Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on his Cell Phone by GSM with User Programmable Number of Features Using PIC Microcontroller

Vehicle theft intimation on owner cell phone is very particular information to the vehicle’s owners. In this developing nation, the vehicle theft is increasing day by day so we should need to develop a system to overcome this problem. Here we are introducing a new vehicle theft intimation system, which would be provide the intimation to the vehicle’s owner on his mobile phone without wasting any time, when any one would be touch or theft his vehicle. All this can be done by installing the vehicle theft intimation system on any vehicle.

Different companies or peoples are working on vehicle theft intimation system by using different typologies or technologies but their system is so much complicated and costly. Here we are developing a simple system with the help of microcontroller 18F452, which is belongs to the pic family, GSM modem for sending or receiving the message or information, max 232 for serial communication, driving relay for driving the relay which is connected to the lamp, which is used for indication. This system is directly connected to the wapda power supply then the wapda voltages are step down with the help of transformer. These are the ac voltages, which are converted into dc with the help of bridge rectifier. A voltage regulator is also used for supplying the fix supply to the microcontroller and max232.

Block Diagram of Vehicle Theft Intimation System

Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on his Cell Phone by GSM with User Programmable Number of Features Using PIC Microcontroller

The further information and detail about this vehicle theft intimation system is given below:

Components List of Vehicle Theft Intimation System

This system has following components

  1. Transformer
  2. Bridge Rectifier
  3. Voltage Regulator
  4. Max 232
  5. Pic microcontroller 18F452
  6. Relay Driver ULN2003
  7. Relay
  8. GSM Modem
  9. Lamp
  10. DB9

Transformer: In vehicle theft intimation system transformer is only used for step down the ac voltage, which step down 220 V ac to 12 V ac. This means, this system can be directly connected to the wapda power supply.

Bridge Rectifier: In vehicle theft intimation system, the bridge rectifier convert the ac voltages into dc for supplying power to the voltage regulator, microcontroller, Relay driver max 232.

Voltage Regulator: In vehicle theft intimation system, the voltage regulator provides the fix 5 V to the microcontroller, relay driver and max 232.

Max 232:In vehicle theft intimation system, the max is on only used for serial communication between the microcontroller and GSM modem. In other words, it is only interfaced device between these two. Without this the communication between microcontroller and GSM modem is not possible.

Pic Microcontroller 18F452: In vehicle theft intimation system, 18F452 pic microcontroller have been used. Which is 8 bit 34 pinsmicrocontrollerconsisting of input and output ports for transferring or receiving the digital data. This microcontroller is powered up with voltage regulator and programmed with keil software by using c language. In this system, the microcontroller is interfaced with GSM modem with the help of Max232 for the serial communication with between the vehicle and system. The microcontroller is basically the intelligent control of this system without this, the system can’t be controlled automatically. The microcontroller received the digital data from GSM modem and make the decision according to this data for enable or disable the relay driver. This relay driver, drive the relay for controlling the lamp.

Relay Driver ULN2003: This is 16 pin IC which is power up with 12v dc. This IC is operated by the microcontroller and is just used for on or off the lamp.

Relay: This is a simple relay which consists of normally open and close contacts. These contacts are closed or opened by the relay diver IC ULN 2003.

GSM Modem: This is basically a wireless control modem and only work in that areas where wireless availability is sure. This modem sent or received the message or information, which is sent by the vehicle owner and then sent to the microcontroller. Based on this information the microcontroller on or off the output lamp.

Lamp: This a is simple lamp, which is only used for indication purposes.

DB9:This is a 9 pinsconnector, which is used for connecting the GSM and Max 232 for serial communication

Working of Vehicle Theft Intimation System

This system is only designed for vehicle theft intimation which is directly connected to the owner’s mobile phone through wireless network. When we switch on this system then the LCD would be on and shows the welcome to the vehicle intimation system and start counting down. This system has the reset button when press this button then the whole system has reset. This system also has another button for indication when press this button, then this system sent the message or data at the vehicles owner’s mobile phone for the indication that engine has started and the vehicle is moving on condition. This message or data can also be seen on LCD. The whole system is installed at vehicles engine. When any one theft the vehicle and move in any direction then the vehicle’s owner can track or see his vehicles at any time. During this time when the vehicle’s owner sent the stop message from his mobile phone, then this message directly sent to the vehicle theft intimation system through the wireless network. This system has activated and switch off the vehicle engine and the vehicle has suddenly stopped now. This is sim based and easily installed system.

Applications and Advantages of Vehicle Theft Intimation System

Here are some applications and advantages of vehicle theft intimation system are

  1. This is very low cost and reliable system for tack your vehicle through your mobile phone.
  2. This system can be easily installed at all types of private or public vehicles such as busses, cars and even at motor bikes.
  3. This system can easily track your vehicle from any remote areas
  4. By using system the vehicles owner can save his vehicles from theft.

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  2. Won’t it be easier to just install some GSM modules hidden in the car, integrated into the electronics of the car and masqueraded of his “GSM” functionalities (perhaps using the car itself as the antenna, thus no obvious physical antenna needed)?


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