IOT based Weather Reporting System using pic microcontroller

IOT (Internet of things) based weather reporting system is such type of a system that forecast the report about all climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity and rain etc. through internet resources. Normally we know the weather condition through TV resources which present, that weather report whose offered by the space research centers, but it is the overall weather report of every country. Similarly, some time we want to know the humidity level or temperature level of any specific place then we must use a separate weather reporting system. So many systems are available in market, but they are so much costly as well as they are not so much precise, accurate and efficient. Beside this these systems do not have LCD display facility.

Here we have designed a system that is called a IOT weather reporting system which is more accurate, more precise and more efficient as well as less costly as compared to other systems. This IOT weather reporting system have designed with the help of step down ac transformer, bridge rectifier, voltage regulator, LCD display, WIFI modem, microcontroller PIC18F452 belongs to pic family, rain drop sensor, humidity and temperature sensor. This system also has the facility of LCD display and it is directly connected with 230V ac no need to any extra power supply or adapter. The block diagram of this IOT weather reporting system with all their essential components is shown in figure 1

Block Diagram of IOT based Weather Reporting System

Here is the block diagram of IOT weather reporting system with all their essential components,IOT based Weather Reporting System

Figure 1 The Block Diagram of IOT based Weather Reporting System with all their Essential Components

Working Principle of IOT based Weather Reporting System

This IOT weather reporting system works on the principle of sensors working. When it is connected with 230V ac supply then it steps down 230V ac into 9 or 6V ac with the help step down ac transformer. Because this system mostly consists of electronic components therefor these ac voltages are converted into dc with the help of bridge rectifier and then these are regulated to 5V dc with the help voltage regulator. LCD display, WIFI modem and microcontroller are powered up with this voltage regulator. Here we have used LM 7805 voltage regulator for this purpose. This system automatically displays the temperature, humidity and weather condition on dedicated webpage IOT Gecko as well as it also displays this data on its LCD display. Because this whole work is done automatically therefore the pic 18F452 microcontroller is the main intelligent controller of this system. It is programmed in c language with the help mikro/c software and is interfaced with LCD display, WIFI modem, rain drop sensor, humidity and temperature sensor.

Temperature and humidity sensor works on the principle voltage and current, means when temperature is increased then its producing voltage is increased similarly when humidity is increased then its producing current is increased. These increasing current and voltage values are measured by the microcontroller and then gives the logic high signal to WIFI modem and internal LCD display against these measured values. Then its internal LCD display, displays these values of its LCD screen and WIFI modem which is linked with internet, displays these values of IOT Gecko webpage. Where the user can easily check current status of the weather without connecting forecasting agency. Similarly, this system also tells the rain status when raindrop falls on the raining board. Raining board is basically the printed circuit board when raindrop falls on this board then it is short circuited then its short circuited current value is sensed by the microcontroller through raindrop sensor. Then it displays these values on online webpage and LCD display. This is simple of working of IOT based weather reporting system.

Applications and Advantages of IOT based Weather Reporting System

  1. This IOT weather reporting system could be installed in that industrial and commercial building where temperature and humidity values are so much important such cooling stores, chemicals store and vegetables stores etc.
  2. This system also gives the alarming beep it user when temperature or humidity level increased by the set values.
  3. This system is less costly, more efficient and more precise as compared to other systems.

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