BP3316D Single-Stage APFC Offline LED Driver

BP3316D is a primary side LED driver IC having the main feature of power factor regulation.  LEDs require direct current and low voltage of 12 to 24V to run that is why we use LED driver’s which adjusts higher voltages by rectifying it and converts alternating current to direct current for driving LED’s or LCD’s. The BP3316D is also an LED driver IC. It is a primary-side regulated IC and is commonly used in lighting applications for driving LEDs at constant current. Furthermore, it has an on-chip power factor regulation circuit. Therefore, we do not require an external power factor correction circuit.

BP3316D Pinout Diagram

As we can see from the pinout diagram that BP3316D consists of 8 Pins. Because it has a built-in high power MOSFET. Pin5 and Pin6 are Drain pins of MOSFET. It also offers current protection through a current sensing pin.

BP3316D pinout diagram APFC Offline LED Driver

Pin Configuration Description

  • Pin1 is a compensation pin. This pin is connected to ground through a capacitor and is used for achieving high power factor and accurate current.
  • Pin2 is connected to a power supply. The operating voltage of this IC is 8.5V to 18V.
  • Feedback voltage pin is used to keep a check on the current flowing through the device by providing feedback through an assembly of resistors connected between output and input terminals of the IC.
  • Pin4 is a current sense pin that is used to monitor the power of a built-in MOSFET inside the IC.
  • Pin5 and 6 are the output pins of the high voltage internal MOSFET.
  • Pins7 and 8 are ground pins and are connected to the negative terminal of power supply.

BP3316D Features

  • Its operation is based on critical conduction mode and therefore uses an inductor to check current and losses due to switching of MOSFETS are also reduced.
  • Protection circuitry includes Open and short circuit protection, over-voltage and under-voltage protection and cycle by cycle current limit. All this protection circuitry has a feature of Auto fault recovery.
  • Low total harmonic distortion and high power factor which is achieved through an active single-stage on-chip PFC circuit.
  • It has an excellent line and load regulation which is achieved by patented line and load voltage regulation.
  • Feature of thermal regulation which monitors the temperature of the device. When the temperature rises, it reduces the output value of the current.
  • 650V power Mosfet is integrated inside the chip
  • It controls the current and maintains a constant current through the primary side. No secondary side, feedback circuitry or optocoupler is required for maintaining constant current.
  • It has high efficiency and precision.
  • The operating temperature range is -40 ℃ to 105 ℃.

Equivalent ICS

UC2842, UC3842SSL5015TE

Where to use it?

This IC would be best for use in lighting applications or driving LED Lights requiring high efficiency, constant current, low THD, and wide operating temperature range. It has a proper protection system that protects the circuit from IC by automatically detecting the fault and recovering it.

Using this BP3316D driver IC, we can design a current sensing circuit without sensing the secondary side currently. Most importantly, if you are looking for a driver IC which has all components inside like power MOSFET, it can serve best for your power electronics projects.

How to use BP3316D APFC Offline LED Driver?

A simple circuit diagram of this IC is given below. A feedback network is connected between the output pins and feedback pin which senses the voltage value at the output. In addition to voltage, it also keeps a check on the demagnetization of the transformer. The current sensing pin is responsible for maintaining constant current inside the BP3316D.

Example Circuit

BP3316D APFC Offline LED Driver example circuit

The Vcc pin is connected to the ground through a capacitor which is charged by the resistor when the power supply is connected to BP3316D. The whole circuit will start its operation when the value of VCC rises to the threshold value. At this point, the IC will start working.

Protection Circuit

BP3316D Offers many protection features such as open circuit, over-voltage, short circuit, and Vcc control. CS pin provides a current sensing feature that we can use to set the current limit.

BP3316D Applications

  • It is used in LCD monitors, TV and flat panel displays for powering backlights.
  • BP3316D  converts the high AC voltage of 120 to 270 volts into low DC voltage and drives LED Bulbs, LED lamps and Spot Lights.
  • It is used in LCD displays for powering its backlight.
  • Some other applications include LED Lighting and LED strings

2D Diagram

This 2-Dimensional diagram of 8 lead DIP-packages is given below. For other packages details, refer to the datasheet.

2D Diagram


BP3316D LED Driver Datasheet

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