Mechatronics engineering projects ideas for final year students

Mechatronics engineering is one of the fast growing fields of engineering.  Mechatronics engineers interrelates the concept of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering to get useful products for human benefits. Robotics is of the most popular fields of mechatronics engineering.  Many final year students are looking for mechatronics engineering projects ideas on internet. This is a innovative list of projects ideas for mechatronics engineering students.

Five Finger Myoelectric Anthropoid hand

Our aim is to meliorate, develop and implement a fully articulating MYO-electric hand with multiple pre-programmed grip patterns to help amputees with their daily undertakings. The objective of our project is to bring forth necessary improvements in design and electrical circuitry, statically analyze the mechanical design, introduce fully functional feed-back loop for precise finger positioning measurements, insert more gripping patterns and improve the aesthetic by reducing the size of circuits being used. Mechanics, electronics, control strategy and programming in real-time are the basic division of work constituted for the stepwise implementation of the project. It is very good project for mechatronics engineering students.

 Flapping Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Final year mechatronics engineering students can go for this project to get hand on experience which will be helful for them in industry. Flapping wing UAVs have been one the most engrossing research topics in the field of bio Mechatronics. The main idea behind the development of these machines is to create a completely autonomous or remote controlled robot capable of flying like a real bird. One of the  main advantage of this class of UAVs is the provision of natural stealth for search and spy missions. The kinematic model presented here has been based on flapping mechanism, a virtual model of which was designed in the mechanism designing software SAM 6.1, where the entire wing movement was analyzed. The mechanism was designed such that the exact  flapping angle of the wings was achieved. A CAD model of the whole bird was also developed in solid modeling software, using which the entire bird design was visualized. Analysis of the entire model was performed using Ansys. Finally, the actual model was put through the abdication phase, using carbon fiber, balsa and phy woods as the materials designated for this purpose.

 Unmanned Lead Vehicle

Purpose of this project was to develop hardware and software for a semi-autonomous vehicle that can be used for rescue as ell as military applications.

  • Making the quad-bike vehicle autonomous by Implementing Model Predictive Control (MPC).
  • State space Modeling and Simulation of vehicle in visual studio and Webots.
  • IBVS technique used for controlling the motion of vehicle.
  • Target Tracking of any desired object in OpenCV.
  • I recommend mechatronics engineering students to have a look on this project.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is a vehicle that operates while in contact with the ground and without an onboard human presence. UGVs can be used for many applications where it may be inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible to have a human operator present. It is a very popular project among mechatronics engineering final year students. As part of our project we developed control of a Quad-independent versatile terrain platform, with flipper arms for enhanced mobility. The platform was equipped with a 6 degree of Freedom manipulator that is capable of bomb-disposal and urban search and rescue applications. Another part of our project was to develop a throw able small UGV, for surveillance in urban environments.

Design and fabrication of Aerial Robot (quad copter) for condition monitoring of paved surfaces.

Quad copter is a multi-rotor Arial vehicle which is majority used for aerial imaging and surveillance purpose. In this project quad-copter is used for detecting cracks in roads.As our project we have designed and fabricated quad copter which is capable of aerial imaging for crack detection in roads and pavements. It comprises of following major tasks.

  1. Designing and fabrication of quad copter
  2. PID control and stabilization of vehicle
  3. Implement of Crack detection algorithm

Domestic Assisting Robot using ROS and iCreate

As domestic assisting robot designed and fabricated keeping [email protected] league in mind. The purpose of robot is to assist user in domestic environment while performing number of domestic task involving Facial Recognition, User Identification, Speech Recognition, specialized Local Area Mapping and Path Planning. All of this was achieved using iCreate as base for the robot and ROS and base platform for software and control.

Development of Manipulator, control and Analysis of Unmanned Ground Vehicles.

The aim of this project is to design and manufacture a 4DOF manipulator which would be mounted on the tele-operated SUGV. There are 3 revolute joints in manipulator which means it is RRR manipulator. The end effectors is a gripper, formed to grasp and un-grasp object of various sizes, which can lift objects weighing up to 4 – 5KG. a surveillance camera is also mounted o the manipulator which gives live footage to the operator. The GUI is designed in C# that will be used to control the UGV and its manipulator, it also display the camera feed. A static analysis is done to foresee the stresses involved in the structure of the manipulator, SUGV and TREC UGV. A closed loop control system is developed that regulates the SUGVs drive with feedback through encoders.

Elevator Control and Conveyer Control System using PLC

Elevator system is controlled using Siemens’ s7-1200 PLC. In which we have three Stories and door system which are controlled through plc programming. It works on FIFO (first in first out) principle for the requests.For conveyor system ALLAN BREDLEY plc is used and conveyor sensor is used for the detection of the object and for stamping of the conveyor simulator is pre-fabricated and equipped with a 24-volt DC motor.

Brain Computer Interface

A brain computer interface (BCI) acquires electronic signal from the brain and decodes them to facilitate individuals in communicating with the external world.As our project, we have developed a 6 degree of freedom upper limb prosthesis and implemented an asynchronous online BCI system on the prosthesis. The system is capable of acquiring live signals from the brain and differentiating between two different movements brain signals. The two signals being that of;

  1. Opening of hand
  2. Closing of hand

The developed prosthesis is capable of providing adaptive gripping on individual fingers.

On-Board Diagnostic Scanner for IVECO LRV

On-Board Diagnostic Scanner, OBD, is a device that is used to detect the DTC’S (Data Trouble Codes that are generated by the vehicle’s ECU and perform some PID tests to check the performance of the vehicles.Primary aim of this project is to establish the communication to the IVECO’s ECU and develop a scanner for this communication which has following features.

  1. Checks the different parameters of the vehicle (PID’s).
  2. Checks the DTC’s (Data Trouble Codes) generated by the ECU.

Hybrid Prosthetic Limb (Wrist Joint)

The Myo-Electric prosthesis is a device specially designed for the amputees to provide them a replacement for the conventional artificial limb. The patient  is able to perform natural motary movement of hand and wrist using the device. The hybrid prosthesis (wrist joint) is based on the incorporation of wrist joint in the hybrid prosthetic limb. The design of wrist joint encompasses the mechanical design and analysis, electrical design and simulations and implantation of control followed by manufacturing of actual model. The 1 DOF writs joint is manufactured and 3DOF wrist joint have been designed and analyzed.  This is very famous project among mechatronics engineering students.

Segway Electric Vehicle

Segway electric is a to wheeled, self-balancing human transporter. It is an effective mode of transportation for shorter distances. It has low cost, uses no fuel, reduces human exertion, and is an environment friendly vehicle.Our project includes the design, fabrication and control of Segway vehicle. we have produced a fully-operational Segway with a compact design and an efficient control system.

Navigation, Human Tracking and Object manipulation by Mobile Robot in Unknown Environment

This project idea focuses on the navigation of mobile robot in an indoor stochastic environment by the implementation of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) Algorithm on a Roomba ICreate based Robot using the Robotic Operating System (ROS) Environment. The project also focuses on using motion planning algorithm to pick up simple objects using 4-DOF manipulator and skeletal tracking of humans in an unknown environment. The aim of this project is the integration of robots in human lives with development of service and assistive robot that can be used in the home environment.

Robotic Powered Ankle Foot Prosthesis

Prosthesis is an artificial device that replaces a missing or injured part of one’s body. We have catered the problem of below knee amputation. EMG based control is implemented to achieve desirable results. An agronomic design with actuators and motors takes care of movement in which feedback and control of the input is based on output from sensors. The purpose of this project is the development of assistive robotic prosthesis that can be used by amputated people in everyday environment to obtain natural gait. It can also be used as a research object, based on which better products can be developed for the betterment of human lives. Developed general prototype after modification and further research would be ready to get commercialized on the prosthetic market.

Wireless Communicated Simulation Mine

We are developing a system mechatronics engineering based which will help to train army personals to detect land mines effectively and furthermore, will give birth to better mine detection system. The equipment used involves a casing which is of the size of a landmine which in capsules an Arduino mini pro microcontroller, a Force resistive sensor which is mounted on top of the casing for sensing if load is placed on top and a RF transceiver.As soon as a mine is stepped on, it will transmit a signal, containing the address of that mine to the Control Room. The control room microcontroller will then receive the code and raise a flag on the GUI, which is built in Matlab.

Fabrication of an automated elbow joint

The need of an automated elbow joint was established when we realized that the user needs to be able to control both hands independently. Our project involves the design of a gearbox that enables the user to easily life up to 5 kg load using the artificial arm.We have also ensured that the arm is compatible with other projects of prosthesis allowing easy interface between them and this product.

Brain Computer Interface

Several types of hands have been designed to mimic the dexterity of human. Mechanical grippers have been widely used because of light weight and consuming less energy, as prosthetic tools to replace missing carpals. To ensure the reliability of the grip force, the gripper should have sufficient strength and stiffness. This gripper has ne actuator. This gripper comply with the medical development and is worthy of consideration.

Improvement of an On-board Diagnostic (OBD) Scanner for Troubleshooting of Complaint Vehicles

Our project deals with the improvement of the indigenously developed generic On Board Diagnostic Scanner and its working on Honda staff car & other vehicles. We use a laptop to interact with our scanner using RS-232(Serial) communication. This scanner shows the live vehicle parameter, including rpm of engine, battery voltage, speed, throttle pedal position, intake air temperature etc. as well as the diagnostic trouble codes for different passenger vehicles and military vehicle Land rover defender. We have developed a flexible and easy to use GUI which acts as an interface b/w the Engine Control Unit of a vehicle and user. This scanner helps the mechanism and user s to get information about the vehicle parameters and check the faults if any known as Diagnostic trouble Codes (DTCs). The scanner also include service functions which are present in the HONDA OEM diagnostics scanner including VTEC test, ETCS, A/C clutch test, Fuel Pump test, and other functional tests.

Study and development of Android Application for OBD-II

On Board Diagnostic (OBD) is a term that refers to the self-diagnosis of an automotive vehicle and reporting capacity of diagnosis. This report contains the necessary procedures to create a scanner that reads OBD-II data diagnostic port in a vehicle. In this research an efficient procedure defined and used to extract data from ECU of the vehicle. Android phone is connected to the scanner through the standard blue tooth module and data is serially communicated between Bluetooth module and the scanner. Firstly, the user sends some bytes of data to ECU through scanner and in response ECU gives data about the status of vehicle. Then by using the Android application of OBD-II user of an Android Smartphone is informed about status of vehicle after decryption. Application is specially designed to read and communicate diagnostic port data wirelessly and displays the diagnosis on Smartphone screen.

This is all about latest and innovative projects ideas for mechatronics engineering students. Final year students may also select project from electrical projects ideas and mechanical projects ideas. Because mechatronics engineering is combination of  electrical and mechanical engineering.

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  3. Hii aslamoalikum how are you brother ???? I am student of mechatronics engineering final year student so plzz I want some help from you for my final year project so plzz can u give me your cell number or email where I can talk to you privately…

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