TP4056 Linear Lithium Ion Battery Charging Module

TP4056 module is a linear charger lithium-ion batteries. This module can charge batteries consists of single cells. Most importantly, it supports constant current and constant voltage modes of charging operations. Users can select both modes. This module offers a 1-ampere charging current.  Almost all the electronic devices run with batteries. And these batteries can get discharged. Therefore, chargers are used to charge them by putting energy into them. TP4056 is also a battery charger that has a fixed charge voltage of 4.2 volts.

TP4056 Pinout Diagram

This diagram shows the pinout of the linear lithium-ion battery charging module.

TP4056 Pinout Diagram linear lithium ion battery charging module

Pin Configuration Description

This module consists of TP4056 charger IC and the DW01A protection IC for Lithium-Ion battery. The diagram showing all the pins of this module is given below.

Pin#1 OUT+

This is the output pin which supplies the positive voltage of a battery. It is connected to the circuit which needs power from a battery.

Pin#2 B+

Connect the Positive terminal of lithium battery with this pin using a battery connector.

Pin#3 B-

Connect the Negative terminal of lithium battery with this pin using a battery connector.

Pin#4 OUT-

This the output pin which supplies the negative voltage of the battery. It is connected to the circuit which needs power from a battery.

Pin#5 IN+ and Pin#6 IN-

These pins are used to charge the battery by providing +5V at IN+ and -5V at IN- terminals when you don’t have a USB cable. Otherwise, you can directly charge from USB supply by using a USB cable.

Pin#7 Red and Pin#8 Green LED

These two LEDs indicate the status of charging. When a battery is charging, Red LED glows, and when it is fully charged, the Green LED turns on.

TP4056 Features

  • Lithium-ion battery charging and discharging module which supports a constant current – constant voltage charging mechanism.
  • Full charge voltage of 4.2 V.
  • Over-discharge protection feature which prevents the battery from being discharged below 2.4V by cutting off output power until the battery is recharged above 3V.
  • The 5V input voltage is applied through micro USB or solder pads IN+ and IN-.
  • The charging current is 1A and it is adjustable. You can change it by connecting a resistor of 1kΩ at IN- pad.
  • It can protect the battery from overcharging.
  • Soft start protection is provided to limit the inrush currents.
  • It can protect the battery from overcurrents and short circuits by cutting off the output from the battery. This happens in a case when the discharge rate becomes greater than 3A.
  • It does not have reverse polarity protection.

Where to use it?

Due to its capability of supplying 4.2V, it is highly suitable for charging 18650 cells and other 3.7V batteries. It requires minimum external components; therefore, you can use this module in portable applications. Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Cameras, power banks and many other electronic devices run on battery and hence use this module for charging the battery. This module can also be used within a wall adapter and USB.

TP4056 Equivalent Modules:

  • TP4056A (only charging),
  • TP541

How to use TP4056?

TP4056 module operates by supplying 5V power from either micro USB cable or the IN+ and IN- solder pads. At least, the current of 1A is required for the charger to correctly charge a battery connected at the output terminals. Connect the cell you need to charge between B+ and B- terminals. The OUT+ and OUT- pads are used to supply the power of the battery. So, if you are running a load, you can connect that load between these two pads. But remember if you are charging a cell, disconnect the load from the module.

Connection Diagram

TP4056A battery charger module connection diagram

LED Indication Status

The two LED’s on this module are used to indicate the status of charging. The table shown below gives information about these LEDs.

TP4056A Indication status Table

Be careful while connecting a battery as it does not have reverse polarity protection. If it is connected in reverse, the module will heat up leading to the burning of components. Therefore, check its polarity through multimeter before connecting it.

Module Internal Circuit Diagram

TP4056A Internal Circuit Diagram

TP4056 Applications

It is used for charging batteries and therefore can be used in all those devices which run on battery. Few applications of this module include:

  • Portable electronics like laptops, chargers, USB Bus-Powered Chargers, power banks, etc.
  • Safe charging and discharging of lithium cells.
  • It can be used in projects for powering Arduino.


TP4056 Battery Charging Module Datasheet

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