TDA2005 20W bridge/stereo amplifier for car radio

TDA2005 is a 20-watt class B audio power amplifier IC which has two amplifiers integrated inside a single package. It is used in stereo applications and car radio applications due to its high current output. It is sold in two variants namely TDA2005M and TDA2005S. TDA2005M is used for bridge applications and TDA2005S is used for stereo applications.

TDA2005 Pin Configuration

The audio amplifier consists of 11 pins. Details of the pinout diagram are given below.

TDA2005 pinout

It is an 11 pin audio amplifier IC whose pins description is given below:

  • Pin1 and Pin5 are the positive input pins of the two amplifiers.
  • Pin2 and Pin4 are the negative input pins of the two amplifiers.
  • Pin3 is the supply voltage rejection ratio pin is used to suppress any variations in the power supply.
  • Pin6 is the ground pin and is supplied with 0 volts or connected to ground of the circuit.
  • Pin7 and pin11 are the bootstrap pins of the two amplifiers.
  • Pin8 and pin10 provide the amplified output signal.
  • Pin9 is connected to a voltage supply.

TDA2005 Features

The technical specifications and features of the TDA2005 device are mentioned below:

  • The TDA2005 has an operating voltage range of +8V to +18V. This chip can withstand a DC voltage up to 28V without causing any damage.
  • Offers thermal shut-down, loudspeaker protection during short-circuits, short-circuit protection and protection against load dump voltage surge.
  • Requires minimum external components for its working.
  • It has a high current capability of up to 3.5A.
  • These devices have programmable gain and bandwidth.
  • The total power dissipation for this device is 30W.
  • It has a very high output power (Po). For 2Ω load, Po= 10+10W and it is 20W for load of 4Ω.
  • Its operation is specified in a temperature range of -23 °C to 130 °C.

Where to use it?

TDA2005 is provided with a protection diode due to which you can use it with inductive loads. It provides a high output current of up to 3.5 A and has the ability to drive loads of very low impedance. These features make this device ideal for use in power booster amplifiers. It is used in music players, radios, loud-speakers, woofers, and all those applications which require high power at output. If need a gain adjustable audio amplifier IC, then you can use this chip.

How to use TDA2005?

It is a flexible device which provides with bootstrap or without bootstrap operation. This device is used in designing bridge amplifier circuits or stereo circuits.

Stereo Amplifier in Bridge Configuration Circuit

In the bridge amplifier circuit, a speaker is connected between the two output pins10 and 8. Output capacitors remove noise from the signal and the input capacitors reduce the fluctuations in the input power supply signals. The circuit given below is a 2 x 10W stereo amplifier. Connect all the pins in the same way as shown in the circuit and your circuit is ready.

TDA2005 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Example

2x10W TDA2005 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Example

The bridge amplifier circuit is suited for low gain applications and provides a gain of 34 dB. This device is also used in stereo applications whose circuit is given in the figure. The two speakers are connected to the outputs through a capacitor. This circuit drives two 10 watt speakers with a maximum voltage gain of 15 dB. Th diagram shows the circuit schematics of the 2x10W stereo amplifier circuit.

TDA2005 2x10 Watts Stereo Amplifier Circuit Example

Step by step Guide

Equivalents and Alternatives

TDA1554TDA7294TDA2030, TDA2040, LM4871


The applications of TDA2005 includes:

  • Audio power amplifiers
  • Car radio
  • Loudspeakers and woofer amplifiers
  • Music players
  • Power booster amplifiers
  • Microphone amplifiers

2D Diagram

It is available in a multi watt 11 package whose 2D diagram is given.

TDA2005 2D Diagram


TDA2005 Datasheet

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