Totem pole tutorial

What is totem pole? Why and Where it is used?

Totem pole basically an output driver circuit use to convert one level of voltage into another level of voltage.
For example, you want to drive gate of MOSFET with the help of microcontroller output pin.The microcontroller output pin is generating a square wave of voltage level 5 volt and to fully drive mosfet gate of P-channel mosfet you need to provide 12 volt at the gate of p-channel mosfet. To solve this problem you can use totem pole. As shown in figure below
Totem pole circuit diagram
Totem pole circuit diagram

Video lecture on totem pole

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  1. Hello, how to design totem pole to drive a mosfet? Could i get the circuit?
    And then i want to complete circuit of totem pole using transistor, and can i have the parameter of each element? does the circurt work in practice? please send to me comple circuit. To : [email protected]

  2. Very nice explanation sir. Will you please help me to understand it more clearly with some other examples??

  3. Hi, god bless your soul. I need this circuit very much. Please let me know what you can do for me. I need the simulation files for optimus (prime). Thank you good day


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