How to use MOSFET DRIVER 1R2110

How to use MOSFET driver? MOSFET driver ciruits are used to drive MOSFETS in high side or low side. Why we need MOSFET driver? Because MOSFETS are voltage control device and to drive  MOSFET the gate capacitance should be charged to operating voltage which is usually between 9-10 volt. One can do it very easily but there is one issue.Hight voltage on drain of MOSFET cause problem by interaction with gate-drain capacitance. This problem is known as miller effect. MOSFET drivers are used to avoid these issues.

There are many types of MOSFET drivers available in market. but almost all MOSFET driver used totem pole output.Because it have low input impedance and high drive current.

  • Optocoupler isolated driver circuits.
  • Tranformer isolated driver circuits.
  • NOn isolated driver circuits.

To know about totem pole output and its used a mosfet driver go through following article:


NOTE: the current required to drive a MOSFET gate is very low but peak current somehow greater than average current. If peak current required for your application is too high to handle for MOSFET driver IC, you can use external totem pole output or complementary MOSFET circuits.

In many applications, floating circuit is required to drive high side MOSFET. In H bridge used in pure sine wave inverter design 2  MOSFET are used as high side MOSFET and 2  MOSFET are usesd as low side  MOSFET. International rectifiers IR2110 MOSFET driver can be used as high side and low side MOSFET driver. It have a floating circuit to handle to boostrap operation. IR2210 can with stand voltage upto 500v (offset voltage). Its output pins can provide peak current upto 2 ampere. It can also be used to as IGBT driver. IR2210 floating circuit can drive high side  MOSFET upto 500 volt. Pin configuration and functionality of each  pin is given below:

ir2110 pin configuration
ir2110 pin configuration
  • Pin 1 is output of low side MOSFET drive
  • pin2  is a return path for low side. It is at same potential as ground VSS pin 13. Because when input to low side at pin 12 Lin is high,  LO output will be equal to value of Vcc voltage at pin 3 with respect to Vss and COM pin. When hen input to low side at pin 12 Lin is low,  LO output will be equal to value of VSS and its means zero.
  • VDD pin 9 is a logice supply pin. Its value should be should be between 5 volt. But if you used voltage less than 4 volt it many not give you required result.
  • HIN pin 10 is input signal for high side mosfet driver output. It may be from microcontroller or any other device. But input signal logic level should be between 4-5 volt.
  • LIN pin 12 is input signal for low side mosfet driver output. It may be from microcontroller or any other device. But input signal logic level should also be between 4-5 volt.
  • SD pin 11 is used a shutdown pin. you can use it for protection circuit. For example in over voltage or over current protection circuit , if any of these values become greater than specified values, you can give 5 volt signal to shutdown IR2210 driver to stop driving MOSFETS. In return your circuit will stop working.
  • VB pin 6 is used as a high side floating supply or floating circuit to provide floating voltage to high side MOSFET.
  • Bootstrap capacitor used between VB and VS to fully operate high side MOSFET. It plays a very important rule in H bridge of pure sine wave inverter. you should used bootstrap capacitor value 22uf-40uf. I have successfully designed H bridge after making many changes in H bridge with 33uf/50v bootstrap capacitor value.
  • For more detail I recommend you to go through data sheet of IR2210 and one tip for those readers who are from Pakistan, Don’t purchase IR2110 from Pakistan.Because low quality IR2110 IC’s are available in Pakistan which burn again and again and will make you hopeless.I have already gone through this situation while working on my final year project “Hybrid pure sine wave inverter”.Then I used IR2112 and its works perfectly. Because IR2212  and I2110 both are almost same and their pin out are same.I recommend you to use IR2112 also in your project.


IR2110 as low side or high side MOSFET DRIVER

IR2110 as high side and low side mosfet driver in half bridge

IR2110 as high side and low side mosfet driver in half bridge
IR2110 as high side and low side mosfet driver in half bridge

IR2110 as a high side high side mosfet driver

high side mosfet driver
IR2110 as a high side high side mosfet driver

IR2110 as a low side MOSFET driver

IR2110 as a low side MOSFET driver only
IR2110 as a low side MOSFET driver only

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  1. please could you send me the schematic? I did the same scheme in my proteus and put the output as a motor, but it does not work, the engine did not turn when I put the entries in Hin and Lin

    My email: [email protected]

    • I need to know the PWM control of H bridge inverter in proteus ( if possible using atmega328). If i get a mail of the model i will be happy. Else i need the above model .How to use IR2110 drive for MOSFET.


  3. First of all thank you very much sir for these articles they have been of immense help.Also can u please send me the IR2110 PROTEUS library module as i didnt find it in the components library.

    my email id is [email protected]

  4. hi bilal ,

    I want to know about high side driver and low side with simple basic circuit using MOSFET.

    Can you please provide me detailed explanation .

      • Project buck converter with Vin = 20V mine, Vout = 14.4V, Iout = 12A for charging batteries, you can use the type IR2112 is not? ic IR21xx use is justified?

  5. Hi
    i want to use n-channel mosfet as switch in high side , i want to be “on” for long time or “off” for long time, (manual switch , not pulsed)
    if i give in 5+ the mosfet on and if 0 mosfet off
    can i use it ?

  6. Hi Mr. Bilal Malik. I want to design a micro controller based single phase H-bridge inverter. The whole circuit is made of PIC 16F877A, two IR2110 MOSFET driver, four IRF840 power MOSFETs plus the snubber circuits. I want to get pure 220V (Vrms) and 50HZ sinusoidal signal from an H-bridge after it is filtered. I write two 50HZ square wave (one for Low side and one for High side), which are 180 degree out of phase (Logic inputs to the H-bridge) to the first half of the H-bride and two PWM signal (5KHZ which are square wave), (one for Low side and one for High side), not simultaneously ON for both sides to the next half of the H-bridge using MikroC code. But I can’t get pure sinusoidal signal. What shall I do?

  7. y tryng the half bridge to 16f877a and ir2110 ,but y dont say how to make this,how to use two pwm and dead time

  8. I had done schematic for driving high side voltage but as i vary for HIN 0v or 5v two get the same result so i want to know the schematic for real circuit with load

  9. hello I am from Nepal. I am also working on a project of 3 phase inverter and required this IC. I wanted to know , how did you select the value of the capacitors to be used here ?

  10. Could you please tell me why pin HO is always 12v although no PWM in pin HIN ( i measured by volt metter) . I have tried IR2110 & IR2112 but it has the same result. Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi!! I was seeing the IR2110 AS LOW SIDE OR HIGH SIDE MOSFET DRIVER circuit, and I didn’t understand one point: “The picture is saing that VDD should be conected to 5 Volts and VSS to ground…”
    How can I do this if this terminal (VDD) is not present in the component?? Thanks

  12. Hello i have a problem with the abve circuit because i try to drive my mosfet with an irf2112 mosfet driver as high side but proteus found it difficult to simulate meanwhile using the a pulse signal my buc converter functions very well.
    Please help me. i need it for my final year project

  13. Hi Bilal
    I have facing problem when i connected rectified DC Voltage to MOSFET Drain.
    Why it is happened please guide me . I am in great trouble.

  14. Hi Bilal, In the above circuit why have you grounded the SD pins while your notes say that it is a shut down pin which would work when you give it a 5v signal.

  15. Hi mr. Bilal
    Thanks for your datas.
    I have a problem in my circuit.
    I am running a half bridge inverter using IC IR2103 and MOSFET IRF840.
    when IC is feeded by 12 volt, the output voltage of VB is nearly 11.7 and the output voltage of VS is nearly 10.3.
    but the value of VS is not logical, why is this problem is happening?

  16. Can you connect the output load ground to the same ground as the COM pin? If not how do you connect the ground of the load (attempting to do a buck converter)

  17. Hi, i am using ir2110 mosfet driver and IRFZ44N mosfet. I am working in stepper Driver project. But stepper drive not roation. Please give me help


  19. designing a buck-boost converter for solar system .i/p rages from 40v to 150V and o/p required is 48v 7A.i dont know how to use mosfet driver properly as i read above article i tried but its not working …pls help me

  20. hello. i have one question!! how to calculate bootstrap capacitor and what’s the value of the bootstrap rsistor to fully charge the capacitor and what kind of diode we can use?

  21. Hello, i’m doing a H bridge with a FAN 7382. It is a high-low si de driver. My problem is that I hace always the Hout in HIGH and my LOUT is always LOW. I am using a PWM but it does not change the state of the outputs. Could you please help me? Thanks in advance.

  22. hi sir.i want to derive mosfets with ir2110 or ir2113.but i dont find this to libraries of proteus 8.even i add some libraries to program but dont usefull…could U helo me please

  23. hello
    how are you??
    i wanna make a H bridge circuit in proteus but i cant find IR2110 component in Proteus library .also i tried to find it on internet but i couldnt.
    can you send me the library for proteus??
    [email protected]

  24. Hello there.
    In case of some special inverters that the lower switch gate signal is not opposite of higher switch gate signal, can it still be used like the first picture of schematic?

  25. Good day sir. I really need your advice. My solar charge controller is not charging. After checking the circuit I found out that there is not voltage coming from the(IR2110) HO to the gate of the mosfet. But there is signal coming to HIN. What do you think is the problem. Could it be that the mosfet driver is bad?

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