connected load.
  2. By using this smart meter, supply company can easily switch on or off the consumer load without going anywhere.
  3. This IOT smart energy meter is less costly, more efficient and reliable as compared to other type of energy meters.

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