TDA2030 14 Watts hi-fi Audio Amplifier

TDA2030 is an audio amplifier which provides an output power of 14 Watts. It has internal protection system against short-circuits and overloads which limits the dissipated power. It is basically designed for use in applications requiring a class AB amplifier of a low frequency. TDA2030 audio amplifier amplifies the audible signals from any audio device for example microphone by enhancing its volume when that sound is played on a speaker.

TDA2030 Pinout Diagram

Pinout diagram is very simple and it contains only five pins.

TDA2030 audio amplifier Pinout diagram

Pin Configuration Details

  • It has two inputs namely inverting input and non-inverting input which are applied at pin 1 and pin 2.
  • Pins 3 and 5 are the voltage supply pins and are connected to the negative and positive terminals of a battery.
  • The output is obtained at pin 4.

TDA2030 Audio Amplifier internal connection.png TDA2030 Audio Amplifier Features

  • It is a class AB amplifier having low frequency.
  • It can operate using both single and split power supplies.
  • The range of single power supply is 12V to 36V and for split power supply is ± 6V to ±
  • TDA2030 provides high output current
  • It has a protection system against short circuits and excess temperature by keeping the current in limits to protect the IC against damages.
  • It has very low harmonic and cross-over distortion.
  • Output power of IC is 14W at 4Ω and 9W at 8Ω.

Where to use it?

Due to its small size, minimum cost and the feature of providing output power from 10 to 200 watts, this IC would be best for designing audio amplifier circuits. In addition to that, it can perform a stable operation and has good input sensitivity. If you are designing a high-volume system, bridge amplifier or a booster amplifier with the above-mentioned features, then using TDA2030 will be a good choice as it is easy to use.

How to use a TDA2030 Audio Amplifier?

The operation of this IC is similar to other general operational amplifiers. The only difference is that it amplifies audio signals. It produces an output power of 14 watts but its power can be increased up to 30 W by using two IC’s. A simple application circuit of this IC is given below.

Example Circuit

In this circuit, a resistor of 150kΩ is connected as a feedback resistor between inverting input and output of the amplifier. It is responsible for obtaining the gain of an amplifier. The capacitor is connected at pin 2 which allows only high-frequency components of signals to pass through it while blocking lower frequency components. A resistor of 4.7kΩ is connected in series with this capacitor to remove or suppress the noises in an input signal. The output pin is connected to the speaker through a capacitor of value 2000 µF.

TDA2030 audio amplifier example circuit

This capacitor is used to allow the amplified output signal to the speaker which in turn will produce the high volume sound. The two diodes are used to protect the IC from burning by preventing interchanges of polarities of TDA2030IC. A potentiometer of 22 kΩ is connected at the non-inverting input. It is used to change the volume of the speaker. BY supplying the circuit with power supply, an amplified signal is obtained at the output whose volume can be adjusted through a potentiometer.  You can connect an audio jack at Vi. Connect this jack with a mobile phone or any other audio device and you can enjoy your music.

Alternative Audio Amplifiers

These are the tda2030 equivalent ICs.

  • LM4871
  • TDA2040
  • TDA2050
  • NTE1380
  • LM386

TDA2030 Applications

  • It is used in audio applications for signal Amplification.
  • Output power can be increased by cascading multiple IC’s and thus high power amplification can be achieved.
  • Bridge amplifiers, power amplifiers, stereo amplifiers, and subwoofer amplifiers are all applications of IC TDA2030.

2D Diagram

It is available in the TO220 package consisting of 5 pins. The 2D model of this IC along with dimensions is given below:

Audio Amplifier 2D Diagram


TDA2030 14 watts Audio Amplifier Datasheet

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